Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Sandra!

The Birthday Girl

I will spend my blogging day celebrating the birthday of the First Lady of BBWF. Of all of my little crushes that I have developed during my time as an internet perv, Sandra DoubleDDD still means the most to me... and I truly love her, not as a fan, but as a guy.

Sandra, I hope you have the best birthday of your life. Have fun, baby. And if you get laid, pretend it's me ;)

I love you, sweetheart.... and I miss you so much.

There may be more mushy Sandra stuff as the day goes on... if I can bring myself to write it. I hate being on the verge of crying when I blog, so I may shy away from it, but stay tuned.

Also, I am posting mushy Sandra stuff on my tumblr blog today. More on the new BBWF Tumblr in an upcoming post. Nothing to get excited about really, so far that blog sucks even worse than this one.

Later, people.

Friday, May 28, 2010

I have a bit of a facesitting fantasy...

... so the following clip is utterly amazing to me.

The two lovely young BBWs in the video do other sexy things to each other as well. It's just beautiful, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Boobie Wednesday


BBWF has finally gotten back to regular programming and we will once again be worshipping that most exquisite aspect of the female form on a weekly basis. But a slight change has been made: "Booby Tuesday" has been replaced with "Boobie Wednesday," so you'll have to wait one extra day before you can drool over some awesome tittage.

The reason for the change is the discovery of this wonderful blog that seeks to spread Breast Cancer awareness. So not only do we get to fawn over one of God's most artful creations every single week, but it's for a worthy cause.

This week, we admire the gorgeous young Hillary Hooterz. Her name makes it obvious, but she possesses some of the most spectacular breasts on Earth, and we have some pics from her latest Plumperpass shoot, which premieres today. Go check it out.


Support PlumperPass. And visit the Boobie Wednesday blog, and get involved.

Monday, May 24, 2010

My newest crush: Camelia Davis

It's KY

I had a wake & wank session this morning for the first time in a while. Usually, I have to search multiple sites to find the right material. What I finally land on depends on my mood on a given day, and it's not always BBW stuff, believe it or not.

Today was one of those days when I hit the jackpot on the first try. I checked PlumperPass this morning for their Monday update and found my newest crush, Camelia Davis (above), in a scene that may be my favorite ever on that site. What follows is a little review of that scene, inspired, not by some promotional obligation, but by the sheer hotness of the material. I literally ejaculated while watching this scene minutes before writing this. I hope that doesn't gross you out, but I want to stress the fact that I don't write porn reviews here very often, and when I do, it means that the content had a tremendous impact on me.

I won't make this a long, drawn out piece that chronicles every second of the clip. You probably can guess what happened: Guy talks to Girl. In an incredible turn of events, Girl starts to suck Guy's cock. They find a place to have meaningless, loveless, mechanical sex. Guy cums somewhere on Girl's body, likely Girl's face. Fade to black.

Camelia makes what is basically the standard hardcore scene into something sublime, and her unforgettable performance is one of the reasons I regard pornography as, not merely a way to achieve a self-induced orgasm, but an art form.

Okay, maybe her getup isn't that bad.

The scene starts with a silly scenario that makes the Macgruber movie look like a Best Picture contender. Camelia plays an immigration agent who is apprehending Ramon. It is a testament to Camelia's beauty that she looks stunning even though she was given perhaps the most unsexy costume ever. Even in this wretched emsemble, Camelia's smile (and her cleavage) take your breath away. And whoever thought the hat was a good idea should be fired immediately. After she theatens to take Ramon in, she makes him a deal, then she gets a look at his cock, and, well... you probably know the rest.

I mention the little skit because, even though it is poorly written and executed, as most porn scripts are, it provides an opportunity for us to see Camelia's personality. She has a lively disposition and a sharp wit that make her perfect for being in front of the camera. If Camelia is looking for a career in porn, I predict that she'll shine for her acting as well as her sexuality. Hence, the aforementioned crush.

I won't do a play by play for you, but I will say that the sex in this video is just amazing. I think sex is beautiful, and I see porn as the artistic expression of sex. What I want from porn is not some elaborate fantasy depicted on video (not that there's anything wrong with that), I just want to see raw, passionate sex; two people (or more) simply enjoying one another's bodies. This passion and energy, along with chemistry, are the most important things to me, even more than the hotness of the female involved.

PlumperPass delivers exactly what I wanted in this scene, and they have found a jewel in Camelia. The scene looks a lot less like porn and more like good sex between two hot people. Camelia and Ramon fuck in multiple positions of course, and it is apparent that Camelia loves Ramon's huge member, even though at times during the clip she can barely handle it. She repeatedly taps her stud's leg, imploring him to fuck her softer. There is a moment during the doggystyle portion of the clip when Ramon bends Camelia sideways slightly and drapes her left leg over his. So beautiful!

Again, the highlight of the clip is Camelia's personality (okay, her tits are pretty nice as well). She just seems to really be enjoying this sexual experience. Either she is a tremendous actress, or she has never been fucked quite this well in her life. She is one of those porn actresses that is just as fun to listen to as she is to watch. Camelia has such a beautiful voice that even a blind man could get off strictly on her moans and groans throughout the scene. She also smiles and laughs multiple times, showing just how much fun she is having, and that she is a tremendous person off camera in all likelihood.

I am kind of an oddity in the porn world; my faves are usually not the ones that have the nicest tits or the roundest asses, but the women who I think I could fall for. After hearing Camelia's voice and seeing her angelic smile seconds into the video, I was already smitten, even before her breasts were exposed or Ramon's monstrous cock was in her mouth. If this is all that we ever get to see from this lovely woman, then I am really thankful that she chose to share herself with the world. But I'm secretly hoping that she spends a little more time in the industry. Porn needs more real women like Camelia.

I've spent most of this space dealing with the video portion of this update, but the photos are superb as well. We have a few more examples below:

I hope you enjoy this scene. And support PlumperPass.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Now that I'm all educated n shit...

Roxxie (model, camgirl, beautiful)

... it's time to reflect on what I've learned over these last two grueling years. Yesterday, I officially finished work on my Master's degree in English Literature. To prove to you that this degree is not as useless as I feared it might be, I have compiled a short list of 5 things that I learned in grad school, things that will surely benefit me as I begin the post-grad school fuckery portion of my life.

5. Nerds are sexy - I can't even begin to explain to you how unbelievably sexy it is when a woman can speak eloquently about academic shit. In my case, hearing beautiful women talk about the genius of Percy Shelley or Jorge Borges makes me (or parts of me) stand at attention. I was plagued with the most unexpected crushes throughout my two years at the university. Women who don't exactly possess the kind of physical attributes that would get them posted here, you know, skinny chicks, made me swoon by showing off their beautiful minds. It really is true that the only things that really matter are on the inside, and a big brain trumps a big ass any day, at least for me.

4. Jerking off kills your ability to focus. - During my second year of grad school, I started a certain blog that you may be aware of. This opened me up to areas of porn that I didn't even know existed. Now I know all the hot websites and porn stars. I even have prospective models sending me pics and videos of themselves. Consequently, I have never "loved myself" more. And when you are trying to read 100 pages a week in each class and trying to rack your brain for insightful in-class comments, this spells trouble. I have never been less focused, and I can trace this back to all the monkey spanking I've been doing since the blog started. It's a testament to my supreme intellect that I did all this self-molestation and still graduated with honors. Yeah, I'm a badass.

3. I am not smart. - To totally contradict my last statement, I must confess that compared to the average human, I possess above average intelligence, but compared to other graduate level students, I'm a fucking retard. I have never felt more stupid in my life. In every class, I felt like the dumbest person in the room, and we're not talking about Harvard here. I just graduated from a marginal state university that no one will ever confuse with an academic powerhouse. I was totally overmatched, but like I said, I'm a badass, so I made it through and I'm better for it.

2. BBWs inundate the English department. - It may just be my school, but the English department is absolutely overrun with curvy beautiful women. I guess sexy fat girls like literature. Combine this beauty with their intelligence and you have the perfect women. If I wasn't already taken, I would have had no choice but to act on my impulses and ask one of the many BBWs around me on a date. I would probably have gotten rejected, but fuck it, a guy has to try. One particular young lady, a tall, extremely voluptuous, redhead with glasses, will stay in my memory banks forever.

1. I fucking hate grad school. - This seems pretty silly to say, but I had to go through the experience to realize it. School sucks ass, and graduate school sucks exponentially more amounts of ass. On one level, it was a great experience, as I met some extraordinary people and challenged myself intellectually, but on another level, it was an epic waste of time. And I'm glad it's over. Having said that, I will be getting a second Master's in the fall.

Best Grad School Experience: One of my classmates sold me an ounce of weed, and she delivered it to me in class. Interestingly, she was a large-breasted BBW with red hair and glasses. Seriously. And she was a brilliant student. Needless to say, this was my biggest grad school crush.

... The rest of this post will be accompanied by The Black Keys singing a song from their new release, entitled "Tighten Up." If the new album is as good as this joint, then we may have some classic material on our hands.

... What this blog needs right now is some porn, so here are some beautiful shots from a BBW I have just discovered. Her name is Kennedy, and she has done some excellent work on Big Cuties:

This lady is breathtaking! Visit her site, and pay the woman.

... The NHL playoffs are still rolling along and it is still as exciting as ever... and you probably still aren't watching.

Because of a pretty girl, I have latched on to the Montreal Canadiens, and I am rooting for MY Habs tonight as WE try to recover from a 6-0 ass pounding on Sunday. Hopefully WE can get OUR shit together tonight and continue OUR miracle run towards the Stanley Cup. Go Habs Go!!

The Flyers were still flying high (damn, I should be shot for that pun) after one of the most amazing comebacks in NHL history in game 1, but tonight, MY Habs will steal a game on the road.

BBWF's useless, uneducated, and emotional prediction: Habs 4, Flyers 3.

Honestly, I'm a Stars fan, and I only started loving the Canadiens because of that pretty girl (and she is sooo dreamy!!!), but this team has shown some real heart this postseason. They may have earned the right to be my second favorite NHL franchise.

... We leave you tonight with one of the most intense amateur clips I've ever seen. I don't know who these people are, but God bless 'em. They have sexual organs, and they know how to use them. This woman is gorgeous, and her passionate groanings throughout the clip are insane. I love this video!!!

Later, kids. I'm off to watch hockey, and maybe imbibe a little.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

BBW Phone Sex with Tonya

If you've been to this dark corner of the interwebs before, you probably know that I am an all around perv, but I don't use that term in the pejorative sense at all. We here at BBWF are simply open to all manner of sexual expression. We bring you all of the sexy BBW goodness you can possibly handle, and a lot of shit that you can't, from the latest in hardcore fat girl porn to plus size camgirls, and even BBW escorts.

One area that has been neglected here, however, is that of phone sex. It is an artform that has been around for many years, and it just so happens that there are many BBWs who specialize in this. Of course, there have always been BBW phone sex ladies, they just didn't let you know about that fact. But as many of you know, there is something very sexy about a woman's sultry voice whispering dirty things into your ear. Sometimes this can be as titillating as watching porn or even having actual sex. It gives you a chance to let your imagination take over, which is a lost art in this modern era of visual stimulation.

With all of the great BBW goddesses doing phone sex these days, I am actually ashamed of myself for not mentioning this sooner, and I know that many of you love this area of sexual entertainment, so... my bad.

This brings us to Tonya, an unbelievably sexy Latina who possesses certain physical attributes that will make any BBW lover salivate. I could talk about this woman's ass for days. (my goodness!) And there may be days where I will do that. I plan to spend a little time with that bountiful booty at allbbwcams at some point soon. My goodness!! (yeah, I know I said that already).

Today I want to direct your attention to the phone sex services that this lovely woman provides. Tonya offers toll free phone sex at 1-888-369-3921, and she accepts all major credit cards. Here is a link to hear her deep sensual voice telling you about some of the dirty things she's into. It's pretty fucking amazing, and you may get wood just from listening to the promo. Believe me, kids, her voice is as incredible as her body.

Just imagine this beautiful woman saying the dirtiest, sexiest things only to you, giving you the type of attention that you crave from a sexy BBW, like your own BBW phone girlfriend. Sounds awesome, doesn't it? Here is a quote from Tonya's blog:

"Grab a hold of my plump soft body and give it to me hard. I'm a real woman with real curves. Did I mention I like it raw and hard?"

Are you fucking kidding me? Imagine this fine ass Latina saying that to you and you alone.

As I mentioned above, Tonya is also a camgirl. You should definitely visit her room at allbbwcams. And follow her on twitter to keep abreast of all of her latest activities.

But remember, you can enjoy the phone sex experience with Tonya by calling her toll free number 1-888-369-3921. All major credit cards are accepted.

Trust me, kids, you want to do this...... You NEED to do this.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Denise Fucking Davies!

I am just about finished with my school work for the semester, and have a very idle mind right now. In my internet wanderings, I came across this old clip from Denise Davies. This UK goddess was one of my early porn faves, and she continues to amaze me every time I see pics or video footage of her. She has some of the most uniquely beautiful breasts in the world.

How sexy is this woman? Well, around the 6 minute mark, they aren't even really fucking, and I barely noticed. That's a pretty hilarious porn moment, actually.

If you are aware of what Denise is doing these days, let us know.

Hope you enjoy the vid. Later, kids.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Does Size Matter?


With the latest two PlumperPass updates, both of which are very enjoyable, a question arose in my mind concerning the size of BBWs. Both Nikki Lane (above) and Pink XXX (featured in today's update) are on the small end of the BBW spectrum, and some would say they aren't BBWs at all.

In all honestly, I don't have a size preference when it comes to women. I love all body types, from the skinny supermodel types to even the largest of BBWs. But I must admit that, when it comes to BBWs, I am usually more "inspired" by women who are a bit thicker than the aforementioned lovelies.

So I thought we would provide some pics today that illustrate the various sizes of plus size women. I'd love to get your feedback on what size BBW you prefer. Maybe this will spark a nice discussion, but if not, it will at least give us a chance to see how beauty can come in all shapes and sizes. And thank God for that! All of these women are divinely beautiful, and we salute them for being confident enough to share their bodies with the world.

Smaller BBWs





Slightly Fluffier BBWs


Crystal (my real life love, Ms. Chuck, has a frame very similar to this)





BBWs at the Larger end of the Spectrum (SSBBWs)

Penny (OMG!!!)

Sasha (She has not had enough exposure on BBWF. This will change real soon)

Violet/ Dainty Bulldozer



Sunny (Love her site!)

Jiggly (I salivate when I look at this woman. She looks like so much fun to make love to)

Okay, kids, tell us what you think. What is your favorite shape or size? How big is too big? I'd love to know. If you just want to sit back and.... enjoy.... the pics, that's fine as well.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Random Hotness: PlumperPass Pics!

Below we have some random shots from our friends at Plumperpass. I have noticed that the level of photography at the world's finest BBW porn site has been stellar lately. This is just a sample. Hope you enjoy!







Support PP. And BBWF will get back to regular posting in the next couple of weeks. Take care, people.