Tuesday, January 24, 2012

(SS)BBW Fascination

We've decided to dedicate one post a month to the beauty of the BBWs of the larger variety or "SSBBWs." I'm not crazy about the labels we bestow opon these ladies (don't even get me started), and I am not exactly sure about the weight demarcation line (it's not polite to mention a ladies weight anyway), but SSBBWs are the bigger girls; girls bigger than your typical BBW. They can be amazingly sexy in my humble opinion, and though I have limited hands-on experience with them, they can also be amazingly fun to fuck.

And fun to watch fuck as well...

We have an example of what is unfortunately a rarity in the world of porn: the hardcore SSBBW clip. To my dismay, most larger ladies prefer not to fuck on film. Most SSBBW sites are dedicated to modeling and feeding. I appreciate all forms of zaftig erotica, but I love to see a big women simply be sexy and get a good shagging, and the following clip offers just that.

Hope you enjoy.

I have no idea who she is... I was hoping you could tell me.

Of course, SSBBW love will be a constant presence here, but look for us to make a show of it once a month.

Later, kids.

Monday, January 9, 2012

BBWF's Championship Game pick, and a Fierce new Tumblr...

Geaux Tigers! (The ass is nice, but don't fail to give her props for taking the pic herself. You go girl)

Don't let the fact that I'm blogging about this confuse you. Like most people in this country, I barely give a shit about tonight's National Championship game (An ironic name for a game that only two regions of the country actually care about, no?). College football at the highest level has absolutely no idea how to organize post-season play, but LSU-Bama part deux should still be a compelling tilt. I admit it, I'll be watching.

I live on the gulf coast, and I have family and friends with Tiger ties (Ms. Chuck is a Louisiana girl), hence my pick: LSU 20, Bama 13. I also happen to think that the Bayou Bengals will field the better team tonight, and though I am a knowledgeable college football fan with credible reasons for my predictions, I will refer you to a true expert, Yahoo Sports' Pat Forde. He's picking LSU as well. See?


There is another blogger who doesn't know the meaning of the word appropriate. Funny, I thought I was the only one. Zen Fierce is a stunning BBW with a cute, quirky look that I think many of you will appreciate... and yeah, I realize that many of you will do your appreciating with your cock in your hand. I am cool with this.

Zen hasn't been on Tumblr very long, but I encourage all of you who tumbl to get to following her forthwith.

Below are some lovely images from the blog:

Enjoy the game, folks. Well, there will probably a lot of better shit you could be doing, so I won't sweat it if you sit this one out.