Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Simone!

As promised, we have more shots from Simone's amazing plumperpass shoot. In Wednesday's BBWsgoneblack update, this vision of lovliness has never looked better. The scene still features the mechanical repetitiveness that frusrates me about hardcore porn, but because of the sheer hotness of this unbelievable woman, I was completely enthralled by this scene. Simone is fucking incredible.

Joining this UK hottie is a Black British stud with an Oldsmobile between his legs (what's this guy's name again?). He is a veteran of the pornographic arts, but had been absent from the medium for some time.

The scene opens with Simone informing us of her dire need to be fucked, and that she is about to enjoy the "biggest, blackest, cock" that she's ever seen. This may be because I am an American, but, in my opinion, listening to this woman talk is very nearly as hot as watching her fuck. She then slowly removes her beautiful pink ensemble and gives us a very sexy masturbation show. She massages her breasts and then rubs her clit. As she acknowledges in this part of the vid, Simone has possibly the most beautiful pussy in porn; her fat pussy lips still have me salivating.

The masturbation and foreplay stages of the shoot are, in my opinion, its hottest parts. After she plays with her girlie bits, she is joined by her stud and they begin the standard preliminary activities of a hardcore porn shoot: oral and titfucking. They also kiss rather passionately, which I enjoyed as well. Both the "68" and "69" portions of the oral session are extremely titilating, as Simone tries to cram the huge member into her mouth. I found myself envious of this guy as he got the opportunity to taste Simone's gorgeous pussy. I would have spent hours down there! The subsequent tit-fuck is just spectacular. Watching Simone wrap her enormous knockers around that cock and wank was possibly the sexiest thing I've ever seen in a porn vid.

After this Simone is fucked, and fucked righteously. I have seen all of her previous plumperpass shoots, and I don't think I have ever heard her moan so loudly.

Also, Simone reveals her entire body, including her beautiful belly, which she kept hidden in most of her previous shoots. I love a BBW's belly, and I am always frustrated when they leave an article of clothing on for the purpose of hiding it. Simone's belly is truly one of her best features, and during the "reverse cowgirl" portion of the fuck, that belly takes center stage. And it looks fantastic.

I'll say it again: Simone is the sexiest hardcore BBW alive at the moment. This is, of course, one man's opinion, and you are free to disagree, but I am in a state of unbridled and unrelenting lust for this goddess from the UK. Her beautiful blue eyes, her perfectly round breasts, and that deliciously gorgeous pussy of hers have me completely under her spell.

Below are the pics, and here is the trailer. Go and join plumperpass today!


  1. Hi Skinny - I think that cock belongs to Omar but without his head (sorry 'bout the pun), I'm only guessing. But he is from the UK and he has a MASSIVE cock. Simone has never looked better xxx

  2. Thanks Kinky. You're right: that's Omar, and Simone is getting better and better with every shoot.