Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Boobie Wednesday

Another Boobie Wednesday has almost come and gone. Remember ladies, examine yourselves... and guys, do a little examining of your own...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Hotness of: Betty Abyss

Here's another quick post for today, because I got nothing else to do, apparently. Hey I'm lonely! Why can't one of you people come keep me company? We have another one of Southern Charms' many blessings, Betty Abyss. She takes amazing pics, these are just a few. Join her site.

She's hot, but she's not Sandra. (Okay, I'll stop)


The Hotness of: Sofia Rose

I'm in a weird metaphysical place right now. This blog is all about the sexy fat girls, but if you actually read the words, you'll know that the content and tone of the blog is a reflection of what goes on in my real life. I'm not sure about the future of my real life, and therefore I'm not sure about the future of this blog. I have some ideas for future posts, many in fact, but the motivation to actually post them eludes me. I'm not depressed, just extremely introspective and just, blah these days.

While I'm trying to shake loose from this mysterious heaviness, I'll pass along some lovely shots of Sofia Rose. She is one of the BBW web models that first captured my attention, and I'm shocked that this is her first real appearance here. I think Sofia is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Join her site to see all of her exclusive material.

She doesn't even come close to Sandra. Just Sayin.

Later, kids.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I have a drug problem...

... her name is Sandra... I miss her so much right now, I may cry soon... I'm such a loser... it may be a while before our next post... Maybe.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Boobie Wednesday: Rikki Waters


Today we gawk at the beautiful breasts of one of the most fascinating women in porn, Rikki Waters AKA Darling Rikki. My favorite Femdom interviewed yours truly for her blog, and I thought I'd share it with you. She asks some interesting and revealing questions, and the answers may interest some of you, even though I'm generally a pretty boring dude. Thanks to Rikki for thinking enough of this little blog to inquire about it, and giving me the chance to talk about some things that I'm passionate about. And for the first time ever I get pictured on a porn site. I'm so excited!!

I LOVE this corset!

Be sure to check out the interview, and check out the rest of Rikki's blog. It is actually one of the best blogs by any adult performer out there, as Rikki has a unique perspective and speaks from a wealth of experience. Reading Rikki's blog has made one of the most intriguing women I've ever come across in this industry that much more interesting.

While you're on her blog, join her site... and follow Rikki on twitter.

And remember, this is Boobie Wednesday, so be aware of the dangers of Breast Cancer. Don't let it get the upper hand on you or your loved ones, do what you can to prevent it.

Later, people.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Hot Wife You Wish You Had

Doing this blog has opened me up to forms of porn and sexual behavior that I never even knew existed. Consequently it has caused me to learn things about my sexual self that I hadn't previously known. Obviously, I was already well aware of my penchant for plus size beauties, but outside of that, there was a whole world of erotica that I had yet to explore. In this year online I've learned that I have serious love for MILF/ Hot Wife porn, and I've discovered that there are sites that feature wives who have an especially freaky side and love sharing it with all of us (for a small fee, of course).

Dee, or Mrs. Siren (if you're nasty), is becoming perhaps the brightest star in this little niche of the pornographic arts, and my recent time spent on her site was unforgettable. I have seen so much pornographic material in the past year that it takes a lot to make me blush, but Dee's work on her site has proven to me that I can still be shocked by XXX stuff.

This woman is just a beautiful tramp, and I use that word in the most pleasant way possible. Dee does it all: straight sex, masturbating with huge (scary huge) toys, anal, gangbangs, etc., all under the watchful and eye of her loving husband, Mr. Siren. Though Dee is incredibly gorgeous, and the pics and video clips are comparable to any professional smut outfit, all of the material feels raw and real. It's just organic natural sex depicted on screen, and it is fun to watch. Dee obviously loves to get fucked, and this enthusiasm comes across very clearly on screen.

Dee has an ass that can make even the most ardent BBW lovers take notice.

Dee is not rail thin by any means, but she's far from BBW status, so it may be odd to see her here. I give you this post, partly because you're here for porn, and I truly believe Dee's site is something that needs to be seen, and also because Dee is a product of my hometown of Houston, TX, and it feels good to promote some local talent for a change. I still can't believe someone this freaky lives in these conservative parts.

Join her site. There are all sorts of extras other than Dee's material that come with the membership. You won't regret it.

Later, kids.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Random Friday Hotness

Emma Bailey (one of BBW porn's rising stars)

I posted the pic above of Emma Bailey on our Tumblr blog, and the response was so positive that I thought I'd share it here. Below we have some other beautiful images that have captured my attention from around the Web this week. Hope you enjoy.

Roxxie (your runaway wet T-shirt contest winner, and stunning in every way)

Luna (one of my true faves)

Jellibean (one of the cutest smiles I've ever seen)

Shameless Angel (she even shines in candid dressing room shots)

Dani (getting even freakier than usual)

Jae (so big, so sexy)

Kandi (totally destroys in today's Plumperpass update)

Taffy (I hope she pleases herself as much as she is pleasing me)

Don't know her name, but I would marry her on the spot... and I'll take the Bud Light.

Cherries (every good list needs a redhead, and Cherries is more than worthy. She's one of Big Cuties' best and brightest)

Well, there you go. I'm Heading out to LA with the Lady this weekend to check out the UCLA-Houston game at the Rose Bowl, so this will be a post-free weekend. This oughta hold ya until I get back. Later.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Hotness of: Peaches Larue

This is the first post from my new Macbook, so I thought it would be a great idea to break this bad boy in by posting pics of a woman who is all my little sick fetishes wrapped in one incredibly gorgeous package.

Peaches is one of my all time faves because she is voluptuous, she has enormous tits, she looks awesome as a redhead, she is the ultimate MILF, and she has a sweet engaging disposition that makes her not only fun to watch in a sex scene, but makes her one of the performers that I would love to meet. And that soft sexy hoarse voice of hers is just unfair.

Below we have a selection of pics from Peaches' latest update on Plumperpass. The pics and the video are amazing, perhaps the best that Peaches has ever done.

The quality of the photography at PP is improving more and more with each update. Hope you enjoy.

Later, kids.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Boobie Wednesday: Lexi Summers


Had a rough night, people. I bring this Boobie Wednesday update to you as I suffer from a pretty gnarly hangover. And I didn't drink all those glasses of wine to celebrate anything, this was the kind of drinking we do when this dimension, this reality, just doesn't cut it. I won't use this forum for a pity party, but shit is getting to me.

Below we have some shots from stunning newcomer Lexi Summers. She is featured in today's plumperpass update, and she sizzles in every single photo (literally). Lexi isn't just a porn chick, this woman is a model.

Lexi's awesomeness may not help me forget about my problems, but she may be an effective hangover remedy. We'll see.

As this is Boobie Wednesday, I urge you to look out for yourself and your loved ones and be aware of the dangers of Breast Cancer. Pay attention to your body, and take the necessary precautions. A member of my family is facing Chemo this week, and I can assure you that this disease is a motherfucker. Do everything you can to prevent it.

Sorry if this post was no fun. No hangover next time, I promise.