Friday, April 30, 2010

Been Busy

Sorry I've been so quiet lately, but it's a stressful time for us here at BBWF. Here is a nice amateur clip featuring a lovely BBW:

That oughta hold ya for a while. Later, kids.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hardcore Plumperpass Updates!

Dawn Davenport

In case you missed it, we wanted to give you a taste of what our friends at PlumperPass have been up to. Their last two hardcore updates have been outstanding, as they have featured two of the most beautiful women on Earth. Below, we have some sample pics from both updates.

Today, Dawn Davenport returns to the web in an update that may the hottest ever on that site. I am struggling to put into words how beautiful this woman is. My weakness for redheads has never felt more real. Dawn looks unbelievable as a Redhead, and I love those freckles! Honestly, Dawn has truly become one of my very favorite BBWs.

Jasmine also returned to the site on Wednesday, and takes on two black cocks. One of the guys just refuses to shut the fuck up, and it is a bit bizarre at the end when he wants to continue fucking after ejaculating, but this is still a ridiculously sexy update. I love the way Jasmine says "papi."


Support PlumperPass. It is God's gift to FAs everywhere.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Randomness

Amatrix, camgirl at allbbwcams (she's so nice!!)

It's a busy time for us here at BBWF. Graduation is on the horizon for me, so posts have been a bit scarce. I'm sure you understand. But today some things captured my interest, so I thought I'd pass them along...

The Official ipod of BBWF

Our soundtrack for today will be a classic Pearl Jam song, "Immortality," from the Vitalogy album, one of my personal faves:

Supathick Mami posted this hot vid on ghettotube and tweeted it earlier today. She does some provacotive dance moves that will drive you crazy. She is truly gorgeous, and I am starting to really enjoy her work.

... Interesting story from CNN today about the future of mobile technology. It's interesting, and a bit scary. I like the idea of carrying around my favorite devices, so I think I'd be a little reluctant to adapt to this:

... Check out this post on lovely curvy women, a blog that I have come to love for obvious reasons. It features one of my biggest crushes, Penny Lane. I love this girl!!! Click Penny (you know you wanna) to see the post.


... Also visit bigcurvybeautifulwomen2 as frequently as humanly possible, but especially today. On Sunday, Tomaszo posted some awesome shots of Roxy Lynn. They're great for baseball fans (even though I hate the motherfucking Cardinals!) and also for those who love cute BBWs. Click the pics for a look at the post.


Roxy, naked

... The NHL playoffs are in full swing,

and if you aren't watching, you're missing the most exciting event in sports, bar none. I don't really have a dog in the fight, as my two teams (Minnesota Wild, Dallas Stars) are not playing, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the opening round so far, and it's only going to get better. Shame on most of you for ignoring this awesome sport!

Tonight Boston takes on Buffalo, Los Angeles battles Vancouver (both on Versus), and the Capitals face the Canadiens.

... We leave you with a money shot... actually, it is a series of money shots in a clip posted on empflix. It is a compilation of sexy fat girls enjoying cum showers. It's absolutely beautiful to me, and I'm not even really into this aspect of porn. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks for enduring this post, and bearing with my absence for the last week or so. Later, kids.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some Sunday Amateurs

Here is a nice little amateur clip from our good friends at tnaflix. It features a very lovely BBW, and some great natural sex. I love amateur videos, as they seem so much more real than much of the professional stuff we see in the porn world. I also post this because of the music in the background. One of my favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers songs gets some air time early in the clip, and if the Chilis are present, the video will always get the BBWF stamp of approval. The System of a Down that opens the clip isn't bad either. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sapphire is Back!

Saph (love this pic!)

I love PlumperPass. This is obvious, as they are the most promoted website on this blog. I've said it many times before: PP is the best BBW porn site in the business, bar none, and today's update is one of the reasons why. Sapphire returns, and brings us more beautiful pics and hardcore sex. And she doesn't disappoint in either area. She's also rocking a new hairstyle and a nice little tongue ring.

This woman is sublimely beautiful, and Sapphire's fun to watch even during the portion of the clip where she isn't having sex. In the right setting, her personality, which is quite engaging and funny, comes through. Her work at PP seems to bring this out, and this is why I believe that Saph's best stuff is on that site. But of course, her greatest physical attributes are on full display in the update, and she fucks her partner's brains out. Click on the cute pic at the top for a look at the trailer, and below, we have a few pics.

Hope you enjoy! Support PlumperPass!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Good Ol' Debauchery

Below we have a clip from our European friends. It is an orgy, a "reverse gang-bang", if you will, that features one stud and four beautiful young ladies. Each of these ladies would be considered a MILF or Cougar type, and one of them is a very lovely BBW. You can probably guess which is my fave.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Seeing Red

I wanted to pass along a clip that was referred to me by one of my twitter friends. It features a BBW that I have never seen before, but she is quite lovely. She takes on two hard cocks in this video, and looks amazing doing it.

This clip is yet another example of the sheer beauty of plus size women, but it is also evidence of the wonderful invention that is twitter. You can connect with awesome people... who send you porn!

My friend's mini review: "I could've done without the cocksucking, but liked it because of the moaning and the wet flesh slapping."

I couldn't agree more. Thanks, Jeanna!

Later, folks. Soon I'll post something other than just random vids, but its a busy time. Sorry about that.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Booby Tuesday: Karla Lane

Karla (such a sweet smile)

I have encountered many BBWs at various jobs, or at school, or just in my daily life, that look unassuming and reserved. They look so nice and innocent that, even though I find them beautiful, I would never think of them as wild sexual beasts. It's hard to imagine that sweet young plus size woman standing in front of you in line at the grocery store, or working in the next cubicle, would rip off your clothes and fuck you silly.

Karla Lane falls into this category, and her recent shoot for plumperpass illustrates this vividly. She has the face of an angel, but as the video in this update suggests, Karla is a certified superfreak, and I love her. She has always been one of the more underrated hardcore BBWs in my opinion, probably because of her girlish looks, but she is one of the best, and this update is perhaps her finest work to date. It features the raw passion and energy that I value most in hardcore porn, and Karla just gets more beautiful every time I see her. Below are a couple of pics from the update that highlight Karla's lovely breasts:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

From the Parking Lot

Before I am dragged to church, I'll pass along this awesome oral clip. It doesn't feature a BBW (though this woman is quite striking), but it's a great blow job, and it culminates in an unbelievable facial. Enjoy!

I've never done it in a public place before, so this clip kind of illustrates one of my unfulfilled fantasies. I bet the rush these two felt was pretty amazing. Maybe I'll coax Ms. Chuck into something like this at some point. The church parking lot, perhaps? Probably not.

Later, people.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ginger Rhodes!

It's late... I'm drinking red wine... and watching Trueblood. So, who knows what'll happen tonight. I found this beautiful clip of the lovely Ginger Rhodes, and I thought I'd share it with you. Rodney Moore is involved, and he brings his own particular style to the video. I hope you enjoy.

I will now continue drinking. Another drunken post may follow.

Friday, April 9, 2010

BBW Sweet 16 Championship: Sandra vs. Kellie

We promised this earlier today, but life always seems to get in the way. My professional life can be such a bitch sometimes. But at long last we present the most prestigious event in all of BBW blogging. Today... or tonight... we crown our champion.

This final matchup is between the two most beloved women at BBWF, Sandra DoubleDDD and Kellie Kay. I'm not sure what other bloggers do, but here at BBWF we play favorites, and these two ladies are given a higher place than all others that you see featured here. This is probably the main reason they have made it this far.

Why are they the favorites? Well, in order to understand that, you have to know a little bit about my philosophy as a blogger. Even though I am a superfreak who loves women with curves, I am not a walking erection. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and these two women have been able to connect with me on a deeper level. Of course, they are both insanely beautiful, and I wouldn't know them otherwise, but they are not merely objects to me, they both have a piece of my heart. I genuinely care about these ladies, and if that feeling weren't there I wouldn't be able to continue blogging.

Okay, enough rambling. Let's crown our champion:


We will do away with any illusion of real competition here. Sandra is your runaway winner and BBWF Sweet 16 champion. Fuck the pretense, she's The Muse, and there is no woman that will ever overcome her powers in a tournament such as this. To carry on with a "battle" would be silly at this point. Sandra wins, and, though I love Kellie, it wasn't even close.

I wrap this match up quickly because I feel this strongly about my Sandra's superiority, but also because I am deeply troubled by some things concerning Kellie, and I want to address that tonight. BBWF has learned that Kellie is taking a break from her online life and only doing updates for her website for a while. She has apparently deleted her twitter account, and is not participating in any public forums for the time being. As these public forums were the primary ways I liked to communicate with Kellie, I am saddened by this news. Hopefully she'll be back soon. She will be sorely missed.

About 2 months ago, I was camming with Kellie at allbbwcams. Aware of my love for Sandra, Kellie asked me "is it okay if I have just a little piece of your heart?" Of course I said yes, knowing that she already had that and more. Kellie means a lot to this little blog, not because we're best friends or anything, but because when I see her I don't just see a woman who I want to fuck, I see a beautiful person on the inside and out, a person I can truly relate to. I absolutely love being able to talk about women on this blog in terms other than sex; I hope that is something that distinguishes this blog from the countless others around the Web. Kellie is a big reason that I can do that, and I will really miss her. Hopefully all is well, and our beloved big girl just needs a little break. She revealed this news Wednesday in her blog.

The Muse

So Sandra is our champion in a victory that shocks no one. Her status as the favorite here is well documented. I wrote this piece mere days after meeting her. Since then she has been the best online friend a guy could have, and she will always be worshipped here.

Like Kellie, I look at Sandra, not as a sex object, but as a person that I would love to know. I have said it before: I would walk to California just to shake this woman's hand and thank her for everything she has done for me.

You see, she isn't just some internet stripper that made me cum in a chat room (even though she is... and she did), Sandra has made a real impact on my life. I call her The Muse for a reason. She truly inspires me to live my life to the fullest, and when life starts to get to me, Sandra is my escape... and I truly love her for it. Though I'm a porn blogger, porn is not my escape. I like it, but I don't have an addiction. Sandra is my drug of choice. Just a simple chat with Sandra has made some of the most troubling circumstances disappear from my mind. You'll probably never see this, but Sandra, I truly love you!

I am also a bit forlorn because I haven't chatted with Sandra in quite some time, and I am worried that the inevitable may have happened, and I won't see her anymore. I have often said that without Sandra, there would be no BBWF, and I really mean that. When I look at Sandra on this blog, I know that I see someone I truly care about, not just a fuckable BBW, and it reminds me that every woman I post here may have someone who views them the same way. No woman will ever be mercilessly objectified and disrespected on this blog, and Sandra is one of the main reasons.

Anyway, our Sweet 16 is finally over, and want to thank all of you who commented and casually observed. It was a lot of fun putting this thing together. Also, special thanks to the lovely ladies who dropped by to comment (Synful Dame, Jade Parker) even when they lost a battle.

For next year's tourney (if there is one), Sandra will be ineligible to compete. I see now that there is no model who can defeat her here, and I probably should open up the field a bit.

We will go back to the normal BBWF fare, and post the usual bullshit from this point. Thanks again, kids.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pre-Game with Marley and The XX

Our championship match will be held later today, as Kellie Kay takes on The Muse. As a sort of pre-game show, we have The XX singing one of my current favorite songs "Crystalised" and an amazing POV clip, featuring a lovely BBW named Marley. Hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for more BBW Sweet 16 action.
Later, people!

Sandra DoubleDDD vs. Rikki Waters

We continue the Final Four today with a matchup of two of the sexiest women on the planet. Both Sandra DoubleDDD and Rikki Waters are on BBWF's short list of BBWs to die for. I love/lust after many plus size goddesses, but these two have the ability to make me swoon. I could jerk off to their pics and videos, chat flirtatiously online with them, and I could absolutely fall head over heels in love with them. Just imagine coming home everyday and having one of these women waiting for you. Getting off track here, so back to the business at hand...

I love both ladies, but someone has to win:


Rikki (a truly beautiful woman... but don't let that smile fool you)

Okay, Rikki has the greater body of work, and the higher seed in this tourney, so she may be seen by many as the favorite in this matchup, but if you know BBWF at all, and I'm sure the Vegas oddsmakers have taken note of this, Sandra is The Muse, and her inspirational powers are the very soul of BBWF. Therefore Sandra, even if she is a relative unknown in comparison to Rikki, is the real favorite in any matchup.

Rikki's beauty and versatility have gotten her this far, and I still want to marry her or at least be her slave, but Sandra takes this matchup handily. Rikki is on her way to becoming one of the best in BBW porn, and her following will continue to grow, but Sandra's powers transcend the industry. It wasn't even a fair fight, people. Hopefully, Rikki can recover from the physical and emotional toll that this matchup has taken on her.

I kid, of course, and I am positive that I am Rikki's biggest fan, so BBWF wishes her the very best. Her future is exceedingly bright, and as long as Rikki is around, you'll see her here.

And Sandra is also a BBW to watch, not only because she is BBWF's First Lady, but because she has stated that she will be doing more sexy stuff online. Look for more clips from her soon, and we will update you here on what these clips entail, and how you can purchase them. I have often said that if Sandra had any real intention of doing so, she could really be one of the most popular women in adult entertainment, because of her obvious physical attributes, but also because of her brilliant mind and creativity. Not sure if she really wants that, though... and honestly, that's fine by me. So here is our winner, in a massacre:

This pic gives you a glimpse of The Muse's lips, very underrated among her many lovely features. I would give anything to kiss her just once.

So our final game is set, as The Muse will battle Kellie Kay later today, and we will crown our champion. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Synful Dame vs. Kellie Kay

It has been an awesome tournament, and I have been having a blast. Having the opportunity to watch as the most beautiful women in the world compete for the ultimate prize is really special to me, and I appreciate the feedback it has garnered.

The Final Four starts now, and in our first matchup Kellie Kay battles Synful Dame:


At this point in the competition, every matchup features true BBWF favorites, and both Kellie and SD fit that description. Kellie is the ultimate SSBBW as far as I'm concerned. I always gush about how she combines cuteness and sexiness, but another interesting feature about Kellie is that even though she is around 500 lbs, she is still a very curvy girl, possessing perhaps the most shapely figure of any SSBBW. And the attribute that Kellie may have over all of the other Final Four participants is her personality. She can turn you on and make you laugh, and this is something that is not just valuable in a web model, but in a girlfriend as well. I have said it here before: If I could, I would date Kellie in a heartbeat, and this means a lot.

SD finds herself in the Final Four because she is unbelievably creative. Every time I visit her site or her blog, I am struck by how fresh the new photo shoots look. She thinks outside of the box, and she brings this element to plus size modeling. I think she will be a star in this industry for as long as she wants to be. SD is also an outstanding camgirl. Visit her room at allbbwcams and you'll see that she is just a cool ass chick. She is very engaging and funny, and though I have never had a private show with her, I haven't seen very many camgirls who can match SD's seductive power when on cam.

So, who takes this one? Our extra large cutie, or the wild underdog? Because of her larger body of work (no pun intended) and the aforementioned blend of cute and sexy, not to mention her sense of humor, Kellie will survive and advance. SD is a worthy opponent, and she made this one very close, but ultimately Kellie was just too strong. Our winner:

SD may have lost this one, but her future is really bright, and she will always be a good friend of BBWF. There is a reason you see certain ladies pictured on the right side of the page. These are ladies who have had a real impact on me and this blog, and SD has done just that. I love you, SD... and I wish you the very best!

Look for the next matchup on tomorrow, as The Muse takes on My Darling Rikki. This may be the most anticlimactic matchup of the event, but we will go through the motions anyway. I promise not to get too mushy... if I can help it.

This post was written as I was about to go to bed, so I apologize for its wretchedness. This is crap even by my standards, but I wanted to get at least one matchup in before sunrise.

Later, kids.

Booby Tuesday: Gina


Today I was distressed because of work shit, so I began to search for a nice porn vid to ease the pressure. I turned to tnaflix, my favorite "tube" site, for relief, and came across this clip:

This is Gina, or "NaughtyNina," as she is known at allbbwcams. I spent a few minutes in her chat room many weeks ago, and though I didn't stay long, I found her extremely sexy, and as you can see from the video, her sexiness is off the charts. Hopefully we'll see more of her in the future. Hope you enjoy.

Her breasts are what gets her posted on Tuesday, but Gina's smile is just mesmerizing. A woman with an awesome smile can make me fall in love, and Gina's would have me completely under her spell.

I apologize for this dude's obvious myopia in regard to his penis size, as well as the disgusting visual around the 35 min mark. It's still a great amateur hardcore clip... and Gina's oral skills are outstanding. And the iphone is just so damn sexy!

Booby Tuesday: Pink Kandi

Pink Kandi

I love a well-endowed woman in a tight t-shirt. I have gotten in trouble many times for recklessly eye-balling BBWs who wrap their girls in these things. Plumperpass gives us the opportunity to indulge this little fetish without the shame with Pink Kandi's latest update. We have a few pics below, and here is the trailer.

Enjoy... and support PlumperPass.

More Booby Tuesday goodness to come...

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Final Four!

I've been dealing with an unbearable workload, so posting time has been pretty scarce, and our tournament has been delayed somewhat. It's probably a good thing, as our players need a chance to gather themselves and regroup for the final round.

Today we introduce the four ladies who will battle for the ultimate prize:

Kellie Kay (BBWF's most adored SSBBW and the one woman who effortlessly combines cherubic cuteness with devastating sexuality)

Synful Dame (Certainly the underdog here because of her youth, but a worthy contender. SD is one of the most creative figures in Plus Size modeling and her future is very bright... and she's smokin' hot!)

Rikki Waters (Rikki is the most versatile woman in this group, having the ability to morph from sensual seductress to femdom. She'll make you cum, then she'll humiliate you... and you will like it!)

Sandra DoubleDDD (The first lady of BBWF, and clearly the favorite here, despite being a 7th seed. She provides the most enjoyable camgirl experience in the world, and she is the only web girl that has captured this blogger's heart. And she has the most beautiful breasts I've ever seen. Damn I miss her!)

So there is your Final Four. We'll have at least one battle tomorrow. Below are the matchups:

Synful Dame vs. Kellie Kay

Rikki Waters vs. Sandra DoubleDDD

It should be compelling, so stay tuned...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Porn Blog Time Machine!


I just got back from seeing Hot Tub Time Machine with Ms. Chuck. The movie we wanted to see, well, the movie SHE wanted to see, was Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too, but it was sold out. So we had to take what we could get. It was better than I expected, but it was still bad... really bad. There were some legitimate laughs, though, and some nice female eye candy. It's worth checking out if you don't have anything else to do.

In honor of this film, I thought I would take you for a ride in my porn blog time machine back to a time when BBW porn wasn't as prevalent as it is today. Not sure what year this is from, but it ain't recent, that's for sure.

Before I fell in love with my Muse and discovered some of the BBW starlets of today, my favorite BBW of them all was Melanie Anton. Below, we have her finest work, Roly Poly Bang Bang. I'm not entirely sure, but this may be the first gang bang film to feature a plus size actress, and Melanie does a terrific job. Melanie is one of the first BBW porn stars, and her limited body of work is still as torrid as it ever was. This is a very long clip, so I hope you have some time.

And let us know if you have any information about Melanie. I really miss her. Enjoy!!

Kellie Kay vs. Jade Parker

At long last, we continue the BBW Sweet 16. A blessed encounter with a lovely friend and my late mother's birthday kind of interrupted this tournament, but today we pick up where we left off. In The final 2nd round matchup from the Left Breast bracket, my favorite SSBBW Kellie Kay takes on the ridiculously sexy Jade Parker:


This was not an easy matchup to call, as both ladies are popular among BBW porn enthusiasts. Making this matchup even tougher was the fact that both women appeal to somewhat different sectors of the FA community. Kellie, an SSBBW (Big Beautiful Woman of the larger variety), and feedie, appeals to those FAs who are turned on by eating and gaining. Her website is full of photo sets and videos that feature this type of material.

Jade, on the other hand, is just fucking sexy. I cannot believe a woman this beautiful actually exists, and that she actually allows us to see all of her beauty. Jade's site has some fantastic photo and video content, that appeals to those FAs who prefer to admire the sultry, sensual side of a Big Beautiful Woman. And though Jade is quite voluptuous, she is on the smaller end of the BBW spectrum, and I can imagine that no man, even non-FAs, could resist her charms.

So this battle becomes a fight between two very different styles, much like a Super Bowl matchup between a high powered offensive team and a smasmouth defensive minded squad:

Jade is perhaps the most beautiful woman in porn, and this is not an overstatement. She is a superstar in the making, and by this time next year, she may be the most well-known BBW around, but she loses this one in an upset. Kellie wins this one because of her sexiness, or a better yet, her inability to not be sexy. Even in some of her most self-deprecating clips, Kellie still makes me swoon. The fact is, I am not into the feeder phenomenon. I am not a guy who is turned on by watching a fat woman eat or watching her gain, but since I first discovered Kellie last fall, I have been totally captivated by her. There is just something special about this girl that I can't even articulate. Her face is at once angelic and innocent yet sexy and alluring, and she has a sense of humor that is unlike any other BBW I have encountered as a blogger or fan. I truly believe that a Camp Cupcake (the house Kellie lives in with two other cute SSBBW models) reality show would be a real hit, and Kellie would probably steal every episode. Kellie's personality also is a big reason that she is great camgirl. I have spent a little time at allbbwcams with her, and I literally laughed out loud. Go see her sometime.

And again, every matchup in this tournament hinges on the opinion of yours truly, and I love Kellie, as a model and as a person. So Kellie advances to the Final Four. Our winner:

And the Final Four is set. Kellie joins Synful Dame, Rikki Waters, and Sandra DoubleDDD in this most prestigious event. The tournament will continue soon. Not sure when, but soon.