Friday, August 13, 2010

Montana Fishburne...

From left: Montana, Laurence Fishburne

... is a name that I would probably never have heard if it wasn't for porn. She happens to be the daughter of one of my favorite actors, but she has made her way into my conciousness as she has embarked on a porn career, and as a porn blogger, it's kind of my job to speak about it here. Her work so far is pretty standard porn fare, but since it's Morpheus' kid doing the fucking and sucking, people are buzzing about it.

I post this, not because I want more people to further scrutinize another celebrity exhibitionist, and I certainly don't believe this clip is hot enough to get you off, but I was really struck by the things that watching Montana made me feel. I am conscious of the fact that every single woman that I have seen getting nasty in a porno flick has a father, but I've never had such a familiarity with that person. Sasha Grey or Belladonna or Samantha 38G all have family, but because their families are anonymous and detached from the porn industry, I only think of them as beautiful women expressing themselves sexually.

When I watched this clip yesterday, I couldn't help thinking of what Laurence may be feeling. Having watched Laurence my entire life, I feel like I know him in some ways, and seeing a porn dude pounding his daughter's pussy in a video is a little unnerving. It made me think about porn in a non-porn enthusiast way, as I wondered about things like the daddy issues, abuse, sadness, or the burden of the hollywood lifestyle that might have driven Montana into the business.

It also made me wonder about how I would feel if my daughter decided to become a porn actress. I have four beautiful nieces who, if I am being completely honest, I probably would want to stay away from any sexually oriented profession, and I have a sister who, when she told me of her past adult work, made me shudder a little (I know, I sound like a big ass hypocrite). Honestly, I don't know how I would react; on one hand, I wouldn't want pervs stroking their cocks with astroglide while some over-endowed horndog violated my little girl, on the other hand, if the adult industry was something my kid was truly passionate about, I would want to support her 100%.

The main question on my mind while watching the clip was "why?" I really don't want to speculate about why Montana would do something like this... well, I don't want to, but I will. Maybe Montana is starved for attention after living in the shadow of a celebrity parent. Maybe she's just some rebellious teen acting out in order to shock her family. Maybe Montana has come to a realization in her life that she will never make it as a mainstream actress and is so desperate to be in the limelight that she decided to make her name in the adult industry. I feel very confident in asserting that Montana is definitely not in this business because of her love of sex. Even a cursory glance at the clip above will show you that Montana doesn't look like she's really enjoying herself. There is absolutely zero passion in that scene.

My point is, watching Montana in the clip made me think about things that never usually cross my mind while watching porn, and for a while at least, it'll be on my mind even when watching some of my other favorite XXX starlettes...

Incidentally, I would be much more ashamed of my child if they rapped as horribly as Brian Pumper did in the first portion of the clip...


... In other porn news, one of my favorite BBW porn actresses, Cassie Blanca, has decided to leave the industry, or at least the hardcore portion of it. She mentioned that her recent shoot for Plumperpass, which debuted today, where she takes off that beautiful purple ensemble and gets double-teamed, will be her Swan song. If it is in fact her last, she is going out on a strong note, and everyone here at BBWF will miss her terribly. We wish Cassie much success in whatever she chooses to do from this point. Below we have a clip of some of her previous work:


Gwen Dolan is one of my darlings in the world of BBW stuff. I love everything she does, not just because she's cute, and has the most amazing ass in the world, and because her voice makes me melt, and because she's genuinely sweet. Gwen is truly one of the smartest and most insightful women in the industry, and she now has a blogger site, where she shares her "musings" on a number of topics. I've become such a huge fan of Gwenie more because of her mind than her body (believe it or not), and this blog makes it very clear why I feel this way. Click on that ridiculously hot pic to visit the blog. Also, join Gwen's site. It remains one of the most quality BBW sites out there...

That's all I got for today, people. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Wow Chuck you're right! That Montana porn was TERRIBLE! And Pumper is equally as bad! I think she should have gone into the industry on the DL because it's making me feel like she's using her dad's star power to boost her career

  2. Yep, trying to make it on her dad's name might backfire on her.

  3. I've been thinking about the family/porn thing a lot lately, since I'm going to be a dad in a couple of months. We don't know what we're having (we like surprises), but if my future son or daughter wanted to get into the industry, I'm not sure how I'd handle it.

    Not sure if you know about this, but Sunny Lane's parents have an abnormally close involvement in her career. Admittedly, that fact never enters my mind while I'm watching her. Probably because they aren't famous. :D

    Pumper is all-around horrible. As a cocksman, rapper, and director, dude strikes out. He's a pile of vain suckage.

  4. Congrats on the little one, Allan. I wish you and yours the very best. And you get extra credit for using the word Cocksman. Love it!