Saturday, December 24, 2011

Movie Review: Shame (there's porn too)

The most revealing sequence in Steve McQueen’s painful yet masterful Shame is when Brandon (Michael Fassbender) takes a coworker out to a nice restaurant for a date. In this incredibly awkward encounter, Brandon discloses his disdain for marriage (he makes some very strong points, incidently) and firmly establishes himself as a weirdo who can’t quite communicate well with the other humans. He’s not completely unlovable, but his deep personal issues make it difficult to truly connect with people. He manages to get a second “date,” but it goes downhill quickly, and we get to see how severe Brandon’s intimacy issues really are.

Brandon is a sex addict, and McQueen’s triumph in this film is showing this condition to the audience in a way that effectively conveys both its ugliness and its heartache. This addiction can be just as debilitating as alcoholism and drug abuse in the way it compels its victims, but its stigma causes the average person to not even recognize it as a problem. Shame presents this issue in a surprisingly balanced way in that it shows the addict attempting to live normally, and it gives insight into the ultimate cause for his current struggles.

The film opens with (I say this so that you will be prepared) full frontal Fassbender. You see a completely naked Brandon walking around his apartment with his member flopping around in all its art house movie glory. If you’re in the theater with the right groups of people, you won’t hear any giggles or gasps, however. This is graphic, but it is far from gratuitous. Brandon’s cock is what the movie is about. This film is also about revealing a complete individual in all of his complexities, and the opening scenes set the stage for some of the other tough moments to come. In the first 15-20 minutes of the film, you will get a clear picture of the protagonist’s compulsion.

Brandon’s world is changed when his troubled younger sister Sissy (Carey Mulligan) comes to live with him. He finds himself forced to confront not only the shame associated with his addiction, but the troubled past that he and his sister evidently share. One of the more interesting aspects of this film is Brandon and Sissy’s strange relationship. It also may be a flaw in many people’s minds that this relationship did not play a more prominent role. I would be one of those people, as I think that this complicated relationship would have made for a fuller storyline and that it would have given Mulligan, who is outstanding in the film, more of a vehicle for her skills.

McQueen’s choice was to make the Fassbender’s character the focus of the film, and the actor does an amazing job of capturing the pain of sexual addiction. Even when Brandon isn’t speaking, his facial expressions speak volumes. I’m not qualified to make this assessment, but I believe Fassbender has given us one of the best acting performances of the year, and has possibly garnered his first Oscar nod. I hope the NC-17 rating does not hinder this.

Aside from Fassbender’s otherwordly performance is the way sex is depicted in the film. When I heard that this was a movie about sexual addiction and that it had the aforementioned rating, I thought it could turn into another oversexed indie movie (and a must see for a perv like me), but McQueen, Fassbender, and company manage to depict sex in a way that isn’t sexy at all, and it is a major win for this movie. There is a sequence where Brandon has sex with himself, and at least three others in one night, culminating in a threesome that would be the fantasy of most men, and it is possibly the most horrifying few minutes of any movie you’ll see this year. Sex by compulsion, sex as a sedative or an escape, can be painful, and Shame’s sex scenes convey this pain in a way that makes it anything but jerk off material. The anguish on Fassbender’s face as he’s banging one of the ladies in this threesome from behind, desperately attempting to stake his demon through the heart with every stroke, is something you will not soon forget.

I also loved this movie because I can truly identify with the main character. Obviously, a guy who runs a porn blog may have some semblance of a sex addiction. I don’t consider myself an addict (that’s what they all say, right?), and I definitely don’t have the deep-seated issues of Fassbender’s character, but sex, and the preoccupation with sex, is a big aspect of my life. Maybe I am an addict, but I am certainly much more functional than Brandon.

Another great aspect of the movie—and I haven’t seen this on every review and website—is that Carey Mulligan goes full frontal as well, and it is worth the price of admission. Carey is a breathtaking woman with or without her clothing, and I was pleasantly surprised that she has a little meat on the bone. Now I want to see her fuck. Shit… I’m starting to perv out here, so I better post some porn.

Anyway… see this movie. It’s entertaining, troubling, and thought-provoking. I’d love to hear what you might have thought of it as well.

Here's the porn I promised. Bettie Pumpkin doing some creative face sitting. Beautiful stuff...

It's Christmas time, so we also have a few shots from the adorable Beccabae, from her BigCuties site. Enjoy...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all. BBWF still loves you, and I promise more posts in the coming year...

Be blessed, kids...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Kyla is not a BBW... and other musings...

Actually, Kyla, you kinda are.

"I am not a BBW! I am a person. I am a fat activist. I use my body as a tool to help others. I use my clothing as a way to express my creativity. I do not care if you are sexually attracted to me. What I do to engage and resist is not meant to be your jerk off material.

I am not a fetish. I am not here for you to objectify and dehumanize. I am not a charity case. I am not grateful for your attention. I am not putting up with this.

I am more than my (fat) body. Treat me that way."

Kyla’s little rant (go to her tumblr for more on the topic) made me think a little bit… about my love for BBWs… and about the real reasons that I haven’t been blogging here lately…

If you read through Kyla’s Tumblr, you’ll notice that this is not a sexy fat girl trying to show her curves to the world (even though she is one of the most uniquely sexy women that I have ever laid eyes on). She is an activist for the plus-size woman, asserting herself as a voice for acceptance in a culture that effaces an entire segment of the population because of circumstances that they can’t control. The blog contains beautiful pictures, clever musings, and rhetoric like the eloquent post quoted above.

I can’t help but point out that it is hilarious that women think that they can post sexy photos of themselves all over the internet, and expect to not be objectified. I sympathize with Kyla in that she is receiving unwanted attention, but she seems to want to do that silly thing that women do when they seek to separate themselves from one of the very things that make them women. It may be disconcerting for some women to hear, and it certainly isn’t politically correct, but women are brilliant, strong, resourceful, and nurturing, and they can do virtually anything physically and mentally that any man can do, but they ARE sex objects. A woman’s sexuality, the curvature of her hips, the supple softness of her tits, the sweetness of her clit (wow, I’m getting nasty here) are just as much a part of her being as her intelligence.

Ladies, you are never going to escape this. I am not some date rape douche bag who, after forcing himself on some woman, claims that, by her low cut dress, and alluring eyes, she was “asking for it.” I am simply saying that a woman’s sex is part of her power. God put it there, and it is just as beautiful and good as all of the other qualities. I know that this is true because, for all the naked pics and hardcore vids that you see posted here, in my opinion, a woman is never sexier that when she is fully clothed and speaking her mind. And, as a practical matter, taking pics of yourself in cute and sometimes very sexy outfits is no way to avoid the eye of internet pervs. You do realize you putting the pics on the internet, right? Once they’re on here, you can’t tell us what to do with them.

For the record, I have never used Kyla’s pics as “jerkoff material,” and I never will. I was shaken by reading her post more than any other “I am not an object” post that I’ve seen before. Like Kyla, I am an activist for plus size women as well. The only difference is that I also have a pervy dark passenger who rides with me. In the early days of this blog, I thought that I was doing something positive for all larger ladies. Posts like Kyla’s open my eyes to the inescapable reality that more women see guys like me and blogs like this as part of the problem. Just like women can’t escape the ubiquitous power of their sexuality (regardless of their size), blogs like this can’t escape the fact that, even if fetishization isn’t the goal, it is always… always… the inevitable result.

I am NOT a person who fetishizes the bodies of fat women. Actually, I am completely against it. I find all types of women, women of all races, sizes, and backgrounds, attractive, and I have the eclectic sexual history to back it up. I am now married to a beautiful plus size woman who, in my eyes, is the most beautiful woman on Earth. I didn’t choose her because she was fat. I chose her because I think she is the best thing that could ever happen to me. I worship her curves because I worship HER. I started the blog because I wanted to use my love of porn as a way to show that fat women could be as sexy as all other women. I (mistakenly) saw myself as creating a haven of acceptance for big women, but I now understand that the blog will always appear to characterize BBWs as the object of a fetish, and there is no way to fully escape that. Even the very name of this blog fetishizes these women. Through posting about bigger ladies who are not in porn here on this blog, I have perpetuated the notion that fat women are “charity cases” or that they should be grateful for any available objectification, and Kyla is right in that regard. I actually want the same things as Kyla (in addition to wanting to see fat girls naked), and this blog does nothing to make those things happen.

Another particularly powerful quote from the blog:

“You wanting to stick your dick in a fat chick doesn’t end our oppression”

The reality that Kyla ignores, at least in the “I am not a BBW” post, is that objectification is part of acceptance. I remember a post-coital moment with a redhead from my past that shall not be named where I walked naked to the bathroom, and heard her voice say “such a beautiful ass!” In that moment, I smiled brightly, and I felt accepted. Just a cute, flirty comment about my booty (which is quite lovely, btw) made me walk with my head up high for days afterward. My girl affirming my sexiness affirmed ME in many ways, and this is what “fetish” blogs like this do for big women. Just like the redhead accepted for my intelligence, my sense of humor, and my passion for writing and literature in addition to my sweet ass, a curve perv’s adulation of a BBW for her sexiness is, in most instances, a symptom of his acceptance of all of her other attributes, and not a fetish. Speaking for myself, even though I post pics of women in sexy situations, I am well aware that their bodies are not all that they have to offer.

The problem, as Kyla’s post so aptly illustrates, is that naked pics do nothing to help correct the misconception. The objectification of BBWs is a part of their overall acceptance, but there are so many other areas in which these women are, to use Kyla’s word, “oppressed.” A woman who doesn’t fit the standard of beauty established in our society (and a man for that matter… why aren’t their any empowerment blogs for skinny ugly black dudes?? Just asking.) is not just a woman, but a FAT woman, and this has implications that transcend sexual attractiveness.

The truth is, fat chicks know they're sexy, and they don’t need some internet perv posting porn shots and blathering on about “curves” and “chubby chasing” to confirm that. The smart, confident bigger ladies, many of whom you see in this blog and on countless porn sites, realize that being sexy isn’t an issue. They can get dick any time they want. But when their size inhibits social interaction, when it causes people to underestimate their intelligence or motivation, when it creates a barrier that blocks opportunities that they rightfully deserve, it becomes a serious issue, an issue that will be virtually ignored if we keep congratulating ourselves for wanting to jump their bones.

This is the conflict that keeps me from posting on this blog, and ultimately the reason it will not continue. I am too introspective (read: neurotic) to just post my porn and have fun. I have to come to the realization that, because I want the same things that Kyla and women like her want, this blog is part of the problem.

Anywho… if you’re still here, I’d love to hear you thoughts about Kyla (her insane cuteness is up for discussion whether she likes it or not, btw), her post, my thoughts, etc.

And of course, you knew I was watching porn when I wrote this. Below is a fantastic scene that stars the beautiful Miss Fortune…

Later, Kids...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hey... Is that...?

Anor... er... Lexxxi

Yep, that's her. Curve pervs everywhere were drooling all over their Macbooks today, as Plumperpass updated it's database with one of the brightest young stars in the industry. The new shoot brought me out of hiding, and I thought I'd alert the BBWF nation. I'm actually more curious about the name change, so if you know anything, pass it along in the comments.

Our heroin, and her epic boobery look absolutely stunning in this update, and she even double vibes herself. Very sexy stuff. Girls have much more fun than us dudes when it comes to self pleasure. We have a few more pics below. Please Enjoy!

If only the smut gods could give us a bbw dreams update with this woman. I'll just keep on dreaming...

... and join Plumperpass today. They have earned the right to take your money.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A New Sensation

Mary (check out this Dude's post for more pics)

So I’ve had the new HTC Sensation 4G for a few hours. It’s not the greatest thing since the discovery of fire, but it is hot. The hype surrounding this device has reached ridiculous levels around the geeky, techie world the past few weeks, partly because it finally gives T-Mobile’s long-suffering customers (me) a phone top flight Android phone that can compete with the big boys, partly because it is the debut of a new version of everyone’s favorite Android overlay, HTC Sense.

So what’s it like?

In a word… it’s pretty fucking cool. Again, it doesn’t live up to the hype (phones and porn are very similar in this respect), but as a regular Joe (or Chuck) who uses a smartphone for regular grown up shit, I’d say the Sensation kicks a bunch of ass. I would call it one of the top two or three phones currently on the market, and until someone releases another Android device (there will probably be another one along in about two minutes or so), the combination of hardware and software make it the best ‘droid ever constructed. Before T-Mo goes and sells its soul to AT&T, they finally got one thing right.

The following is BBWF’s quick review of this hot new toy, from the perspective of an average user. I don’t care about gigabytes and ROMs, I just want a phone that’s easy on the eyes and does what I need it to do, and though I was slightly (extremely slightly, mind you) underwhelmed, the newest Magenta powerhouse really delivers.

The Sensation is a BBW

HTC has emerged as a company that knows how to make an aesthetically pleasing device. The Taiwanese tech giant has designed some of the lovliest pieces of hardware for phones on multiple platforms. They suck at naming these devices (Sensation? Really?), but Apple may be the only company that outdoes HTC when it comes to design and build quality. The Sensation is Samantha 38G if her name was Gertrude. I have held this device in my hands since this morning, and I would say that it is the best looking phone HTC has ever made. They have truly outdone themselves.

The device is sleek and stylish yet heavy and durable. It is girthy and feels solid in the hand, but it is not overwhelmingly huge like some of your favorite smartphones out there. The Thunderbolt from Verizon, another HTC handset, feels like a brick by comparison. Design-wise, HTC has learned from past mistakes and has given us a phone that is large enough to turn on today’s media-addicted smartphone consumer, but is still light and pocketable. It probably makes no sense, but the Sensation is light and heavy at the same time. The phone doesn’t feel plasticy, but it doesn’t have the same heft as some of it’s HTC cousins like the aforementioned Thunderbolt or the G2. It feel solid in the handand has that sturdy metal feel that speaks quality.

The front of the phone features a large, beautiful 4.3 inch screen. It is gorgeous, though it may not be quite on par with the super AMOLED stuff from Samsung. Though thisis a large enough screen to rival the Droid X or the EVO, and it is perfect for watching movies (people really watch movies on their phone? For real?), or surfing the Web, it doesn’t seem excessively huge. The Sensation’s screen is longer and leaner that some of the other “slabs” and this makes it a but sleeker and, in the mind of some, a little cuter.

The usual Android capacitive buttons adorn the bottom of the screen. The back of the phone has a unique three tone look that I wasn’t too keen on when the first pics started to surface on the interwebs, but really looks artful in person. HTC tried something different this time, and it works. This device is the typical HTC slab without the kickstand and the hideous circles around the buttons like the EVO. The iPhone 4 is still the hottest chick in the room, but based on looks alone, the Sensation is a close second. I have conceded that Android is better than iOS (I will get to that), but Apple’s smartphone still looks and feels badass. The Sensation has closed the gap considerably, and for some, it surpasses it.


I am coming to the Sensation from the G2, and every Android device that I have used thus far has been stock Android. For the uninitiated, “stock Android” means the uncut version of the operating system, free of any manufacturer-installed interfaces. Sense is HTC’s user interface, and it adds a nice elegant skin for the Android platform. Though there are clear benefits to using a stock Android device, Sense proves that sometimes it’s good to give it a little help. My first experience with the Sensation is my first experience with Sense, and though I have mixed feelings about it, I’m am pretty impressed.

This newest version of Sense makes stock Android look ugly by comparison. The same sense of style that HTC brings to the design of their hardware is brought to the innards of the phone as well. Sense is probably more style than substance, but adds the elegance and intuitiveness that Sense-less Android phones lack in some ways. I wasn’t blown away, but I was impressed the second I turned on my phone. Everything is smoother in Sense, and there are certain improvements, such as the shortcuts on the lock screen (genius!) and the “quick settings” option in the notifications bar, that make the user experience so much more enjoyable. There are few things about Sense that actually ARE better, but the HTC interface gives Android more style, more polish. And the 3D carosel feature on the home screen is fucking insane.

As I mentioned, Sense is not perfect. HTC is far too concerned with the weather in my opinion, and though the weather updates and the beautiful animation will make some of you ooh and ahh, I see battery drainage. I have a Weather Channel app if I want to know the weather, thank you. And I don’t care if it’s partly sunny in Madrid right now. Also the big clock, which is kind of a Sense trademark, and also tells you if it’s raining outside, is a bit obtrusive for my tastes, though it does look cool in 3D. It’s cute, but I don’t need three clocks on my phone. I wear a watch.

The beauty of Sense (and the Android platform, for that matter) is the big clock, like everything else, is just a widget. Long touch it, it turns red, and you can remove it from the screen if you like. The widgets, the endless customization, the playing God with your home screen, are what sets Sense apart from every other all the other Android overlays. And this flexibility is why I will probably continue to choose a ‘droid over an iPhone despite my avid Appleism.

Random thoughts

The camera is much improved. I will resist another iPhone comparison and just say that it has become one of the better shooters available. The shutter speed enables you to take quality pictures in an instant.

The phone has a dual core processer (this means it is supposed to be really fast), but it doesn’t seem to be much faster than the ‘droids I’ve used in the past. This may be because the Sense stuff is slowing it down. Ms. Chuck has the G2x, and it seems noticeably faster.

According to most reports, the battery life is improved over past Android phones. My G2 was horrible in this regard. I haven’t had a chance to test the battery, but being that it is a giant Android phone, I will keep my car charger handy.

Overall I am a bit underwhelmed, but still very impressed with T-Mobile’s new darling. Magenta has finally gotten its shit together, and with this bad boy, along with the G2x and the upcoming Blackberry Bold Touch, the lame duck company will have the best smartphone lineup of any carrier. I am glad I bought this beauty, and it will be cool to know that wherever I am, I will probably have a more kickass phone than the person next to me… well, at least until the EVO 3D comes out later this month.

For a more in-depth look at this device go over to cnet and watch cute little Bonnie Cha's review.

Before we go, here's more Mary...

Later, kids.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Don't know who this is, but the pic represents everything that is good in this world.

It's been a while since we perved out here at BBWF, so today I will jam a bunch of dirty shit down your throat. There have been a few interesting developments in the BBW porn world as of late, and I have gathered them together here for your enjoyment...


Danica Danali is a lovely BBW model that has been around for a while, and she has recently blessed us with her first hardcore scene. Below are two examples of her past work. This lady has always given us breathtaking images to drool over...

I have enjoyed her pics, and I was always curious about what she would look like getting fucked (crude, I know, but at least I'm honest), so I'm glad she decided to oblige us. The scene is wonderful, and once again it is abundantly evident: the fat chicks love fucking that Levi guy. Of all the hired dicks in the porn industry, I think I am most jealous of that dude. But Danica is absolutely amazing, and I hope this isn't her last foray into the world of filmed fucking. We have photographic proof of her hardcore exploits below...

With tits like Danica's, this portion of the shoot must have been epic.

^That is fucking beautiful! I LOVE belly play...


Faye Daniels' website is finally up and running, according to her blog, and it is (and this is not hyperbole) the best looking BBW model website I have ever seen. Faye has always been one of the most beautiful models around, and the quality of her photos has always been at a higher level than most, so it's great to have a central location for her to showcase her talent. She is a BBW who takes pride in the artistic aspect of modeling as much as the sexy part, and this shows in everything she does. Faye is also super sweet, and the more I follow her blogging activity, I am learning that she is even sexier than I even knew. Below, I give you two samples from the site...

Okay, one more...

Join Faye's site today...


Plumperpass brought us some new talent this week in model Kali Kala Lina. I am not sure how to pronounce that name, but I can assure you that this young lady is a major-leaguer. She's cute, she has amazing tits, and she can fuck. In what I believe was her first ever scene, Kali doesn't appear nervous at all. She gives her stud all he can handle and she really seems to enjoy every minute of it without overacting. It is scorching first shoot, and I hope it is one of many to come. This, my friends is the new flavor of the month in BBW smut.

Kali also has some artful and well placed tats that drive me insane...


Mandy Majestic, the artist formerly known as Amanda Majestic is taking the Web by storm this week, so I thought I would feature her here. She embodies everything that a BBW lover appreciates physically, and she has a humble attitude and an outgoing, vivacious personality to boot. I like this girl! Below are a couple of samples from her new website...


Here is a youtube vid that Mandy posted recently that gives you everthing I just told you, only from a much more attractive source...

Also, check out Don Carlos' blog post about Mandy. The Don gives you everything you need to know about this amazingly hot Canadian...

We leave you with some classic Samantha 38G. This is one of the first scenes I ever saw from her, and I think it is still my all time fave. I hope you enjoy.

Later, kids...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Curvy Callie Couture

Callie (LOVE that top!)

It's very important to me that this blog not only be recognized as a place where curve pervs get their rocks off (not that there is anything wrong with that). Feel free to get your lust on any time you want, I am as open minded and decadent as they come. But I love giving praise to the plus size ladies of the world that keep their clothes on as well as their freakier counterparts.

Today BBWF recognizes a lovely porcelain doll out of the UK who has a wonderful Tumblr blog dedicated to plus size fashion. Her name is Callie, and though she is not on the Web to promote only herself, I have to say she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. The purpose of her blog is to alert plus size ladies to trends in chubby fashion and to showcase different outfits. She will not be getting naked for you deviants, there are plenty of places for you to get that. In other words, Ms. Callie is helping to keep fat girls looking good, and BBWF salutes her for that.

Below are a few pics from the blog: