Saturday, March 13, 2010

March Motherfucking Madness!

From left: Kelvin Lewis, Aubrey Coleman, Desmond Wade

Just minutes ago, my Houston Cougars won the Conference USA championship and gained entry into the NCAA tournament. This is their first appearance in the big dance since 1992. As a fan of this team, I am totally fucking stoked, but having never experienced a tourney bid, I have no idea how to celebrate.

As my celebratory gift to you, I present some raunchy BBW sex. Below is the outrageously sexy Alix Lakehurst.

For me, well, I'll be having some raunchy BBW sex of my own in celebration. And I will be popping open a bottle of someone's finest Pinot Grigio tonight.

I am secretly hoping that my school celebrates by still firing coach Tom Penders, despite this one Tournament bid, but I won't dwell on the negatives at this point.

Hope you enjoy the video. And EAT 'EM UP, EAT 'EM UP, GO COOGS GO!!!

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