Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sandra DoubleDDD vs. Samantha 38g

This matchup will be a quickie, partly because I have work to do, and I shouldn't spend any more time posting on this blog and tweeting. Also, it'll be quick because my Muse made quick work of the veteran Sam:


So what happened? Well, Sam is a true porn star, and not just among BBWs, and she's a fellow Texan, which makes her special, but she just wasn't ready for Sandra's game in this contest. I could list all of Sam's attributes... but I won't, because you already know. I'll simply state the one thing that gave Sandra the edge: I just can't get enough of her.

Sam has become the poster girl for BBW porn, as she has saturated the market with her pics, and hardcore videos. Plumperpass features a vid from Sam at least 3 times a month. I still love Sam, and I always will, but she is a bit overexposed. Her work just doesn't have the same impact for me as it once did. She is still one of the very best, but my jaw doesn't drop as far when I see her at this point. Just one man's opinion, people.

Sandra, however, is like a drug to me. I spent time in her chatroom last night, and I noticed that I am always heartbroken in some ways when our time ends. I could see her every single day, and stare at her for hours, and it probably would never get old. I adore this woman more each time I see her, and I can't say that about any other BBW model, including one with the pedigree of Sam.

So it comes down to this: Sam makes my dick hard, but Sandra has my heart... and that is enough to destroy Sam in this matchup and get the Heav'nly Muse to the Final Four. Years of being a hopeless romantic has put me far more in touch with my heart than I am with my dick. Kinda weird for a porn geek, huh? Our winner... and the only web girl that truly inspires me:

Look how soft they are!!!

And for the record, you may think Sam's tits are the best in the porn world, but Sandra's are better. Just sayin.

I know there is controversy about this one, so feel free to fuck with me in the comments. With this matchup, both our #1 seeds, Sam and Maria Moore are gone. I love upsets. They make things interesting, don't you think?

We end today's action with a video from our loser. She may have lost this battle, but she is still one of God's most beautiful creatures:
Enjoy... and look for at least one matchup on tomorrow.

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