Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Salena Marie (and some bonus SSBBWage)


In the last week or so, a cute little curvy model has taken our niche of the porn world by storm (sorry, I'm too hungover to come up with a better phrase than that tired cliche... please forgive me). With two hardcore shoots on XLgirls and Plumperpass' "First Time Fatties" respectively in the last 6 days, Salena Marie clearly isn't fucking around. Well, she is fucking around from a literal standpoint, but you know what I mean. In any event, the fucking around has been recorded for all of us deviants, and it is beautiful to watch.

The pics are actually links in disguise. Click 'em...

With this pic, it's fun to click right on the pink part...

Our SSBBW love for this month comes from Brie and Valerie. It's a fun little clip that some will find more amusing than sexy, and it kind of illustrates some of my own personal issues with the really big girls in this biz. I'm more into fat women being sexy than fat women being fat, if that makes any sense.

It's basically two large woman sitting around saying "look how fat we are!" Not my fave, but I think both of these ladies are gorgeous, and I would've killed to be the meat on the sandwich.

Enjoy it, won't you?

Later, kids...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Alex Chance: An Adorable Young Lady with a "Problem Area"


When I surfed over to Plumperpass this morning (Good Morning, by the way), and saw adorable sexpot Alex Chance doing her hardcore thing again, I was reminded of an encounter I had with a beautiful black woman a while back.

This lady was, by anyone's standards, skinny and shapely, and she looked great in her tight jeans and button down blouse. But when the blouse came off, I got a pudgy little surprise: a cute tummy. She seemed a little self-conscious about it, but I had lots of fun with her extra curves.

Alex is one of those women who is more curvy than she may appear, and many women with her physique see that middle area as a "problem." To the lover of curves, this is not only not a problem, it can be a source of lots of enjoyment, and Plumperpass, who, in listening to their fans, has been stepping up their belly-play game as of late, does a great job of portraying the fun of being with a skinny girl with a little extra in this latest update.

I don't know Alex, but she may or may not see her delightful tummy as a "problem area." She may love it, or she may be working tirelessly at the gym this very moment, going that extra fake mile on the treadmill, or doing those ten extra crunches, trying to get rid of it.

That tummy, though it isn't the most beautiful thing about her (I would hold that that distinction would go to her adorable face or those fantastic breasts), but it may be her most marketable asset in her porn career, making her one of the more versatile performers. The tummy is the only reason anyone would consider her for a BBW site like Plumperpass. Slap a corset on her and she would outshine any chick on Bang Bros. or Brazzers.

Alex also has a great smile and a sexy voice (you can tell, I kinda like this girl), so I hope she sticks around for a while. We have a few more pics, but join Plumperpass today (right now, even) to see it all.

Later, kids...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Adele! (other stuff too)


Saw a great little spot about Grammy winning singer, and goddess, Adele in the Houston Chronicle, and I thought I'd share it with you lovely people. Among Joy Sewing's top reasons why Adele's style resonates with so many women: Body Confidence. LOVE that!

There's also a great video clip of the singer talking about her body image.

Congrats to this amazingly talented woman. We wish her continued success. And special thanks to the Shop Girl.

Other stuff...

Sandra (imagine one million exclamation points here)

Also, this may be our only post for February, so we'll give a nod to Black history...

Mz. Booty is black, and her butt is... historic...

... so it's fitting that we acknowledge her. Plus she's a Texas girl.

Did I ever tell you about the time she and I fucked? I won't go into that. Might get in trouble. Let's keep it between us, yes? (I'm just jiving... had to see if you fuckers were still paying attention ;) )

Later kids...