Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Boobie Wednesday: Samantha 38G


This weekly titty post thing is here again, and a very familiar face appears on BBWF again. Honestly, I could give Sam every Boobie Wednesday post and it would never get old. She has the most perfect tits in hardcore, and every time I look at them I seem to find something new to drool over.
Today we watch Sam get fucked. I love this clip because in many ways it features a guy fucking Sam the way I would fuck her. I started to type the words "the way she's supposed to be fucked," but that would be way too presumptuous, and I hate when guys say that. But this guy does many of the things I would do; he kisses passionately, stares into her eyes, holds her tight. He's not just mechanically banging some porn chick for the camera, well... not ONLY just banging some porn chick for the camera. He truly understands and respects the fact that he has the privilege of being with a goddess, and he properly worships her.

Sam's Texas sized tits get an abundance of screen time, but this clip shows the fulness of her beauty. Every inch of Sam's body is impeccable, but it can be overlooked at times because her breasts are so amazing.

Hope you enjoy the vid, and again, we thank Sam for sharing her awesomeness with the world.

Later, people.

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