Saturday, October 16, 2010

Okay I'm uninspired, and kinda pissed...

.... Ms Chuck is away, I'm almost out of weed, and I just watched my football team get it's ass reamed on regional television.

Speaking of that football team, it might be time for the Fire Mike Sherman websites to start popping up. The Aggies made Missouri look like God's gift to the gridiron a few minutes ago. I am no expert about the game, or really anything except freaky fat girls for that matter, but that team looked lost on both sides of the ball today. And at home! One of the loudest, toughest places to play in college football was about as raucous as a library today. And of course, even though you may be a fan of college football, you probably couldn't give less of a fuck about my Aggies because the program has completely lost any sense of a national identity at this point. They are as anonymous and irrelevant as some directional school in Montana, and this is because they do not have the right man running the program. I hate calling for someone's job, but I'm calling for someone's job. Sherman is one of the classiest dudes in the profession, and I'm sure he'll find work elsewhere, but College Station may not be the best fit for him...

There was an intriguing subplot to the story of the rescue of the Chilean miners who were trapped in a mineshaft. One of the miners, Yonni Barrios, was greeted by both his wife AND his mistress upon his rescue. Old Yonni probably has some explaining to do. I would judge the poor guy, but hey, he's a Chilean miner. The man needs a diversion. The whole story of the rescue of these miners is pretty amazing. Check out ABC's coverage...

Sam (he's probably in her ass)

... speaking of being stuck in the wrong hole, BBW goddess Samantha 38g has finally tried anal, and even though I still can't understand the fascination that many of you people have with anal sex, I'm sure this is great news for many of you. I'm not sure why Sam decided to take the plunge into butt play (I remember her imploring Shane Diesel to make sure his tree trunk of a cock didn't slip through her balloon knot), but our favorite blond plumper is no longer booty virgin. Personally, I'd like to try anal in my real life at some point, but anal sex on screen doesn't appeal to me that much. Anal scenes can be hot at times, but sometimes they just look painful. I will say, Sam looks incredibly sexy in her first anal encounter. She'd look sexy doing anything. We have a little of the footage below.


I saw Easy A last week, the latest chance for me to stare at Emma Stone (above), as well as a refreshingly unique comedy. There is an actual movie going on around Emma's hotness, and, though it loses steam in the last act, and makes Christians look like the creepiest people on Earth, it's a really good one. Check out the trailer below.


Jade 38h, utterly perfect BBW, and friend of the blog, has given us some of the most beautiful erotic photos ever taken in one of her latest updates. She has joined forces with Desiree Devine and Platinum Puzzy (and some dude) for an epic foursome. I would say that I can't wait for the video portion, but if I ever see that group scene my dick may be destroyed. We have a few more pics below.

From left: Desiree, Platinum, Jade


Tons of goodness in this shot, but Jade's face is the highlight by far.

We leave you with a clip from a British BBW, courtesy of the good pirates over at tnaflix. Love the passion in this clip.

I will now go back to watching football, chatting with some online buddies, avoiding homework, and most of all, missing the shit out of Ms. Chuck.

Just so you know, I'm going to be on the radio tomorrow with the beautiful and hilarious ladies of The Curvacious Bounty of Sin City. Check them out here. I'll post another reminder soon.

Oh, and Shout outs (and sly booty grabs) go out to Ms. Yummy Puff. So glad you're following me here.

Later, kids.

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  1. I would love to be that dude! Jade is so sexy, it's scary.