Monday, February 28, 2011

Eden's back. Now with more Eden.


"I'm a little older, I'm a little bigger, and I love it."

-Eden 38DD, from her new shoot for Plumperpass.

One of the interesting things about being an observer of the porn industry is the changing bodies of its performers. People's bodies change-- that's just part of life, and porn starlets are no different-- but when a major part of your job is being naked on camera, the world gets to see all of the new facets of your physique.

If a person is going to be in the porn industry for longer than a few years, it is likely that their figure will go through some changes over time, and I have seen a few notable examples recently in the BBW world. With Plumperpass's newest update, we can now add Eden 38DD to that list.

This porn star (and escort, though I'm not sure if she is currently), has always been one of my faves. Eden is one of those women in porn whose work looks effortless because she clearly loves what she is doing. This quality has made her work a joy to watch, and I always enjoyed the added bonus that she was very curvy as well. Historically, Eden has always been, at least in my opinion, a borderline BBW; she was always just a little curvier that your average porn chick. However, the new Eden has clearly crossed over into big girl territory. Eden has added some pounds, and she looks great, but I have to admit, I was surprised when I saw the pictures today. I almost didn't even recognize her. What I've seen of the update is fucking outstanding, as Eden gets an extra-large cock to go with her extra-large frame. It's beautiful.

We have another pic from the shoot below. I hope you enjoy.

For comparison, here is a pic of Eden from 2008:

I'd love to get your take on Eden's new look as compared to earlier in her career. Below is a video from Eden's skinnier days:

Later, kids.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cat Fight!!!

No porn today, but this may be better...


- The narrator, who has no real interest in helping diffuse the situation

- Racial slurs

- The randon perv that just has to tap one of the fighters on the ass

There are some interesting sociological aspects of this that bear some discussion, but I'll turn my brain off and just enjoy the chaos... I suggest you do the same.

Hope you enjoy, and be careful out there, kids...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Radiohead...

Faye Daniels (check out her blog)

"Lotus Flower" from King of Limbs, released yesterday (I like it!)

One of my favorite bands is back today with a new album. In true Radiohead fashion, they have an unconventional method of dissemination. You can download the album here.

By most if the accounts I've seen so far, this isn't a life-changing piece of work. I'll judge for myself later tonight. Here is one rather lukewarm review.

This post is also meant to let you people know that I'm still alive.

Later kids.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Sunday!

My fridge contains a lot more alcohol than usual, so I'm either really depressed or the Super Bowl is today. I've decided to skip all of the bullshit today and just focus on the game. All pre-game crap is pretty useless unless a player gets seriously injured or gets busted for drugs or hookers, so I'll only be watching the football and the commercials. Remember back in the days when the commercials weren't so lame? I'll watch for the one or two jewels in the midst of all the garbage.

But I'm one of those people that are really into the actual game, and this is why my Super Bowl party won't be very crowded. I want my beer, my game, and my artery-clogging snacks... and very few distractions.

Obvioulsly (obviously!) I'm an expert on the subject. If you recall, before the season I picked the Green Bay Packers to win this game. So it's no surprise to me that they are playing today. We won't worry about that other team that I picked. In addition to my prophecy, I'm taking the Packers today because I'm a bit of a Packers fan. For some reason, years ago I latched on to this team and they became my second favorite NFL franchise. I am actually rooting with my heart today, and I'm pretty excited.

BBWF's emotional and probably useless Super Bowl prediction:

Packers 23, Steelers 17

I have proven myself to be an authority on football, but I have another area of expertise, and I give you abundant evidence of this, courtesy of Southern Charms.

Enjoy the dirty pics, and have a wonderful Super Sunday.

Later, kids.