Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Bonnie...

... if you were mine, I'd totally let you fuck Josh Homme, at least once... 'cause I heart you like that.

Our Sweet 16 matchup is cancelled today, and no porn will be posted... because I heart her like that.

Hopefully you'll enjoy this live acoustic performance from Bonnie's fave band. And don't ask me about Bonnie... she wouldn't want that. But I heart her.

Thank you, Bonnie, for getting me through a very painful night. I can't wait to talk to you again... and pull your hair.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sandra DoubleDDD vs. Samantha 38g

This matchup will be a quickie, partly because I have work to do, and I shouldn't spend any more time posting on this blog and tweeting. Also, it'll be quick because my Muse made quick work of the veteran Sam:


So what happened? Well, Sam is a true porn star, and not just among BBWs, and she's a fellow Texan, which makes her special, but she just wasn't ready for Sandra's game in this contest. I could list all of Sam's attributes... but I won't, because you already know. I'll simply state the one thing that gave Sandra the edge: I just can't get enough of her.

Sam has become the poster girl for BBW porn, as she has saturated the market with her pics, and hardcore videos. Plumperpass features a vid from Sam at least 3 times a month. I still love Sam, and I always will, but she is a bit overexposed. Her work just doesn't have the same impact for me as it once did. She is still one of the very best, but my jaw doesn't drop as far when I see her at this point. Just one man's opinion, people.

Sandra, however, is like a drug to me. I spent time in her chatroom last night, and I noticed that I am always heartbroken in some ways when our time ends. I could see her every single day, and stare at her for hours, and it probably would never get old. I adore this woman more each time I see her, and I can't say that about any other BBW model, including one with the pedigree of Sam.

So it comes down to this: Sam makes my dick hard, but Sandra has my heart... and that is enough to destroy Sam in this matchup and get the Heav'nly Muse to the Final Four. Years of being a hopeless romantic has put me far more in touch with my heart than I am with my dick. Kinda weird for a porn geek, huh? Our winner... and the only web girl that truly inspires me:

Look how soft they are!!!

And for the record, you may think Sam's tits are the best in the porn world, but Sandra's are better. Just sayin.

I know there is controversy about this one, so feel free to fuck with me in the comments. With this matchup, both our #1 seeds, Sam and Maria Moore are gone. I love upsets. They make things interesting, don't you think?

We end today's action with a video from our loser. She may have lost this battle, but she is still one of God's most beautiful creatures:
Enjoy... and look for at least one matchup on tomorrow.

Synful Dame vs. Maria Moore

The second round of the BBW Sweet 16 tournament (maybe we should call this round "The Erotic Eight") continues with one of our "Cinderella" stories, Synful Dame, taking on a BBW Powerhouse in Maria Moore:


This one was bloody, people. On paper, this matchup looks lopsided; Maria is a veteran who knows the business and has established herself as a true star, and SD is still finding herself in this game. But when this matchup began, it was clear that our Carolina cutie wasn't backing down. She wasn't even the least bit scared, and she looked Maria in her eyes (and she took a glance at those giant tits as well) and gave her a vicious fight.

Ultimately because of SD's uniqueness and artistic talents, she takes this matchup by a slight margin. I love Maria, and there is no disputing her beauty and charm, but SD is doing things that no other BBW model has done before, and it will take her far in this industry. It will also make her successful in any area of Photography or Videography (I wish her the utmost success in this field, by the way)... and it gets her to the Final Four. Our winner:

I love love love this photo!!! Click it for a look at SD's latest blog entry.

Next up, The Muse takes on Samantha 38g... at some point today.

Booby Tuesday: Sandra DoubleDDD


Sandra again? Yes. Wanna make something of it? I probably shouldn't have even mentioned who that beautiful cleavage belongs to, but I couldn't help myself.

Our national nightmare is finally over, as I have been able to spend some quality cam time with the greatest camgirl in the world and the First Lady of this blog. I really needed the escape that she provides me, due to some pretty tough things going on in my personal life. And I was able to do it TWO DAYS IN A ROW, so I thought I'd feature her on Booby Tuesday. Let's face it: any other boobs that I would have chosen to post today would have been inferior anyway.

I also feature my Muse because she will be battling #1 seed Samantha 38g in round 2 of the Sweet 16 later today. This should be an epic matchup, and our combatants are more evenly matched than you might think.

Kelli Staxx is a dirty, dirty girl

I'm gonna say something that may sound offensive at first, but I mean absolutely no harm: Kelli Staxxx looks dirty.

I mean this in a completely complimentary way, people, so don't judge me. And don't judge Kelli either, she just has this dirty sexiness about her that makes my mind go to dark places whenever I see her. She looks like a girl who you'd meet at a bar, and take her to a bathroom stall and fuck her stupid... and then ask her for her name. And I love it! She makes me wish I would have taken advantage of some of the opportunities I had with some of the looser women of my past that I was too shy to seize upon. I'll regale you with some of those stories at some point. And Ms. Chuck, my real life BBW love, is the ultimate Good Girl, so I don't get to walk on the wild side very often, not that I'm complaining.

But at BBWF, Dirty = Good, and Kelli is deliciously dirty... and I'm sure she is very sweet as well.

Kelli has done some excellent work at PlumperPass, among other places, and she has become one of the porn world's hottest BBW performers. She has a new update on PP right now, and it is beautifully dirty, and she does anal (I don't completely understand the fascination with anal, but I mention it because you may appreciate it).

Below we have some more pics from the update. Kelli's natural beauty and sexiness make this one the very best photo sets I've ever seen on PP. She is truly a beautiful woman, so I hope you enjoy.

Kelli didn't quite make the field, but the BBW Sweet 16 continues today, with two matchups. It should be posted very soon.

Monday, March 29, 2010

BBW Sweet 16, Round 2: Penny Lane vs. Rikki Waters

Okay kids, we've made it to Round 2 of the Sweet 16. It's been full of surprises, and way more naked pics than the NCAA offers, so I would say this little contest has already been a smashing success. Here is a list of the ladies who have survived and advanced:

Samantha 38g, Sandra DoubleDDD, Penny Lane, Rikki Waters, Maria Moore, Synful Dame, Jade Parker, and Kellie Kay.

Today's matchup, from the right breast bracket, pits Florida goddess Penny Lane against Rikki Waters:


This matchup seems pretty even at first glance, as both women are carving out followings in the business, but in the end the edge goes to the veteran Rikki. She is a bit more accomplished and diversified in her talents in the industry, and her vast array of skills just overwhelmed Penny in this matchup. Penny is still all kinds of unbelievable, but she's young, and she's still needs some seasoning before she can vanquish a heavyweight (no pun intended) the likes of my darling Rikki. I will admit, however, that Penny has the best photo of the three featured in this post (damn!!!). This bodes well for her in next year's tourney (if there is one). Our winner:

Next up: Maria Moore takes on Synful Dame in another seemingly lopsided matchup, but don't underestimate the underdog in that one. She's a beast... in a good way.

Samantha Slopes is back!

Just a quick heads up about one of the most beautiful BBWs of all time. Samantha Slopes has a new revamped website, and its up and running. Go there and join today.

If you're unfamiliar with this woman, trust me, you'll fall in love with her. She is a veteran model and is probably one of the women that your favorite BBW starlets look up to, and I am really happy to see her providing new content.


Look for the first matchup of the second round of the BBW Sweet 16 later this evening...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kellie Kay vs. Anorei Collins

We conclude the first round of the BBW Sweet 16 with a matchup from the Left Breast bracket: Kellie Kay, my favorite feedee, takes on the outrageously endowed Anorei Collins.


This was a tough matchup to call, as both ladies are breathtaking and both have strong and growing followings. Kellie is possibly the brightest star in the feeder community, as she combines this aspect of BBW porn with an undeniable sexiness and sense of humor. Anorei is just so fucking gorgeous, and no one can dispute the fact that she may have the most amazing breasts in the known universe. Every time I see a pic of Anorei I stare for at least 30 seconds; I still can't believe that they're real.

Ultimately this one came down to personality. While Anorei is a BBW goddess with the perfect body and great talent as a camgirl, Kellie wins this one by a comfortable margin for two reasons: 1) She crushes Anorei in personality department. Kellie has a great sense of humor, and this comes through on her site, as well as her webcam work on allbbwcams. She's just funny, and she's one of those people who can laugh at themselves, and I love this quality. 2) She is one of the select few models who has a piece of my heart. I have interacted with Kellie on the Web since the early stages of this blog, and she is one of the sweetest people I've ever come in contact with. She has helped make this blogging thing easy for me, and I appreciate that. I like Kellie for real, and as unfair as it may seem, this is a factor in getting my favorite super-sized cutie to the next round. Our winner:

We leave you with a clip from Anorei's webcam work. She falls to Kellie in this matchup, but as you can see, her loveliness in undeniable:

Round 2 begins Monday...

Rikki Waters vs. Asshley

Our tournament continues, and even if you don't have any rooting interest in these matchups, you have to admit that this beats the shit out of basketball, huh?

Today, our darling Rikki Waters takes on Big Butt Asshley in a fairly even matchup from the Right Breast Bracket:


Asshley (Don't you love a BBW in jeans?)

Asshley is one of my faves simply because she is just so beautiful. She may be the curviest woman on Earth, as she possesses a backfield that, as we can see above, a pair of blue jeans can scarcely contain. And she is insanely cute. There are some women on the Web that make me swoon because they are not just women whose pictures I can rub one out to, but they are women whom I would date in a heartbeat, and Asshley is one of them. I got a bit of a crush on this girl, and that is probably how she found herself in the field. Her site is awesome in that she simply takes amazing photos; no hardcore, and little nudity. But Asshley represents the perfect pear shaped BBW, and I love her work.

Rikki is someone who I cannot get enough of. She is one of the most well rounded performers in this field; she is into everything, including hardcore and BDSM, and she does it all well. She can fuck and suck, and on the next day she can dominate and humiliate you... and make you love it. Since I discovered her in her first Plumperpass shoot, I have been smitten with this woman. Above all else, she is a porn performer who truly enjoys what she does; she's a superfreak, and I think that is beautiful.

So this matchup ultimately comes down to diversity of talent, and Rikki's multitude of skills gives her the slight edge over her big butted opponent. Our winner:

Rikki's Youtube channel lets you into her unique personality, it's pretty interesting.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Penny Lane vs. Dawn P.

We have yet another stellar matchup from the Right Breast bracket between two unbelievable BBWs, Penny Lane and Dawn P.


This may be the toughest matchup so far in the Tourney. Both women are primarily web models; both are of the larger variety; both possess amazing breasts. It was extremely difficult to choose a winner in this one, but ultimate for a number of reasons, the underdog, Penny Lane comes out victorious. Penny wins this one over Dawn because she is more well rounded in the industry. Dawn is obviously prettier than most models, and she has many men, including our friend Buck, under her spell. But Penny is a bit more diverse in her activity in the business, and there is just a sexiness about Penny that I personally don't see in Dawn, despite her surreal beauty, or most women for that matter. Also, Penny wins in the website category as well. Her site is full of great pics and videos that, in my humble opinion, are a bit more creative and edgier than Dawn's. Penny has also become one of the more popular models on allbbwcams.

Dawn is a goddess, and I am one of her biggest fans, but she is slightly edged out by Penny. Ultimately, these matchups come down to which woman Chuck likes the best, and I love me some Penny Lane. Your winner:

Our next matchup will feature Rikki Waters and Big Butt Asshley, another tough contest. Not sure when it will take place, as I am writing this with my Lady in the house. So it'll be posted at some point tonight (hopefully).

Simone Stephens vs. Jade Parker

We continue our Sweet 16 with a matchup, from the Left Breast Bracket, of two amazing ladies who are both becoming stars in BBW porn, Simone Stephens and Jade Parker:


This one was a tough hard fought battle because both ladies are very beautiful and both have garnered a strong following in the industry. While neither has reached the level of superstardom, they are definitely on that path. Because of the many directions in which Jade's career is going at the moment, she wins this matchup by a very narrow margin. While I believe that Simone is the best hardcore BBW performer in the world at the moment, Jade gets the advantage because in addition to hardcore work for The Score Group, she also has her own website, and it is one of the hottest any BBW has ever created. Jade has also mentioned that she will be doing work for PlumperPass at some point. Also, Jade is multi-faceted in her approach to this profession, as she is learning the technical side of the business as well. And in a contest of pure physical beauty, there are few women on Earth, much less in this little tournament, who could match her. The girl is just fucking hot!! Really fucking hot! Our winner:

Look for the next Sweet 16 matchup, as Dawn P. takes on Penny Lane. Not sure when it will be up, but it's sure to be a dogfight. (Uh, "dogfight" is not the right word at all, but you know what I mean.)

Veronica Vaughn on PP!


We take a break from our BBW Sweet 16 action to give you a taste of PlumperPass' latest update, as beautiful rising star Veronica Vaughn takes on a monstrous cock by the pool. I just took a peek at the footage while "studying" in the library, and... well... now I have to wait a few moments before I can stand up again. So go immediately to the nearest computer, and check it out... and bring lube. Here's the trailer, and we have a few more pics below:

Enjoy! More Sweet 16 matchups later today (hopefully).

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Synful Dame vs. Sapphire

We go back to the Left Breast side of the BBW Sweet 16 bracket for a "David and Goliath" type of matchup, as relatively new model Synful Dame tries to handle BBW megastar Sapphire:


Saph is a porn star, without question, and she is simply one of the most beautiful women God ever created, but she loses this one to SD in a shocker. While I salivate every time I look at Saph, and in a tournament based solely on looks she would probably win, she doesn't match up well with SD in virtually every other category. SD is one of the most creative individuals in the industry, and if you have never heard of her, you will. She wins this matchup because, while Saph is outrageously sexy, SD brings sexiness, as well as her artistic abilities, to the table. She is truly unique, in an industry that is largely homogenized. Our upset winner:

Upset about this upset? Let us know. Four more first round matchups to follow... but probably not today.

We end today's action with a hardcore clip from the loser of this matchup, courtesy of tnaflix:

Sandra DoubleDDD vs. Desiree Devine

The BBW Sweet 16 rolls on, with a matchup between a BBW superstar and an ethereal camgirl: Sandra DoubleDDD takes on Desiree Devine in a first round matchup from the Right Breast bracket.


We have our first upset of this tourney, as Sandra wins this one going away. When looking at these matchups, I take everything into consideration: looks, popularity, personality, interaction with fans, etc. While Desiree is truly a porn superstar, and she is one of the nicest ladies I've encountered in this business, and she's smoking hot, she just wasn't able to contain Sandra in this matchup. Sandra is not a star, and probably never will be; she is the sexy BBW next door, that you want to fuck, but you'd be just as satisfied to just smoke a joint with. If you've ever cammed with this woman, you know that she is not only hotter than most professional BBW models, including Desiree, but she is just a joy to be around. I would walk to California just to get a chance to hang out and smoke with her, and I can't say that for Desiree or, any other model for that matter. And honestly, if you've been to this blog before you had to see this upset coming. Our winner (and my Muse):

I know this result may be somewhat controversial, so feel free to condemn me in the comments. More to come...

Platinum Puzzy vs. Samantha 38G

In this matchup is from the Right Breast portion of the BBW Sweet 16 bracket, cute little Platinum Puzzy takes on overall #1 seed Samantha 38G.

Platinum (I love her freckles!)


Sam (This shot is from what I think is Sam's best photo set of her career.)

This was not even close. Sam wins this matchup in a blowout. Platinum is definitely an up-and-comer, and she is quickly becoming one of my faves, but Sam is a veteran, and is currently at the top of her game. We'll see if Sam can maintain this dominance throughout the tourney, but for now she moves on:

Julie Ann More vs. Maria Moore

We start our BBW Sweet 16 Tournament with a first round matchup from the Left Breast portion of the bracket, as rising star Julie Ann Moore takes on BBW legend Maria Moore:


This was a hard fought matchup, with Julie Ann giving Maria all she could handle, but ultimately Maria was just just too much for our underdog. Maria is a true porn legend, regardless of her size, and her level of talent just overwhelmed Julie Ann. Our winner:

Let us know what you think about this result, and look for more matchups as the day progresses...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Booby Tuesday Bonus: My Sandra

Of all the women I post here, she's the one who matters most to me... and I miss her.