Friday, August 27, 2010

A Truly Amazing SSBBW

I really should produce porn. I think I would bring a level of class and artfulness to the genre of BBW erotica that is missing to some extent. I hope that doesn't sound boastful or obnoxious, but I really think I would do a better job of properly adoring plus size women for the beautiful women that they are and not as some fetishistic obsession. For example, the clip below features one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, regardless of size. If I had done this video, I would have made more of an effort to express how unbelievably gorgeous this woman is. I would have spent more time affirming her beauty, and not just noting the size of her boobs and making her get on the floor and call herself a "submissive slut." I know there is a place for this type of thing, but sometimes it can come across as a bit degrading and at the very least unsexy. In spite of its few faults, this is still an incredible amateur clip:

The main strength of this video is that for most of its nearly 46-minute running time the viewer gets to simply admire this woman's lovely body. There is some rather lackluster hardcore action towards the very end of the clip, but for the most part it's an opportunity to see a sexy larger woman in all her glory.

I love this clip, but as a porn fan, I want to see more vids that feature BBWs being worshipped as an object of passion and lust and not just a porn oddity with bigger parts. Some parts of this clip illustrate this beautifully, and I am absolutely enamored by this woman.

I have got to feature more SSBBWs (BBWs of the larger variety) on this blog. Making love one is another item on my sexual bucket list.

Hope you enjoy the vid, and have a great weekend, people.


  1. Porn is very similar to sex: it is best when it is about the woman receiving pleasure. You're right, far too much BBW porn is about showing the woman as being flawed because she is large rather than as being beautiful because she is a woman. One of the reasons I like BBW porn is because it shows real people having real sexual appetites. Sex is not just for the pretty and the plastic...

    The bit of the video I watched was great. Can't wait to watch the whole thing with a little privacy tonight! ;-)

  2. What a woman, I watched all 45:59 minand masterbated for all 45:59 of them. Beautifull woman truly lucky guy, to eat her quiff HEAVEN. J.D.

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