Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good Sunday Morning...

... to you fine perverted people. I have a few things in my mediocre brain that I'll share with you today as I have my Sunday morning porn and pancakes. They're blueberry, and they are fucking delicious...

The Official ipod of BBWF

We go to the ipod for Audioslave's "Doesn't Remind Me." It's a beautiful song that has special resonance for me at this time in my life. I love my life; I have a decent career ahead of me, a beautiful home, and a woman whom I love with all of my heart, but there are times, like these past few weeks, where I just need something different. I feel stuck in the rut of familiarity.

My Lady, Ms. Chuck, and most of my family and friends are conservative Christian types who would never watch a porn clip, or smoke a bowl, or have a sip of alcohol for fear that Jesus would smite them. I love them all, but I need a respite from that shit sometimes. Obviously, I have a wilder side, and that side needs to be heard. When I blog here at BBWF or consort with my pervy twitter following, it takes me out of the world of the familiar boring shit I deal with on a daily basis, and this is why I love it. And this is why I do it, even if it doesn't get read as often as I would like. It doesn't remind me of anything.

My Sandra

This week I tweeted "I like big-boobed redheads... who smoke dank kush... 'cause it doesn't remind me of anything," an obvious reference to Chris Cornell's lyrics. The "big-boobed redhead" I was referring to is Sandra DoubleDDD, my favorite "internet stripper" and a person whom I admire to no end. I spent an inordinate amount of time in her chat room yesterday, and though we only chatted about a lot of mundane things like work and music (and I ordered my "I'm with CoCo" t-shirt last night!), it was the best part of my day. There is no one in my life like this woman; she represents a world that I simply don't live in, and its so refreshing to get a taste of it every once in a while.

It may be a shock to you, but my fixation on this particular camgirl has nothing to do with sex, even though she is one of the loveliest women I've ever seen. She simply gives me a break from my real world; she doesn't remind me of anything, and I fucking love her for it! Seeing the freedom with which Sandra lives her life has inspired me to never allow myself to be mired in a boring monotonous existence. This is why she is The Muse.

You'll probably never read this, Sandra, but thank you! I dread the day when our chats come to an end, though I know it's inevitable. I love you!!!

I mention Sandra because I love her, and I will always promote her on this blog, but also because she is now blogging herself. She recently started a new blogger site where she will chronicle her camgirl adventures, among other things. Yesterday she mentioned that she will try to update everyday, so follow her blog and check it regularly. I am excited about this because Sandra is a very talented and witty writer. Her prose is tight and artful; short impactful sentences with vivid imagery and effortless humor. I truly believe she has a future as a writer, and I am not just saying this because I've seen her naked. I read shit for a living, so I know what I'm talking about. This chick is good...

... If you are the type who prays, I hope that you are asking your God to help the people of Chile. An earthquake 100 times more powerful than the one in Haiti (you've already forgotten, haven't you?) struck yesterday, and the following tsunami has reached a number of places, including Hawaii and Japan. The world may be ending soon, be ready. Here is a link to the Huffington Post coverage.

... Okay, you want some porn, don't you? Well here ya go:

That was Bianca, an absolutely stunning woman, thoroughly enjoying some cock. I enjoy watching her because she is intense and passionate in every scene. You may think it goes over the top a little bit, but I love her enthusiasm. And that accent is orgasm-enducing all on its own. Thanks to xvideos.

From left: Koechner, Wilson

... Last night the Lady and I watched Tenure, an indie-ish film about a professor struggling to gain tenure at his university while wrestling with family issues. It stars Luke Wilson as Charlie, and David Koechner, in the very funny role of Jay. I loved this movie, and I can't believe I had never heard of it before I made the trip to blockbuster. But it is a funny, quirky little movie, and you should see it. Wilson is one of those actors who has fallen into the rut of playing himself in every movie, but I have always been a huge fan of his, and Tenure is the perfect vehicle for him.


You should also see the film because it features Hilary Pingle (above), a stunning BBW who plays one of Charlie's students. Her character develops a bit of a crush on Charlie, and she wears a pair of jeans in the scene where this crush is revealed that barely contain her curves. Breathtaking!!


... Good news for BBW fans: Anorei Collins' website is finally up, and it is living up to the hype. Not sure if I'll be joining. Let's be honest here... I am sure won't be. I mean, I love Anorei, but paid porn is for suckers, right? But for those of you who love Anorei, and there are tons of you, this site promises to be everything you dreamed it would be. This woman is truly beautiful, inside and out, and she loves her fans. I hope great things continue to happen for her. Check out the site. And read her blog; it's pretty interesting... and safe for work.

Ryan Miller, Goalie, Team USA

My fellow Americans, today we butt-fuck Canada once again... this time on the ice! Be sure to check out the gold medal game between the USA and Team Canada at 2pm Central Time. It should be exciting. I'm from Texas, and know nothing about hockey, but this game has me almost erect with anticipation. USA! USA!

... I promised to share my thoughts about my frustrations with being "the porn dude" today, but I don't feel like it at the moment. As I've said before, I do this blog thing the way I live my life: I go with the flow. I post things on a whim, and I am simply not feeling it at the moment. I'll stop here, and give you my frustrated rant at another time, maybe even later today.

... I'll leave you with this stunning photo of Salacious Sasha that she posted early this morning. It's from her newest update:

Enjoy your Sunday, people!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tweet of the Week!: Jessica Jarchow

Jessica (velvetcloche)

Hey people, we will be doing something that is unprecedented here at BBWF today: I will give you the first of many porn-free posts. No, I haven't run out of sexy fat girls to drool over, and I haven't found Jesus (I found and then lost that dude years ago). And I haven't had some type of prudish and hypocritical revelation that porn is bad.

I just have to show you pervy motherfuckers that I can restrain my creepiness every once in a while and give you something that stimulates thought, not just something to beat your meat to. I say this at the top of the post so that you won't waste your time. I am getting a bit frustrated with the one dimensional nature of my following. Believe it or not, I do want to be taken seriously as a writer one day. But at this point, my blog is just a place where people come to gawk at the fatties. I am veering away from my purpose in this post, but this is so strongly on my mind that I can't help sharing it. I will share more tomorrow, and I'll mix in some porn so that you might actually read the shit.

Anyway, I wanted to direct your attention to a bright young woman who I recently began following on twitter. I discovered her because she followed me first. Of course, when she discovered that I was all about the porno, she quickly unfollowed. This is one of the reasons for the preceding rant (that you probably didn't read). I want to be about something more, as corny as that sounds, than just the guy who gives you jerk-off material.

Though my feelings are hurt, I totally understand Jessica's decision. I mean, there are certain things you just don't want on your twitter timeline, and rotund women getting naked and defiling themselves is at the top of many people's lists. Sorry, I'm digressing again, but I am still a faithful follower of Jessica and I have come to find that she is a very insightful young lady, and a brilliant writer. On Thursday, she tweeted the following:

That link will lead you to Jessica's blog, which is a very interesting look into the mind of a young woman dealing with the issues that many plus size girls deal with on a daily basis. She blogs about a number of things, but this particular entry really caught my attention. Jessica talks about the struggles that she faced growing up that enabled her to accept who she was as a plus size woman. She mentions her mother's similar struggles and how they affected her view of her own body, and she talks about the role that her sexuality played in this journey.

It is a fascinating read, and this issue is something that I have to deal with in my own personal life. I am involved with a plus size woman who is not always cheerful about her body style, even though I worship the ground she walks on, and this is common among women. All BBWs aren't as comfortable with themselves as the ones you watch on PlumperPass or cam with at allbbwcams (hey, there's your porn!). Many women face a struggle in learning to become comfortable with the way they look, and Jessica's story is an eye-opening example. I hope you read it.

And follow Jessica... she's "velvetcloche" on twitter.

I realize you probably didn't read that, but I wrote it anyway. There will be more porn on here soon... like, tomorrow, and I will provide some hot luscious BBWs for you to lust after. But kids, these next few weeks really may be the last of BBWF. I am starting to feel a bit discouraged about being the porno guy (and only the porno guy). There is so much more to give. But who gives a shit, right?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dixie Diva!


As you know, I am a fan of the webcamming experience. I have spent a little time enjoying the company of a few camgirls, particularly at allbbwcams. One of the women that instantly became one of my faves was the beautiful Dixie Diva. I am not the typical webcam customer, as I am never simply looking for a sly wank. I prefer the company of those camgirls that engage in conversation and have a great sense of humor. It doesn't hurt to be insanely beautiful, but I value a woman who isn't afraid to be herself. Dixie is one of the loveliest women I've ever chatted with, because she is gorgeous, but also because of her wonderful personality. I literally laugh out loud any time I talk with her. This is why I spent more than my share of time chatting with this woman on allbbwcams, and a rapport developed between us even apart from the camsite. Of course I never bought private show from her because of my dedication to a certain redhead who also works on the site.

So when Dixie told me last night via IM that she was launching her Web porn career, I was super excited. I am glad to see that she is doing well, and that greater things are on the horizon. She is an amazing woman, and I wish her nothing but the best.

At this point, Dixie has joined TopTenAmateur and posted some beautiful galleries. Kinky Webmistress has noted this in her blog today. Go there and check out some of the other free pics. Also, Dixie has a clips store where she and her significant other have posted some fantastic videos. Dixie also mentioned a very creative idea that I think will be profitable for them in the future. They are making custom videos available for Dixie's fans, and these vids are very reasonably priced. Dixie had this to say about the custom vids:

The customer can get "any situation they want. The more detail the better. They can pick out whatever clothes and choose the hairstyle (pigtails, hair down, twist up). They can choose normal dress (jeans, button-up top, or dress) or pjs or naughty stuff."
As far as the sex: "the sex can be rough (light to moderate BDSM) or sweet romantic stuff. You can also request odd ball stuff or stuff from way out in left field."

The prices start at $5 for a short 3min custom video, and they usually top out at $75 for 35min. And of course, the more detail in your request, the higher the price. You can reach Dixie at for more information about these custom videos.

Below we have links to the places in which you can find Dixie. I consider Dixie one of my internet friends, so I am a bit biased, but I truly believe that she has the makings of a true BBW superstar. I love you, Dixie, and BBWF wishes you the best.


Be sure to mention BBW Fascination when you contact Dixie. If so, there may be a little something in it for you... and for me!

Also, look for Dixie on Southern Charms. She mentioned that her site will be up and running soon.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Leah Jayne bares all... at last!


Below we have one of the most important photographs in the history of BBW porn. Leah Jayne, an absolute goddess of a woman from the UK, is featured in today's PlumperPass update. Leah has one of the most recognizable faces in porn, and is one of the icons of the BBW world. She is also known for never ever revealing her entire body. I may be wrong, but I don't think there is any footage of this woman's gorgeous tummy currently in circulation. Until today.

If you look below, you'll see that Leah finally bares it all, and enjoys a rather large black cock to boot. Go and join PlumperPass today and enjoy this monumental event in the pornographic arts.

Later, people.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Booby Tuesday Bonus!

Below we have a great clip from somewhere outside of the US. This woman has a cherubic, girlish cuteness, and I am completely mesmerized by her body. I chose this vid on Tuesday for obvious reasons, and the video maintains its focus on her lovely breasts throughout its duration. It features one of the most beautiful reverse cowgirl sessions that I have ever seen. I hope you enjoy.

Tnaflix, we thank you!

Booby Tuesday: April and PornandEscorts


I want to preface this post by stating that I am blissfully happy in my relationship with Ms. Chuck, and though I love porn, and have ongoing fellowship with camgirls and other models, I will never seek the company of an escort. However, I do have a healthy respect for the profession.

Today we have a special Booby Tuesday for you. I recently began following Paul from PornandEscorts on twitter. He has a very interesting blog that delves into the world of escorting, as well as some of your favorite porn stars. He doesn't deal with many bbws, and I am not sure if he is an FA at all, but the blog is worth a look. The blog is new, so there aren't many updates, but Paul's early posts really provide a good look into this side of sex work.

Though I have never partaken in this particular form of adult entertainment, escorting has always intrigued me. It seems like a safe way to indulge the passions without the unwanted emotional ties, and I am sure it may work for some of you. I have a great deal of respect for all adult performers, and escorts are no different. I believe that the taboo that plagues this profession is unjust. These beautiful women provide a much needed service, and, in a controlled and safe setting, I am sure that it can be an enjoyable experience.

As Paul has piqued my interest in this area, I began to search the Web for BBWs who engage in this profession, and I came across a very lovely young woman named April, who I think would make an unbelievable companion. She is an Austin, Texas based escort (lucky me!) who visits the Houston area fairly frequently. She also travels around other parts of the Lone Star state, such as the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

April, or Pretty Blk BBW, as she is called on her site, possesses attributes that make her interesting to a blog such as this, and, with those gorgeous breasts, a perfect model for Booby Tuesday. In addition to her lovely appearance, April is 44 years old, which is another one of my fetishes. I am sure that you will enjoy her company, if you're into that sort of thing, and you happen to be in God's country at some point. I recommend that you visit her site and check out her rates and the services that she provides. Below we have a few more pics.

Also check out Paul's blog. BBWF will be looking into the area of BBW escorting a little more in the future and giving you more names that you can add to your rolodex (Carrie Moon immediately comes to mind). Thanks again to Paul, for bringing this aspect of adult entertainment to our attention. Enjoy!

Remember, people, the time you pay for with April is for her companionship only. Anything else that occurs is a decision made between two consenting adults. Don't laugh, I'm being serious.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Random Hotness: Au Naturel

Here are some random BBWs from around cyberspace that hopefully will brighten your Monday. Today we do away with clothing, and go au naturel. This way, we can admire the beauty of BBWs in the way that God intended. Enjoy, and have a blessed Monday, people!

Julie Ann Moore/Sandy (Stop what you're doing and go see this gallery)

Selena (Recent PlumperPass update)

Cassie (Did you even notice the bike?)

Mirage (I love how her eye shadow matches the shoes)

Seana Rae (Doin' it herself)

Jade (*swoon*)

Sam (*swoon*)

Don't know her name, but yes, I will suck them.

Penny (One of my true faves!)

Sephora (She's on my mind today. Get well soon, Seph.)

Join her site... that might help.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's a Beautiful Saturday...

... and I wish that you were somewhere enjoying it, and not reading my drivel. But, since you're here, I'll give you some of my thoughts from this week, plus a few pretty things from around the interwebs...

The Official ipod of BBWF

...We'll start with a selection from the ipod. Below is "Spitting Games" by the UK band Snow Patrol. It is a very catchy song that stays with you long after you hear it. Good thing it's actually good. You can thank one of my good internet friends for bringing this to my attention. Without her, this tune would never have made it to the ipod. Thanks, Sadie. And it was fun to chat with you again... Finally!

... The NBA's trade deadline passed this week, and my beloved Houston Rockets made the biggest trade of the season, as they parted ways with former superstar Tracy Mcgrady, or as fans in Houston call him, Lady Mcgrady, or Stacy Mclady, or... well I think you get it. Fans and certain media members are happy to see him go, but his time in God's own city was not all bad. In fact T-Mac gave Houston plenty to cheer about while he was here. So, while many in Houston are all to ready move on, I will miss Tracy. Below we have a video of one T-Mac's finest moments in Rocket Red. He scored 13 points in 33 seconds to beat the evil Spurs. One of the greatest hot stretches in NBA history.

So T-Mac, BBWF wishes you well in NYC. And, sorry Rockets fans, but I am not really expecting a whole lot from Kevin Martin. He doesn't play defense and he's a bit injury prone. Sounds kinda familiar, huh?

... I was chatting with the Muse last night (more on that in a second) and she brought to my attention the letter that Joe Stack wrote before he crashed his plane into the building in Austin that housed the IRS offices on Thursday. You can find excerpts from the letter here, and the entire letter here. This is obviously a horrible tragedy, and no one can condone Stack's actions, but the letter is thought-provoking. Stack was insane, but some of the points made in this angry letter are very interesting, and may open your eyes to some of America's problems.

... Okay, we've gone way too long without porn, so here you go:

Kids, that amazing woman is Milla Monroe. Thanks, xvideos.

From left: T-Mobile G1, Google's Nexus One

... Last week I upgraded my phone from a G1 to a Nexus One, and, since I am a total fucking geek about tech shit, I will give you a few thoughts about my first few days with my Sexy Nexy.

~First, the screen: I am kind of a size queen when it comes to cell phone screens, so the thought of having 3.7 inches of real estate to work with made my penis jump a little. And the Nexy's screen is fucking amazing. The colors are gorgeous, and everything, from apps to web pages look better on this thing. It's a bit bigger than the iphone screen, but not noticeably so.

~Android 2.1: Wow! If you don't have this version of Android, in a tech sense, I feel a bit sorry for you. Trust me, if you are an Android user, you must have this update. The live wallpapers, improved graphics, and more elegant transitions and camera app are just a few of the reasons that Android has officially become the world's second best wireless platform. A very close second.

~Pure Sexiness: The Nexy is just gorgeous! It is still not as dreamy as the iphone, but it is very close, and if it were a BBW I would totally fuck it... or at least post a clip of it on BBWF and jerk off to it. Either way.

The only drawback of the phone is that, as Aaron Baker from phonedog wrote, it's "erratic." There is a Forrest Gump "box of chocolates" experience to dealing with the Nexy. You never know when certain apps will work. Sometimes downloads don't function properly, and the touchscreen, which is generally amazing, will be hesitant at times. The Nexy's erratic behavior may be due to the newness of Android 2.1, as developers are still trying to get their apps up to date.

But overall, I fucking love this phone, and I think that it will surpass every phone on the market, except the iphone of course, when it comes to Verizon later this year.

... PlumperPass has made another awesome discovery. Crystal Clouds (below) was featured in Friday's update, and I cannot get over how unbelievably sexy she is. Hopefully there will be more to come from this young lady.

PP probably doesn't want you to see these images on BBWF, but I don't have my webmaster account yet, so fuck it.

The Muse

... Lastly, I wanted to mention the Muse again on this blog. For any first-timers, the woman I refer to as the Muse is Sandra DoubleDDD, a camgirl in Los Angeles who has an extraordinary talent for brightening my day. And making me smile. I won't call her "gorgeous" or "beautiful" or "lovely", or any other pleasant adjective, because my feeble vocabulary just isn't capable of describing how much I truly adore this woman. She is not merely one of favorite models, she is my best friend on the Web, and if she weren't around, there would be no BBWF. So, Sandra, know that when I tell you I love you, I mean it. And I wish you the best.

Why am I getting all mushy and shit? I really don't know, but chatting with Sandra this week was really special for me. I needed the respite from my daily grind that only the Muse could provide, and she delivered. And that is why I love her so!

Hopefully we will be able to interview Sandra on here in the near future (I am still working up the courage to ask). And you should visit her chat room at allbbwcams if you get the chance. Then again, stay the fuck away. I 'd rather have her all to myself.

Alright, I'll stop rambling. I'll be hitting the Cabernet pretty hard tonight, so drunk posts and tweets may follow. Enjoy!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tweet of the Week!: BBW Fascination

Crystal Clouds

If you click on the image above, you'll notice something interesting... and fucking annoying. Crystal looks unbelievably hot at first, but after you click on those thick luscious thighs or that perfect tummy (damn! this chick is smokin' hot!!), she appears to be covered in Pepto Bismol. I know, WTF?!!

Well our friends (or enemies) at PlumperPass did some kind of computer shit that distorts the images I download from their site. I totally deserve this treatment because I do use unauthorized images from them, and I was stupid enough to click on a link they sent me. I can accept that. I mean, if you read this blog, you probably realize that I'm not the brightest bulb in the pack. But, even though I used non-promotional images, I was indeed one of PP's biggest endorsers. This brings us to our tweet of the week. After seeing the damage done to this blog, and unfollowing PP, I tweeted the following:

"you motherfuckers should be paying me, not sabotaging"

I am honestly sorry if I offended anyone at PP, and I clearly see the error in the way that I conducted my content selection for this blog. PP is, and probably always will be, the greatest porn site on the planet. I truly believe this, and I have the PAID membership to prove it. So if I took money out their pockets by posting pics, I sincerely apologize. I said that I wouldn't post links to PP here anymore, but I retract that statement. I will purchase a webmaster account with the site and post only those images that are authorized by PP. If they allow me to do so, that is.

That said, PlumperPass can kiss my ass! Fuck you PlumperPass! There is an obvious difference between piracy and promotion, a very very obvious difference. Every PP image that found itself on this blog was accompanied by effusive praise for the site, as well as links to it. I always gave PP the credit and I always encouraged people to join them. I even called PP God once. So as I suggest in the tweet, they should be thanking me, paying me, or at least letting me fuck Samantha 38g or Sapphire in a scene.

PP is a wonderful website, and ironically, BBWF wouldn't exist without them, but if PP is too stupid to understand that I am on their side, I feel sorry for them. If they had bothered to read the words on the pages, and not just look at their often lackluster photos, they would know that BBWF was perhaps their greatest ally. Again, FUCK PLUMPERPASS.

Sorry about that rant, people, but it was on my mind. I needed to get that off my chest, but PP will be promoted here forever, because even though the site is run by porn addicted assholes, they are truly the best in the business. Sorry PP. And fuck you.

Below we have examples of true piracy taken from tnaflix. I won't bother to tell you where the scenes were taken from, but I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What's my name?

Update: I apologize for the red coating that PlumperPass has put on their photos. You'll see it if you click on Tiffany. They are protecting their content, and I totally respect that. But it still sucks! I still love you, PP.

That said, FUCK PLUMPERPASS! There will never be another link or mention of that site here again. I can blog without you motherfuckers. I'll be stealing your content and placing it on my new blog from now on. So sabotage me there if you must.

The evolution of this little blog continues. BBWF has gone from trying to be a blog about everything to narrowing our focus a bit to majoring on the pornographic arts. Also, I nearly destroyed the thing while trying to change the layout.

And now (drumroll) I am (slightly) changing my name. The grandmaster of this dark seedy corner of the interwebs will henceforth be referred to as Skinny or Chuck (if you're nasty). I am dropping the "Uglyguy" from the name for a few reasons: First, the name was originally created to illustrate some sort of irony; a skinny unnattractive man lauding physical beauty. I just don't feel the need to do this anymore, and the blog has just taken a different direction. Second, I am on the internet in multiple places. My name is Chuck in most of these spots, and I want to have symmetry among my online haunts. Third, as the lustful looks in my direction from Ms. Chuck would suggest, I'm fucking hot! The name Skinny Uglyguy just doesn't apply to someone as fuckable as myself.

So there you go. That's the name. Feel free to call it any time.

Below we have pics from a woman with a similar identity crisis, the drop-dead sexy Tiffany Blake. You'll never see Tiffany and Bailey Santana at the same place at the same time.

Love, Chuck.

My Darling Rikki!

Just a quick hitter for you today. I wanted to direct your attention to Tomazo's blog, Bigcurvybeautifulwomen. Today he has posted some pics of one of my absolute favorite BBW models Rikki Waters. I love this woman for a number of reasons; she is obviously gorgeous, but she is one of those performers in the pornographic arts who genuinely enjoy what they do. She is into a variety of kinky shit, including BDSM, and if you are a person who frequents PlumperPass, you know that her name appears in the comment section of nearly every hot scene that they produce. This chick is truly a freak, and I mean that in the most complimentary way.

The pics are not the most artfully done, and they seem really candid, but Rikki's beauty is just so extraordinary that each photo is mezmerizing. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Booby Tuesday: Hillary Hooterz


Since this is Fat Tuesday, we probably should have some sort of awesome Mardi Gras uberpost. But no, we don't. However, we do have some beautiful breasts for your viewing pleasure. Hillary Hooterz graces BBWF with her presence again and we bring you a few shots from one of her PlumperPass shoots. We also have links to some of her better shoots here, here, and here. Keep watching this young lady, people. She's going to be a star.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Random Post-VDay Hotness!

Okay, people, I just had what was simultaneously the best and worst Valentine's Day of my life. Spent the entire day moving furniture into a new place, but I spent the evening having one of the most pleasurable sexual experiences I have ever had with Ms. Chuck. Why am I telling you this? I dunno, my head is still spinning, and I haven't had my coffee. Anyway... Here's the hotness. I hope you enjoy.

Dani (new PlumperPass update today; she shows the belly (!!!), and she does anal. Woot!

Supathick Mami (I am in love with this girl)

Did I mention I loved her. Wow!

Simone Staxx (Just gorgeous)

Brandy Ryder (Very sexy black lingerie thingie)

Glory (before the tatoos)

Simone Fox (So suckable!)

Syrianna (More of her is coming. She is one of the loveliest models around.)

Sicilia (This pic makes me want to go back to bed.)