Monday, August 30, 2010

One year Later...

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of this little blog, and though I won't make a big fuss about it, I'd be remiss if I didn't at least acknowledge it. I didn't think I would still be doing this one year later, but I've found that blogging is fun, and blogging about naked fat girls is a fucking blast.

When I started BBWF, I wanted to use the blog to simply document random thoughts in my mind, learn more about the porn industry, and above all, express my appreciation for the beauty of plus size women. I wanted it to be a little different than your average "hey look at this hot chick" type of porn blog, and I think we've been able to do that fairly capably.

I hate to sound like I'm full of myself (I'm actually full of something else), but I really have come to love this blog, and I'm thankful for those of you who feel the same way. Aside from the fact that I don't get nearly as many random chicks sending me nude photos of themselves as I would like, this blog has far exceeded my expectations for it when it began.

Thanks to all of you who have participated in the BBWF experience in one way or another. Special acknowledgements go to those who have commented on various posts and the beautiful models who have inspired me.

I wish I could say that we have many things to look forward to in BBWF's second year, but that's highly unlikely. This blog will probably not finish year two. Certain aspects of my personal life are making porn blogging impractical, and truthfully BBWF was always meant to be a very temporary thing. Also, this blog, as well as all of my other pervy web activities were embarked upon with a very specific objective, and, well, the mission has been accomplished for the most part.

We do have a sexy post about Candace Moon, my sexual bucket list, and BBWF's 2010 NFL preview, among other things to look forward to in the coming days, however.

Again, thanks to all of you for a great first year, and enjoy your Monday.

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Truly Amazing SSBBW

I really should produce porn. I think I would bring a level of class and artfulness to the genre of BBW erotica that is missing to some extent. I hope that doesn't sound boastful or obnoxious, but I really think I would do a better job of properly adoring plus size women for the beautiful women that they are and not as some fetishistic obsession. For example, the clip below features one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, regardless of size. If I had done this video, I would have made more of an effort to express how unbelievably gorgeous this woman is. I would have spent more time affirming her beauty, and not just noting the size of her boobs and making her get on the floor and call herself a "submissive slut." I know there is a place for this type of thing, but sometimes it can come across as a bit degrading and at the very least unsexy. In spite of its few faults, this is still an incredible amateur clip:

The main strength of this video is that for most of its nearly 46-minute running time the viewer gets to simply admire this woman's lovely body. There is some rather lackluster hardcore action towards the very end of the clip, but for the most part it's an opportunity to see a sexy larger woman in all her glory.

I love this clip, but as a porn fan, I want to see more vids that feature BBWs being worshipped as an object of passion and lust and not just a porn oddity with bigger parts. Some parts of this clip illustrate this beautifully, and I am absolutely enamored by this woman.

I have got to feature more SSBBWs (BBWs of the larger variety) on this blog. Making love one is another item on my sexual bucket list.

Hope you enjoy the vid, and have a great weekend, people.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boobie Wednesday: Renee Ross

Okay, brace yourself, I'm gonna blog about my sex life. Last night, Ms. Chuck and I were lying in bed, just lying together in that peaceful comfortable silence that only couples who are truly in love can enjoy. She was reading the latest book in the Hunger Games series that she is ridiculously excited about, I was just lying next to her, admiring her curves (I took a beautiful pic of her from behind before I got in the bed, that I'm considering posting, but I have to work up the courage to ask her).

I started slowly caressing her leg as I laid my head on her butt. She has a plump bottom half that is more comfy than any pillow in our house! As I touched her, I kept pausing; my mind uncontrollably vacillated between Ms. Chuck's hotness and some of the pressing issues I'm dealing with. Always in tune with how I'm feeling, my Lady could feel my sadness even in the way I touched her (I love that about Her!) and asked, "are you depressed?" I tried to play it cool, but I had to admit that I am in fact feeling seriously blue these days. Minutes later, Ms. Chuck made sure that my mood was altered for the better, at least temporarily.

What does that have to do with Boobie Wednesday? Not sure, really, but my spirits were lifted yesterday when I came across Renee Ross' hardcore debut on my favorite tube site. One of our trusted porn pirates has given us all a free look at rare footage of one of the most beautiful BBWs in the porn world going all the way. Renee has always been an amazing model, but doesn't "put out" on camera as much as many of her fans would like. I watched it when it debuted months ago, and though I enjoyed it immensely, it made me long for other web models to finally go hardcore (Dors, Dawn, Lissa, I'm looking at you).

Below we have the three part series, Wham Bam, Thank You Ma'am (still can't believe they went with that title). I hope that you enjoy. Seeing Renee dance at the beginning of each clip will never get old to me.
Renee removing her top while riding reverse cowboy is one of the hottest things I have ever seen. EVER.

Two things before I go:

1) I don't fully endorse piracy as a practice. I only post these vids here, because they are already out there for everyone to see. And it's FREAKING RENEE ROSS!! I hope I am not robbing the Score Group in any way, but I just couldn't resist.

2) This is Boobie Wednesday, and in addition to gawking at big tits, this day is about breast cancer awareness. So do your part by making sure that your loved ones are getting checked regularly and doing everything necessary to prevent the onset of this disease. Someone very close to me has been afflicted with Cancer, and it's the primary reason for the depression mentioned above.

Also, join XLgirls... it is an incredible site for lovers of Plus size porn. Damn, that's 3 things. Anyway, enjoy the pirated porn, and the rest of your Boobie Wednesday.

Monday, August 23, 2010

MILF Monday

Peaches (possibly the most beautiful MILF of them all)

It's no secret that BBWF is a MILF friendly zone. I would absolutely relish the opportunity to make love to a woman 10, 15, or even 20 years my senior, and I hate the fact that I may go to my grave never having experienced it (yeah, I got some pretty nasty shit on my bucket list). So we dedicate today to sexy older women everywhere.






We also have a beautiful French MILF in an awesome three-way:

Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vanessa Blake is Wasting Away

Sometimes it sucks to to be a BBW admirer. I am involved and madly in love with a very curvy woman who doesn't always embrace her curviness as much as I do. In fact, in the beginning of our relationship she and I fought constantly over this issue. The core of our conflict was the fact that Ms. Chuck found it extremely hard to accept the fact that a man could find her not only sexy for a woman of her size, but see her as sexier than any other woman BECAUSE of it. The truth is I think Ms. Chuck is the hottest thing on this planet, and I worship her curves, but she really resented the fact that I didn't (and couldn't) call her "thin." In the years since then, I have successfully convinced her that she is beautiful by any standard, but the fact remains, Ms. Chuck still desperately wants to be thin.

Where did it go?

Many plus-size women are just like Ms. Chuck in that they hate (and I mean HATE) the very things about their bodies that many men love, and this is what makes being an FA or BBW Lover or Chubby Chaser or Curve Perv so frustrating sometimes. Notice I didn't say Feeder. I am not talking about supporting gaining weight for the sake of gaining weight and thus putting a woman's health at risk. I am simply referring to the natural God-given dimensions that many women are blessed with but are ashamed of because of the skinny images promoted in the media.

This is what makes Vanessa Blake's recent work on Plumperpass, which includes today's update, so bittersweet. She still obviously looks incredible, and even the smaller version of her epic ass is still better than most porn models, but I really miss her curves. Her new updates are awesome, but her changing body just reinforces my suspicion about most BBWs: no matter how much men adore their curviness, they are desperate to lose the weight and be thin, which in their mind is the sexiest way to be. And that sucks.

Below we have some of Vanessa's past work, that shows her at her curviest:

This is just my opinion, but I really believe that Vanessa looks much better with more curves. This is the thing that gets people pissed at us FAs, because it seems as if we don't want women to better themselves and feel healthier and sexier. In my case this couldn't be further from the truth. I think the "before" pics of Vanessa are by far the best, but I am happy for her in that she is feeling better physically and emotionally, and BBWF wishes her the very best in the future. But having to add Vanessa to the growing list of shrinking starlets (Sara Rue, Delotta Brown, Taylor Stevens, Sherri Shepherd) just reminds me how weird it can be as an FA.

We also have a hardcore clip from Vanessa's curvier days, one of her very best. Remember to click inside the flash video twice in order to view the clip. Pornhub is being little bitches and not allowing folks to watch embedded videos on sites like this.

Vanessa Blake gets a creampie brought to you by PornHub

Again, Vanessa is still beautiful, and always will be, and we wish her all the success in the world.

Later, people.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Boobie Wednesday: Bad Fleur X

When it comes to porn, the amateurs are the real pros, and today we have a very sexy woman from the UK who has become one of the hottest things about my timeline.

Fleur is not a model or an XXX actress with a huge following, she is simply a gorgeous woman who enjoys sharing her sexuality with the world, and she has a curvy body that any BBW lover would appreciate. Because it's Boob Day, we have a clip that highlights Fleur's tits, but here's a link to her other vids, which provide proof that she's the total package. And be sure to follow her on twitter.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sweet Tuesday Video

Below we have documented evidence that volleyball is sexy... well, it's sexy when beautiful women are playing... and it's exponentially more sexy when one of the women has ass cheeks that are both bigger than the ball.

Oh, and the fucking is pretty hot as well... complete with an utterly epic cream pie ending (epically nasty if you're not into that type of thing). Hope you enjoy.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Montana Fishburne...

From left: Montana, Laurence Fishburne

... is a name that I would probably never have heard if it wasn't for porn. She happens to be the daughter of one of my favorite actors, but she has made her way into my conciousness as she has embarked on a porn career, and as a porn blogger, it's kind of my job to speak about it here. Her work so far is pretty standard porn fare, but since it's Morpheus' kid doing the fucking and sucking, people are buzzing about it.

I post this, not because I want more people to further scrutinize another celebrity exhibitionist, and I certainly don't believe this clip is hot enough to get you off, but I was really struck by the things that watching Montana made me feel. I am conscious of the fact that every single woman that I have seen getting nasty in a porno flick has a father, but I've never had such a familiarity with that person. Sasha Grey or Belladonna or Samantha 38G all have family, but because their families are anonymous and detached from the porn industry, I only think of them as beautiful women expressing themselves sexually.

When I watched this clip yesterday, I couldn't help thinking of what Laurence may be feeling. Having watched Laurence my entire life, I feel like I know him in some ways, and seeing a porn dude pounding his daughter's pussy in a video is a little unnerving. It made me think about porn in a non-porn enthusiast way, as I wondered about things like the daddy issues, abuse, sadness, or the burden of the hollywood lifestyle that might have driven Montana into the business.

It also made me wonder about how I would feel if my daughter decided to become a porn actress. I have four beautiful nieces who, if I am being completely honest, I probably would want to stay away from any sexually oriented profession, and I have a sister who, when she told me of her past adult work, made me shudder a little (I know, I sound like a big ass hypocrite). Honestly, I don't know how I would react; on one hand, I wouldn't want pervs stroking their cocks with astroglide while some over-endowed horndog violated my little girl, on the other hand, if the adult industry was something my kid was truly passionate about, I would want to support her 100%.

The main question on my mind while watching the clip was "why?" I really don't want to speculate about why Montana would do something like this... well, I don't want to, but I will. Maybe Montana is starved for attention after living in the shadow of a celebrity parent. Maybe she's just some rebellious teen acting out in order to shock her family. Maybe Montana has come to a realization in her life that she will never make it as a mainstream actress and is so desperate to be in the limelight that she decided to make her name in the adult industry. I feel very confident in asserting that Montana is definitely not in this business because of her love of sex. Even a cursory glance at the clip above will show you that Montana doesn't look like she's really enjoying herself. There is absolutely zero passion in that scene.

My point is, watching Montana in the clip made me think about things that never usually cross my mind while watching porn, and for a while at least, it'll be on my mind even when watching some of my other favorite XXX starlettes...

Incidentally, I would be much more ashamed of my child if they rapped as horribly as Brian Pumper did in the first portion of the clip...


... In other porn news, one of my favorite BBW porn actresses, Cassie Blanca, has decided to leave the industry, or at least the hardcore portion of it. She mentioned that her recent shoot for Plumperpass, which debuted today, where she takes off that beautiful purple ensemble and gets double-teamed, will be her Swan song. If it is in fact her last, she is going out on a strong note, and everyone here at BBWF will miss her terribly. We wish Cassie much success in whatever she chooses to do from this point. Below we have a clip of some of her previous work:


Gwen Dolan is one of my darlings in the world of BBW stuff. I love everything she does, not just because she's cute, and has the most amazing ass in the world, and because her voice makes me melt, and because she's genuinely sweet. Gwen is truly one of the smartest and most insightful women in the industry, and she now has a blogger site, where she shares her "musings" on a number of topics. I've become such a huge fan of Gwenie more because of her mind than her body (believe it or not), and this blog makes it very clear why I feel this way. Click on that ridiculously hot pic to visit the blog. Also, join Gwen's site. It remains one of the most quality BBW sites out there...

That's all I got for today, people. Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Boobie Wednesday: BBWF's Best Breasts

Welcome to a special edition of Boobie Wednesday, people. Today we have more boobies than you can possibly handle, so be careful. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but was just too lazy to get it together. When Jordan from Pornhub posted this last week, I was reminded of my little idea. Jordan's list consists of the top 7 naturally breasted pornstars. Her list is pretty awesome, but as you know, we like our tits big, and by "big" I mean BIG. So today, BBWF lists BBW models who possess the loveliest natural tits. We have a list of 12 BBWs, some pornstars, some models and camgirls, who are particularly gifted in the mammary area. They are listed in no particular order.

Sapphire: They're like pillows! Her tits look comfortable enough to sleep on. Besides those beautiful breasts, Saph has possibly the sexiest moan I've ever heard. Hearing her get fucked is just as awesome as watching.

Samantha 38G: The sickest body in porn, in my opinion. Her breasts are not just big, they have an artful quality to them, as if God gave Sam extra special attention when he made her. And Sam's personality is delightful; she'll make you laugh as she gets you off, a very unique quality in the pornographic arts.

Dors Feline: A woman whose beauty transcends any size category. I doubt that non-BBW lovers can even deny that this woman is breathtaking. Her beautiful natural breasts are what gets her on this list, but her eyes, those great tattoos, her hair, her voice, everything about Dors is incredibly sexy.

Dawn P: She's just so big! Dawn is the ultimate round curvy BBW, and her breasts are perhaps her most striking feature, round, full, firm, and perfectly symmetrical. Dawn is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, and there is a certain "girl next door" quality about her, a genuine sweetness that makes me wish I could date her. Dawn is the type that you fall in love with. Buck has some of Dawn's latest pics on his blog.

Charlie Cooper: She has a very small body of work, but I have already anointed Charlie as one of the most intriguing women in BBW porn. Her debut on plumperpass was amazing, and her breasts are without question some of the best I have ever seen. Hopefully, we will see much more from Charlie in the future.

Anorei Collins: This young lady is just gifted, not only with enormous natural boobs, but with an angelic face and a very engaging personality and intelligence that will take her far in modeling, as well as any other path that she decides to pursue. Her tits get all the attention, but Anorei is beautiful from head to toe.

Mz. Diva: Not sure if the Diva is still working in the industry, but she obviously belongs on a list such as this. I still rememeber the first time I saw pics of her online. I literally stared at my screen in awe for what had to be 10 minutes. I could get lost in those things.

Jade 38H: I love Jade. She is one of my favorites because of those perfect 38H boobs, but also because of that smile, which incidentally totally upstages those tits in the photo above. Jade is beautiful, freaky, and genuinely sweet, a combination that makes her the perfect BBW model, and without question, marriage material.

Peaches Larue: I am a big MILF fan, and Peaches may be the Queen of the MILFs. She is proof that as women get older they only get sexier, and she possesses a unique pair of breasts that make every one of her photo sets and hardcore videos special. Her ass is also amazing, but we'll save that for another list.

Maria Moore: A legend in BBW porn, and the reason is pretty obvious. I love Maria's tits, but she is also possibly the most interesting porn star in the world. She has the most delicious looking areolas ever, but she is also Ivy League educated, and only does hardcore with her husband, something which the romantic in me finds very beautiful. Maria is also a great person to follow on twitter and formspring, as she interacts with fans in a way that may be different than your typical porn chick.

Renee Ross: Beautiful blonde BBW with the perfect body. Renee is a porn legend in the making, and I am really hoping for more hardcore material from her. She is another lady whose breasts get all the attention, but every inch of her is lovely.

Of course this is my peronal opinion, and while my personal opinion is absolutely right, you may disagree. Or you make think I overlooked someone who may belong here. Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments.

Also, though I am a huge fan of each of these women, none of them have my favorite set of tits. That woman is so special to me that she is disqualified from any competitions or lists on BBWF from now on. Her rack blows away every model on this list, and I miss her. Goddammit I miss her.

Later, kids.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Based on a true story

The Girl in the Silver Camry

I checked my twitter at the stoplight… okay, I checked my twitter as I rolled up to the light… alright, I’ll tell the truth: I was tweeting the whole while I was driving down Austin Street. To be fair, it was 2am on a Wednesday, and no one else was on the road, and I had to tell the world about this awesome song on the radio. The #nowplaying hash tag can strike at any moment, and I’m not going to let something as petty as the traffic laws of the state of Texas stop me from sending my wonderful music recommendation to my legions of followers.

As I pressed “send tweet,” I turned my attention back to the road, my Blackberry still at eye level, and I stopped the car abruptly, only inches before the crosswalk. My focus returned to the smartphone, and the only other car in the general vicinity, a spotless brand new silver Toyota Camry pulled up next to me. I momentarily stopped scrolling through my timeline and looked to my right. The driver gave me a look of genuine disdain, frowning at me the way a mother would her teenager, a look that needed no accompanying words. I instantly put the phone down. “Yeah, I gotta stop doing that,” I thought. My tweet about the hottie in the Camry would have to wait a few blocks.

I never took my eyes off of the woman… I couldn’t. Some unexplainable force seized my gaze, and Ms. Camry didn’t seem to mind. She ran her hand through her hair and smiled as I surveyed the parts of her that were visible to me. The light had been green for at least four or five seconds when she signaled to me to roll down my window.

“Follow me,” she said in a strong, yet hoarse throaty tone.

Before I could respond, she sped through the green light, down Austin. Of course, I followed, obeying my lust, as always. I had to rush to keep up with her, but I was back by her side as she made a right turn on Walker Street. I slowed and turned as well. After a left on San Jacinto, she went two blocks and turned right on Texas Avenue, and parked in front of Christ Church Cathedral, across from the Magnolia hotel.

I parked in the space beside her, nervous as I put my car in park and turned it off. A city like Houston is mortifyingly silent on a night like that, even near a monstrous hotel like the Magnolia. Before I could even turn my head to see her, Camry lady had emerged from her car and was heading towards me with “on a mission from God” seriousness, the clopping of her heels the only sound in the humid Houston night.

I surveyed Camry lady’s curves as she came around her car towards me. She wore a white long sleeved blouse, buttoned all the way, but doing an awful job concealing how well endowed she was. Breasts that big had a way of making even the most conservative outfit revealing. Her skirt was far from conservative, navy blue (my favorite color), two inches too far above the knee for any “respectable” business meeting, showcasing bare, thick shapely legs that seemed to pry themselves more from the skirt with every powerful step.

I rolled down my window, not knowing what to say, but before I could say anything, she opened my door.

“Do you have a room here at the…”

Before I could finish my question, she covered my mouth. “I don’t want to talk, I want to fuck.”

“Ok, I just…”

“Shut up, and fuck me.”

She looked to the right and to the left, and then unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down to my thighs, revealing an already hard cock. She motioned for me to turn my body to the left with my legs outside the driver’s side door. I reached between her legs as she hiked up her skirt and noticed that she had no panties, and was soaking wet. Her back to me, she pushed away my hand, took hold of my cock, and after stroking it with her hand for what felt like a thousand years, she guided it into her pussy.

She was wetter, and evidently hornier than I realized. I think the only reason I didn’t cum five seconds after she started riding my cock was fear. She rode my cock harder and harder, her moans piercing the peaceful air. She rode me harder, until my car tilted and squeaked from the pressure, her round cushiony ass pounding, clapping against my body.

When a white Volvo drove past, it’s driver eyeing us intently and catching us in the act, she pulled herself off of my cock. At this point, I was trembling violently from fear as well as lust. And exhaustion; this woman fucked like an animal, and couldn’t seem to get enough.

She grabbed my hand, pulled me from my car, and led me across the street deep into the dark alley between the hotel and an adjacent office building. She pushed me against the wall, knelt down in front of me, and sucked my cock, spitting and deep-throating me until I was as hard as I was minutes before.

“Now fuck me until I cum.”

She turned around to the other wall, and placed her left hand on the wall, her right hand massaging her clit. She was desperate to cum. I pulled up her skirt and slid my cock back into her from behind. I pounded her ass as hard as I could as she pleaded with me to fuck harder. She pushed her plump butt back onto my cock, her pussy getting wetter and slicker as she stroked her clit. Finally, after fucking in that dark alley like dogs she let out a deafening moan.

“I’m cumming.”

She fucked me as I fucked her, our flesh once again clapping together brutally. With a deep grunt she came. I didn’t need to hear any sound to know that she had cum, as I could feel her juices pouring from her pussy. I pulled out my cock as she squirted on the ground, still stroking her clit and breathing heavily. She turned around and looked at me with a sheepish smile on her face that made me chuckle a little.

She once again took possession of my cock, and knelt down again and sucked it. She spat on it and licked every inch of it, looking up at me. She took all of me into her mouth, choking and gagging on my cock, making it wet and sloppy with her spit. When she started bobbing her head on my cock faster and faster, I couldn’t contain myself any longer, and I pulled her head from my cock.

She took my cock back into her hand and jerked it perfectly, hard and firm but still gentle, stroking my balls with the fingernails of her other hand. I came harder than I ever had before, squirting a load all over her pretty white blouse.

When she had finished me, she stood, assessed the damage I had done to her top, briefly looked me in the eye, and walked across the street to her car. I stood motionless until Camry girl started her engine.

When I finally got home that night, that silver Camry was already in the driveway, and as I walked through the door my Camry slut was sitting at the kitchen table, still wearing that tainted white blouse, pouring two glasses of red wine. She smiled.

“That was even better than last time.”

Now, by "true story" I mean that it is true that I have fantasized about this... and, well... it is true that it's a story.

Later, kids.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

What the world needs now...

Kellie (from a recent blog post... I miss her sexy adorableness *sigh*)

... is love, sweet love... and another scatter-brained, meandering clusterfuck of a post from yours truly. There are some things going on in the world that don't involve fat women getting naked, and YOU should know about it, so here goes...

... read it and weep (or pray), you homophobic assholes. Sorry about the hostility, but that pales in comparison to the hate spewed from the other side of the fight. In California yesterday, Proposition 8, the ban on same sex marriage was overturned, a major victory for the gay community, as well as anyone, who like me, believes that no human being should be denied the right to share their life with the person they love. Here is a link to The Huffington Post's coverage.


... Eva Mendes is one of the hottest women in Hollywood. Don't miss her performance opposite Nic Cage in The Bad Lieutenant, a very underrated film. And now she has sex tape (really)!

Notice I said "sex tape," not "a sex tape." Big difference. I'm totally serious about The Bad Lieutenant, by the way...


... Brandy Ryder sucking cock, just because...

The Torch

... I have recently become a Blackberry user (kind of a mistake), so the unveiling of the new Blackberry Torch 9800 was of some interest to me. It is Blackberry's first slider device, and they have abandoned the piece of shit clicky touchscreen that made the Storm an utter disaster. RIM is desperately trying to keep up with what Apple and Google are doing in the smartphone market, but I think the Torch, though it is a nice device, falls a bit short. In my humble opinion, the screen is too small, the processor is too slow, and Blackberry 6, while much improved from previous incarnations of the Blackberry OS, is still a little primitive compared to Android 2.2 and iOS 4. The Torch is a step in the right direction, but it's not enough to sway the cool kids away from their iPhones and Droids. Go to Crackberry for everything you need to know (and I mean EVERYTHING) about Blackberry's new baby...

From left: Sterger, Favre

... Brett Favre is once again doing his "I'm gonna retire... no, wait, I'm coming back" song and dance, but there is a story involving the future Hall of Fame quarterback that is much more newsworthy. The old gunslinger reportedly sent pictures of his cock to New York Jets sideline reporter, and professional hot chick, Jenn Sterger. This story won't be plastered all over Sportcenter, but Deadspin has more details...


... The beautiful woman above is Anna, looking unbelievable as usual. Be sure to visit her site for more...

... We leave you with a beautiful clip that features the lovely Cassie Blanca:
I post this clip for selfish reasons... I'm hoping I can get this sort of treatment when Ms. Chuck gets home. But I hope you enjoy it as well. Wish me luck...

Later, people

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boobie Wednesday Bonus: Sapphire

Bonus boobies! Always good, right? I was so struck by Sapphire's return to Plumperpass today that I had to mention it here. Though I have issues with the BBWs Gone Black series, and the way Plumperpass uses it to segregate black men (I mean, they portray having sex with a Black man as some kind of weird fetish act), I was absolutely blown away by this scene. Saph gets fucked by two big black cocks, and judging by the sound of her delicate throaty moanings, she gets fucked very well. It is a joy to watch, and I'm sure it will be one of the most popular ever on the site. And I must admit, this two guys and a girl threesome thing is kinda growing on me. The way both dudes were able to coordinate their ejaculation and cum all over Saph's massive tits at the same time was almost as amazing as Saph herself. Below we have one more pic from the shoot.

Sapphire gets more beautiful every time I see her, and I dread the day when she inevitably decides to leave the porn world. I'm doing a terrible job of expressing it, I'm sure, but this shoot really is some of the best erotic material ever captured on video.


Boobie Wednesday: Charlie Cooper

I can't stop thinking about Charlie Cooper's boobs. On my recent road trip to north Texas to visit my father, in the back of my mind was Charlie Cooper's boobs. As I sat at the computer brainstorming ideas for a short story that I'm currently working on, I was haunted by memories of Charlie Cooper's boobs. Even when I went to Plumperpass this morning and saw Sapphire in an interracial threesome (more on that, I promise), I was still reminiscing about Charlie Cooper's boobs. When I was coughing my guts out and sneezing repeatedly (is there some kind of rule that if you live with a person, you have to get all of their germs? Next time Ms. Chuck gets sick, I'm quarantining her ass!), as the Nyquil dealt me that blissful knockout blow, Charlie's boobs were on my mind. They really are two of the most exquisite tits that I have ever seen, and she has instantly placed herself in the conversation about the best breasts in porn.

So even though we mentioned her last Friday, we dedicate this Boobie Wednesday to Charlie and her mesmerizing breasts ("mesmerizing mammaries" would have made for some great cheesy porn alliteration, but I'll leave that kind of stuff for the real porn writers). I am falling in love with Charlie, and I hope that she isn't a one-hit wonder. I would love to see more from her. Her hardcore debut on Plumperpass, where she took on Ramon's monster cock, is unbelievable, maybe only because of Charlie's hotness, and it's playing on an endless loop in my mind. Below we have some more pics from the shoot.

Hope you enjoy... and Happy Boobie Wednesday!