Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day!

A cool breeze is blowing. The sun is shining down, unhindered by even the loneliest cloud. The people of my little Texas town are grinning from ear to ear, greeting each other with love and even driving friendlier. It is the type of day that eliminates all questions about the existence of God. There is a God, and he is smiling over my part of the world at this moment. It is an awesome day to be alive, people!

And on this lovely day we have the vaginal penetration of Renee Ross to look forward to. She is going to fuck another human being for our viewing pleasure on, and BBWF will see it and give you our impressions.

Enjoy this live performance of U2's "Beautiful Day," and stay tuned as our Renee Ross Weekend continues...

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