Thursday, June 3, 2010

Derek Fisher Can Lick My Ass: BBWF's NBA Finals Preview

I am frothing at the gash for this year's NBA Finals, which finally begins this evening, so I thought I'd provide a little preview. I start this post with porn in order to eliminate any pretense... I am no expert, and talking sports, even a sport that I have played, is completely out of my element, and I realize this. The porn clip above is also serving as symbolism for what I want to see in this series.

For non-hoops fans, tonight the Los Angeles Lakers take on the Boston Celtics in what should be an epic battle for the NBA championship, and, with all due respect to the lovely people in Orlando and Phoenix, this is the only matchup that would have made me actually watch.

The porn clip seems like an odd selection for BBWF, right? It's strange, in that there are no fat girls, and it's strange because it's just, well, strange. Lots of silly talk and an element of nastiness that we don't usually provide here. So what does it symbolize? I'll just say this: Derek Fisher, and the rest of the Lakers can do to me what Keri does to her partner in the first few minutes of the clip.

The clip is actually pretty hot, that is is you're not too squeamish about aggressive anal play (which I kinda am, to be honest), and you don't mind the mindless talk. And Keri Windsor may not be very curvy, but she is truly stunning. You should check out her other work if you're okay with the fleshily challenged.

Why the hate? Well check out the clip below from last year's Lakers series with my beloved Rockets:

I won't analyze it, I'll just point out that Fisher, the thug who deliberately decked Luis Scola, is a dirty player. I know he is a great clutch player, and many of my female readers probably think he's sexy, but fuck him and fuck the Lakers. Because of that play, I will never root for the Lakers, and therefore I am backing the Celtics tonight.

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In addition to rooting for Boston, I actually believe they will win the series, and I'll give you a few reasons why:

The Lakers still aren't tough enough - LA still has the best player in the NBA (sorry, LeBron). Kobe Bryant is the closest thing to Michael Jordan that I have seen; he is just as clutch, just as good defensively, and he is a better outside shooter. And he is as mean as a rattlesnake. But the rest of the Lakers, crazy Ron Artest and the aforementioned asshat Fisher notwithstanding, are still not going to be able to match what Boston will bring.

Bynum's Knee - Center Andrew Bynum is playing with a knee injury. He is playing, and he has been somewhat effective in the playoffs, but he is clearly not at full strength, and this will hurt LA. The Lakers need a healthy Bynum to counter what Boston will do up front with Kevin Garnett and company. I'm sorry, but I am fully expecting Pau Gasol to go flaccid in the Finals, even though he has been great in the playoffs so far. The Lakers need Gasol to be a superstar in this series, especially with the injury to Bynum, and I just don't see it.

The Celtics have more "go-to" options - In a clutch situation, and there will be many in this series, Boston can rely on Garnett, Ray Allen (possibly the best pure shooter in NBA history, and arguably their MVP this postseason), Paul Pierce, and Rajon Rondo, among others. Bryant is the only Laker that I absolute trust with the ball in his hands in a clutch situation. Gasol is great but not clutch, and Fisher (the ass licker) is very clutch, but I believe the Celtics can contain him. And don't even mention Ron Artest. Crazy Ron giveth and Crazy Ron taketh away. He may be responsible for winning one of these games, but I am sure that for most of the series he will be the lunatic who stops ball movement and takes ill-advised shots.

BBWF's NBA Finals prediction: Celtics in 7 Finals MVP: Ray Allen

Okay, that's it for the basketball talk. And I'll let you look behind the curtain: If this post reads a little incoherently, its because I am on yahoo as I write this, having some very dirty IM sex. I am literally going back and forth from blogger to Yahoo, so my mind really isn't on basketball. So... you may not want to trust my little predictions. Go to or something. Just sayin.

Later, kids.


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