Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some New Year's Fun with Aleera

I thought we'd end the year with a bang. Literally. Corny, I know, but I wanted our last post of the year to be something to remember. So sit back and enjoy some proper BBW hardcore with the lovely Aleera Flair as she enjoys the large cock of Byron Long.

This is a high quality hardcore scene, in my opinion, because it just feels like both parties are thoroughly enjoying the sex. It's just two hot people getting naked and fucking the living shit out of each other. Hope you enjoy it as much as they do.

Special thanks to Redtube.

And I want to thank everyone who has followed, commented, or just casually observed this little blog in 2009. Your participation is very much appreciated. I wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2010.

Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

BBW Year in Review: #1 My Beautiful Sandra!

This year I discovered the joys (and the mind-numbing boredom) of the webcamming experience. It is an interesting dimension of the porn world, as it creates an interactive experience between the performer and the customer.

I was expecting something similar to my few experiences in a strip club: a pretty girl feigning interest in you so that you will give her your hard earned money for the pleasure of being teased. I also expected to be titillated by beautiful women but ultimately unfulfilled, and I got exactly what I expected.

My primary camming time was spent at allbbwcams, a site that, as the name implies, features sexy larger women exclusively. My cyber sex experience, while nice, was a bit unfulfilling, not because the women weren’t amazing—most of them were unbelievably sexy!—but because I always ended up feeling a bit empty afterwards. Maybe my sense of fulfillment was hindered by the fact that I was experiencing webcamming as a “journalist” as well as a customer, simultaneously studying the women while partaking in the product. Or it was the fact that the more time I spent in the chat room, each woman became more and more human and less of a sexual object. I think the latter is probably the primary reason, and this brings us to BBWF’s #1 aspect of 2009.

In the midst of my camming experience, I came across a lovely young lady who made a profound impression upon me. She has helped me discover many things about myself, and about the human side of the performers I follow and cover for this blog. Without her, my camming experience, while interesting, would have been nothing more than another porn experience that I write about.

As I noted here, Sandra DoubleDDD is the greatest camgirl and most awesome BBW that I have ever covered for this blog. She has earned the title of Mistress of BBWF, and she will always have me smitten. If you ever partake of the webcam thing, visit her. You won’t regret it.

She takes our top spot in the Year in Review because she is the best thing that has happened in my short blogging career, and if you ever cam with her you’ll understand why. She is beautiful; every inch of her is utterly breathtaking, and I could spend hours talking about her penetrating eyes, and her stunning red hair, and her creamy skin, and her delicious double belly, and her soft, plump thighs, and those pillowy breasts… sorry I’m getting lost here.

My point is that chatting with this woman, and experiencing her personality helped me to look at my little online occupation much differently, and this little blog is forever altered by the discovery of Sandra. Instead of merely seeking to help pervs get their rocks off by posting pics and videos of BBWs in sexual situations, I want to be an agent of empowerment for BBWs like Sandra. I want to show people how sexy BBWs are, but I also want to make sure that I recognize how special they are on the inside as well.

I know that sounds unbelievably corny, and I’ll probably lose some followers because of it, but, even though I will continue to provide jerk off material, in 2010 I will also continue to promote the love and respect that BBWs and all women deserve. You have Sandra to thank for that. She is forever my favorite BBW—well, second favorite—and we have made her the BBWF covergirl (see the top of the page). And if you’re sick of seeing posts about her—well, first of all, FUCK YOU— get ready to get really ill in 2010, because as long as Sandra is working, I will be worshipping and adoring her here at BBWF.

And, again, if you are ever in Sandra’s room and you see “Chuck” on the screen, get the fuck out of my way and let me talk to my baby friend. And you better fucking respect her. She deserves it.

For this reason, I can't get freaky with her any more, and soon I’ll have to say goodbye forever, but she is truly a goddess among women, and I am blessed to have met her, even if it was only online.

Thank you, Sandra, for everything you’ve shown me. I love you!!!

BBW Year in Review: #2 Precious

One of the most powerful movies of 2009 was Precious, the tragic (very tragic!) story of a young African American girl who struggles through her teen years with the burden of teenage motherhood, an abusive mother, and horrible memories of being repeatedly molested by her stepfather. The film finds itself in our year-end countdown because, in addition to being a wonderful movie, it features two BBWs who provide terrific performances: Gabourey "Gabby" Sidibe and Monique.

If you haven't seen it, go check it out soon. Precious should come up in a lot of Oscar conversation and deservedly so. If you're not moved by this film, you probably have no soul.



BBW Year in Review: #3 Renee Ross' First Hardcore Scene

Renee Ross is one of the hottest BBWs in porn, and in 2009 she finally blessed us with a hardcore scene. Did it live up to the hype? Well, not exactly. The scene was hot-- with Renee's wondrous curves, how could it not be?-- but it was full of all the things that have me so jaded about hardcore porn. However the production value that xlgirls put into her hardcore debut was well worth the time.

This also mens that Renee may be fucking on camera a lot more in 2010, and that would be something to look forward to. Go to xlgirls today and see Renee and many other beautiful curvy women get nasty today!

BBW Year in Review: #4 Plumperpass Threesomes

One area that has been severely lacking in hardcore porn, in my opinion, is the presence of quality threesomes that feature BBW talent. In 2009, plumperpass stepped up and filled this void for us with three of the most spectacular scenes they've ever produced. Below we have pics and links to these works of pornographic art. Enjoy!!

And continue to support plumperpass in 2010!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

BBW Year in Review: #5 Anorei Collins

This week, BBWF will be looking at five of our favorite things that happened in the BBW world in 2009. It has been an awesome year for a number of reasons, and as it comes to a close we will remind you of some of the things that stick out in our memory. All of these things pale in comparison to the fact that this is the year that BBWF was born of course, but they will definitely be welcome recollections that serve to hopefully make you look fondly back on the year that was. These five things are in no particular order, by the way.

Also, feel free to provide your favorite memories in the BBW world from 2009 below in the comments.

Our first memorable aspect of 2009 is the emergence of a woman who is sure to become a superstar in the BBW world. Anorei Collins really began to make her mark this year, as she went from webcam sensation to full-fledged BBW supermodel.

Even at this relatively early point in her career, she is clearly one of the top models in BBW porn. Not many models can compete with her gargantuan 38LL breasts. And while her bountiful bosom is her claim to fame, she is just adorable from head to toe. In my personal opinion, she has the perfect BBW body.

As you can see in these clips from her webcam work, she also has an angelic face that any man could fall in love with. Hopefully we will see great things from Anorei in 2010. Her own website, perhaps?

Videos courtesy of tnaflix.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dawn in the pool!

Video courtesy of tnaflix

Hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday. As a belated gift to you, we have posted this wonderful vid of breathtaking SSBBW Dawn P at the pool. Completely naked! I hope you enjoy, and I wish blessings upon all of you as this holiday weekend continues.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas from BBWF!!!

Above: My favorite Christmas carol of all time.

I absolutely love the Christmas season. The sights and sounds of Christmas are some of my favorite things in the world. The cold temperatures, the beautiful decorations, the excitement of the little ones, the joy of giving: all of these things make this season so wonderful.

I'll be taking this week to spend quality time time with the people I love, and hopefully Santa will fill my stocking with something nice (or naughty). BBWF wishes the same for all of you!

We thought we'd do our part to get you into the Holiday spirit, and get you hot and bothered at the same time. Below we have some of the most beautiful women in the world spreading their own special brand of holiday cheer. Enjoy!! And again,


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Samantha in Rare Form, and Classic Zepp

If you haven't checked out Samantha 38g's latest update on plumperpass, stop what you're doing and go see it. Now!!! This unbelievable lady is in rare form in this scene. She is a veteran, and a porn star in every sense of the term, but she has truly outdone herself this time. Her body has never looked better, and those gorgeous veiny tits of hers somehow look bigger than ever.

But even though she looks amazing as she bares it all and gets fucked so awesomely in this update, its the ensemble she dons for the scene that really blows me away. The thin blouse and denim skirt envelope her heavenly frame perfectly. Here's a taste of the update. And more pics below. Enjoy!!

The official ipod of BBWF

As musical accompaniment from the BBWF ipod, we have included one of the few bands that are as epic in their art as Samantha is in hers. They require no introduction, and I wouldn't be able to properly do it anyway. Check out Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog."

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Kelly Shibari (her twitter)

I've always had a passing interest in the area of BDSM. It's not my primary way of sexual fulfillment, as I am an old softy who likes to try a little tenderness when in the bedroom, but I have to admit that every once in a while I find myself turned on by seeing a little bondage play. Unfortunately, this area has historically been severely lacking in BBW presence.

Thanks to Kelly Shibari, one of the most beautiful BBWs in the industry (and one of the smartest), this void is finally being filled. In addition to being drop-dead gorgeous, Kelly is one of the true game changers in the porn industry, as she helps to put BBWs out in the forefront where they belong. She has done freaky FAs all over the world a favor by launching paddedkink, a BDSM website that features a healthy dose of BBW goodness. I have visited the site, and I can testify to its awesomeness. It does not suck at all. If you're into this sort of thing, you should join paddedkink today!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Booby Tuesday: Big Boob Ninja

Go over to myboobsite and check out this hilarious and strangely sexy photo shoot with the hottest ninja I've ever seen. Not sure who she is, but her tits are outstanding. Enjoy!

Monday, December 14, 2009

No More Cheeseburgers!!

Went to the fine fast food establishment known as Wendy's today. I ordered a nice juicy double cheeseburger, and it was fucking delicious. That was 2pm. It is now 8pm, and I have been writhing in the most wretched stomach pain I have ever felt. Food poisoning.

So, before I throw up again, I thought I'd post some of Maria Moore's auction pics. Enjoy!!

If this pain ever subsides, I 'll post again sometime. Fuck!!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Elliott Smith...and BBWs in Denim

The Official ipod of BBWF.

This week we have searched our ipod, and bring you the laidback stylings of Elliott Smith. He is no longer with us, but his music will live forever. He sings with a cool, mellow, almost intoxicating tone that keeps listeners mesmerized, and this song, "Rose Parade," is a perfect example. It's a simple song with basic acoustic guitar chords that is a perfect soundtrack for a lazy day. Enjoy!!

Elliott Smith's Myspace page

We also have what i think is a very underrated feature in the BBW porn genre: BBWs in jeans. I love how the form of a larger woman is accentuated by tight denim. Check out this assortment of lovely pics.

Ayracelis (her website... her twitter)

Salacious Sasha is one of the cutest SSBBWs I've ever seen!

Check out what I think is Saph's best ever hardcore seen.

Possibly the most gorgeous ass you'll ever see.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More from Tiger's Sordid Saga... and Panterra in Red

Check out this story from our friends at deadspin that delves deeper into the fine mess that Eldrick Woods has gotten himself into. It names a few more names of the skanks that the golfer has been fucking on the side, including one porn chick, and it provides some interesting information about the way rich athletes find women to hook up with. You won't look at your favorite iconic athletes in the same way again after reading the article.

Also, Gatorade is now out of the Tiger business. The company has decided to drop the drink that bears the golfer's name.

We also have some great shots of Panterra. I think red is definitely her color, don't you? Check out her site, (it's hot!!!!!) and follow her on twitter. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Some Saturday SSBBWs

I am in a bit of a dirty mood today so I thought I'd post a couple of sweet videos for your viewing pleasure. They feature some beautiful SSBBWs, which are BBWs of the bigger variety. Both are quite lovely.

This first clip features the German hottie Lailani. Her body is absolutely breathtaking. She has beautiful pendelous tits that hang perfectly and a gorgeous double belly. Her perfect face and long black hair give her the look of a model. The camera is totally in love with her, and so am I. The video is just perfect for worshipping the form if an SSBBW.

We also have a video of the hardcore variety. A fairly intense couch fuck with an adorable SSBBW. And she's even nice (and nasty) enough to do a wonderful facial to top it off. Its very sexy seeing that angelic face, and that look in her eyes, as she awaits this guy's load. She's so cute!

Her name is Samantha. Check out her, and some other stunning hardcore BBWs over at chubbycheaters.

Special thanks to tnaflix. Enjoy!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Troubled Tiger

Today we have a must see video. It features the astoundingly reckless voicemail message Tiger Woods left one of his mistresses.

For those who may have missed it, God's gift to golf has been mired in an epic scandal that threatens to ruin his image forever. Despite being married to the beautiful Elin Nordgren, Tiger has been getting his freak on with multiple skanks.

In the message, Tiger is desperately requesting that the woman, Jamie Grubbs, remove her name from her phone so that his wife doesn't see it. It is priceless, and, despite the efforts of the Woods camp to cover it up, it is no doubt the voice of Tiger himself (allegedly). The message is remixed in this video and set to a very funny original slow song.

For the record, BBWF hopes that things work out between Tiger and his wife. They have two beautiful children who deserve to grow up in a loving home. Just because we laugh at the video doesn't mean we're laughing at this obviously sad situation.

We go from the shameful, to the shameless. Below are some shots of the lovely Shameless Angel. She's not nude, but does she really have to be? Enjoy!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jade and Them Crooked Vultures

Starting today, BBWF will begin bringing you a taste of the music we love. Music has always been a part of the BBWF experience, but from now on we will have a weekly song from the official BBWF ipod. It is a very eclectic mix, so songs will come from every genre known to man. We will frequently try to showcase a lesser known or underappreciated band (trying not to use the term "indie," but that's kinda where I'm going), but of course we'll mix in some of the standards, such as Radiohead.

Today we have "Caligulove" by Them Crooked Vultures, an interesting band with a very different sound, in the mold of Queens of the Stone Age. I love the song, as it alludes to one of the freakiest dudes in history. I think old Caligula would appreciate the spirit of BBWF, don't you agree? Also, I love the creepy cover art for their album. These guys are perfect for this blog, and with "Caligulove," we may have our theme song. And, in the Vultures, an official band.

We also have some spectacular shots from Jade 38H. I wish I had a clever way to describe her, but I'll just say that she is one of the most beautiful women that I've ever laid eyes on. No one, even those dumbasses who can't seem to appreciate the beauty of a BBW, could look at Jade and not instantly begin to salivate. Be sure to go to her site and enjoy her awesome collection of pics and videos. Below is just a sample. Enjoy!