Saturday, July 31, 2010

Road Trip!

Charlie (OMG!!!) I wish this gorgeous woman was going with us. Check out the plumperpass shoot from this worship-worthy newcomer.

Making a little road trip, so BBWF will be completely neglected for the next few days. It's not the fun kind of road trip, it's the "we have to go see Dad because he's really sick" kind of road trip. My father has been dealing with some serious respiratory issues lately and has gotten pneumonia, so I have to go check on him. Wish him well, people.

I thought I'd pass along a little play list that may serve as the soundtrack for our little journey. It may annoy the folks that are traveling with me, but it's my car, so fuck 'em. There may some tunes on the list that you may enjoy.

Hope you enjoy the playlist, and the olbligatory but outstanding porn selection. Not sure when we'll post again, so you may want to be on the safe side and just keep your browser on this page exclusively until I get back.

Later, people.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I have made my rounds...

Charlotte (Camgirl, On my mind as I post this)

... and I have gathered together some epic pornographic material for your delectation (Charlotte taught me that word!). I hope you enjoy, and that I am in some way indirectly responsible for your next orgasm. No, that's not gay at all.

... Came accross the clip below on a random tnaflix check today. Pinky and Simone get nasty with a pretty well hung black dude. Not enough Pinky (partly because there never is really enough), but a great clip nonetheless.

This vid is sexy, but it also got me to thinking about some of the things that distinguish African American porn from porn that features other ethnicities. There are some interesting things that make Black people's porn unique, and maybe you'll see a BBWF post about it soon. There will be porn in the post, but no N-words or dick jokes. Might be interesting. I'm Black, by the way, in case you were curious...


... Tiffany Blake, a woman who I believe possesses the perfect BBW body, is back on Plumperpass, and she finds herself in another threesome. It's not my preferred lineup for a group encounter, but it is still a fantastic update. Tiffany has this overpowering sexiness that makes her an almost intimidating actress in a porn flick. She is singularly beautiful, and as you'll see in the video content of the post, not even two well hung studs can overwhelm her. Tiffany blows these dudes away, and looks incredible doing it (Damn, another clumsy ass pun. Sorry, people, I'm writing this in a hurry). Below we have some more pics from the update:

There are few women on the planet who are as beautiful as Dors Feline, very few. She is alarmingly hot, the kind of girl that could make you do stupid shit. For some of you (us), one sultry look from Dors, and you'd be paying her rent and student loans. She's dangerous like that. Check out this post from the Kinky Web Mistress for more Dors goodness. That is, if you can stop stop staring at that pic for even one second...

... Sasha Grey makes her way to BBWF. I know, I know, she's not a BBW, or even slightly fluffy for that matter, but I like her. She's beautiful, truly talented, and just plain filthy, and I seriously hope that her illustrious porn career hasn't ruined her chance to make it as a "real" actress. Her performance in The Girlfriend Experience is really worth a look.

We feature a clip from Sasha because she is making an appearance on the next episode of one of my favorite shows, Entourage, and I can't fucking wait. Of course, she'll be hanging on Vince's arm, you know Drama or Turtle could never pull a dimepiece like Sasha.

Oh and the clip is pretty nasty. Don't even go there unless you're into the butt fuckery...

... The beautiful woman above is Kaylee, breathtaking camgirl, and genuinely nice person. She is celebrating her birthday today, so drop by her twitter page and wish her well. And get her something nice....

... okay kids, I will leave you now, and go think about Charlotte some more...

Please enjoy the porn.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I woke up feeling heavy...

... that unexplainable heaviness that sometimes grips us out of nowhere. There are circumstances in my life that aren't the best at the moment, but I shouldn't feel this way. I guess I just woke up on the proverbial wrong side of the bed. Maybe I just need to get laid. Maybe I need to gaze at the disarming smile of a sexy big girl.

I came across this clip this morning by chance, as I always do, and I honestly think it's one of the hottest I've ever seen. It features porn veteran Guy DiSilva and a lovely BBW that I don't remember seeing before (if you know her, please let us know). It's my kind of porn: simple, sexy, and real. And I wish more porn could feature larger ladies such as this being treated like the goddesses they are, and not like a novelty.

I have a tendency to notice odd things about the porn I watch. It's partly because of the fact that I do it to obtain blog fodder as well as to get off, and also because I'm a bit of a romantic. Even though this woman's body is amazing, and she fucks like a porn star, it's her smile that sets her... and this clip... apart. It's her smile that kept me watching, that made me smile as well, that brightened my morning.

Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Boobie Wednesday: Samantha 38G


This weekly titty post thing is here again, and a very familiar face appears on BBWF again. Honestly, I could give Sam every Boobie Wednesday post and it would never get old. She has the most perfect tits in hardcore, and every time I look at them I seem to find something new to drool over.
Today we watch Sam get fucked. I love this clip because in many ways it features a guy fucking Sam the way I would fuck her. I started to type the words "the way she's supposed to be fucked," but that would be way too presumptuous, and I hate when guys say that. But this guy does many of the things I would do; he kisses passionately, stares into her eyes, holds her tight. He's not just mechanically banging some porn chick for the camera, well... not ONLY just banging some porn chick for the camera. He truly understands and respects the fact that he has the privilege of being with a goddess, and he properly worships her.

Sam's Texas sized tits get an abundance of screen time, but this clip shows the fulness of her beauty. Every inch of Sam's body is impeccable, but it can be overlooked at times because her breasts are so amazing.

Hope you enjoy the vid, and again, we thank Sam for sharing her awesomeness with the world.

Later, people.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The hotness of: Emma Bailey


We usually try to provide something that stimulates thought here at BBWF, but I am so blown away by the beauty of Emma Bailey that it has forced me to give in to my most basest impulses. Join me today in allowing lust to rule my world. Below we have some of the pics from Emma's most recent PlumperPass update.

I have, um, sampled the work, and both the photo and video portions are very impressive. Emma is breathtaking and she brings energy as well as her surreal beauty to the shoot. Be sure to join PP and check it out.

Emma has also begun camming at allbbwcams. You should see her there as well.

Later, people.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dawn Marie!!


What? I have a blog, and I haven't updated in more than a week? Sorry kids, I've been in Costa Rica with Ms. Chuck, enjoying the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure. And losing my fucking cell phone in a fucking rain forest. (Fuck!) It was fun, but now it's back to business, which for me is ranting and raving about sexy fat girls.

Today, I just wanted to give a quick mention of one of my newest crushes, Dawn Marie. I love Milfs, and I love redheads, so Dawn embodies two of my most intense fetishes. After recently joining her site, I have become one of her biggest fans. The video content on her site is raw and real, showing not only Dawn's overpowering sexuality, but her lively and funny personality as well. And hey, I just wanna fuck this woman silly, I can't say it more eloquently than that.

As a fellow July baby (the 15th), I have a soft spot for the models who share this month with me, so we wish Dawn the happiest of birthdays. Help Dawn celebrate by joining her site, and go over to twitter and pass along your own birthday wishes. She's very friendly and loves interacting with her fans and admirers.

Later, kids.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Boobie Wednesday: Rikki Waters


This Wednesday belongs to my darling Rikki. She stars in an unforgettable Plumperpass update today, and as I have noted here many times before, she has two of the loveliest breasts that you'll ever see. I have to admit, I only post pics of Rikki's bare chest because it's Wednesday, not that I don't drool anytime I see those things. But the pics in this shoot where Rikki is fully clothed are fantastic and by far my favorites. I can't get over the way her black blouse and tight gray skirt perfectly envelope her curves. Rikki is truly beautiful.

Enjoy the pics, and don't let yourself go another minute without seeing Rikki's new update... and visit the boobie wednesday blog.

Later, kids.

I'll pass along a few things...

Rikki (that outfit is just wicked)

... before I search for something to do today. I am currently sitting on the couch listening to sports radio and chatting with my Dutch mistress (more on her later). If you have anything you need done -- help with a summer school paper, ride to the airport, random chores around the house, sexual favors (even the weird ones) -- just let me know, you have my email. Just hit me up, and I'll throw on something sexy and come running...

The Official ipod of BBWF

... We go to the ipod for some R&B type stuff. I heard this song while watching the BET Awards, and though the studio version isn't as nice as the live one I heard on the show, CJ Hilton's "We Can Get It In" (still not exactly sure what that means) is worth a listen...

... Stop wasting your time on this silly blog and go to PlumperPass right now. One of my biggest crushes, Rikki Waters, is back with another hardcore update, and as you can see in the pic above, she takes on two black cocks. I haven't seen the whole thing, but I can tell from the excerpts that I've seen that Rikki has outdone herself this time. I don't usually stick around long when the porn chick gets double and triple teamed. I mean, no homo(phobia), but the dicks just get way too much screen time. Plus I still don't get the fascination some of you have with anal. But Rikki makes this hot, and you should definitely check it out as soon as you can. We have another pic below:

Support PP!


... Apparently Lebron James has given up his quest to be universally regarded as the NBA's best player, and has settled for being it's most obnoxious. If you're haven't been following the situation, the young ringless superstar is currently a free agent and is trying to decide which team he will spend the next few years of his career. He plans to announce his decision on a 1-hour "special" on ESPN. He actually approached the network to set up this circus, and expects you to watch with bated breath. This sets a bad precedent for future prized free agents: how long before we have a fucking free agency reality show? I will intentionally miss this douche fest out of protest and catch the king's decision on the ESPN crawl...

... Spent my July 4th holiday seeing one of the best movies of the summer. After you've seen some of the over-budgeted silliness that the big studios throw at you, make sure that you check out what is possibly the best performance of Michael Douglass' career (I never saw Wall Street). He plays an absolute creep in Solitary Man who is trying to live life to the fullest as he faces his own mortality. Jenna Fischer, Susan Sarandon, and Mary Louise-Parker also shine in supporting roles (and provide supreme hotness) as well...

... Here is a beautiful classic POV clip of Kitty Lee:

She's still one of my faves...

... I am absolutely dying to see Inception, the next in the long line of masterpieces from Batman director Christopher Nolan. It's only 9 days away, but it still feels like an eternity away, especially in light of the almost orgasmic early reviews. For those of you who share this longing, as well as the admiration of who I believe is Hollywood's most talented director at the moment, there is a site that you must visit regularly:

This site provides all things Nolan-related, with the current emphasis on Inception. It should hold you over until the 16th...

... This article by Greg Doyel of CBS sports gives an interesting and possibly offensive perspective on USA soccer. Our boys got bounced from this year's world cup as usual, but would the result be the same if we sent our very best athletes? There is some ugly American-ness in this piece, but there is some very sound logic as well...

... We leave you with another awesome shot from my darling Rikki's Plumperpass shoot.

... hopefully I will find something to do other than rubbing one out to Rikki... we'll see.

Later, people.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Some Luna Love


Before I am dragged to the movies to watch sparkly brooding vampires and shirtless Native American werewolves, I will pass the word about one of the loveliest women I have ever seen. Luna, beautiful and supremely talented SSBBW model, has had me smitten for as long as I can remember, but to my shame, I have never talked about her extensively on the blog. Today we make things right.

I have never seen a photo of Luna that didn't make my jaw drop. She is more than just a beautiful woman who takes sexy photos and sells them on the Web (not that there's anything wrong with that), Luna possesses an obvious striking natural beauty and combines it with the qualities that only the models have. Something magical comes through on every one of Luna pics, even the candid ones, and this is not a quality that all people, and certainly not all adult models, can boast about.

Through my years of being forced to watch America's Next Top Model with Ms. Chuck, I have learned that not every pretty girl has what it takes to be a model. Countless wannabe supermodels would show that they were certainly attractive enough to turn heads when walking down the street, but they would always come away from a photo shoot with pictures that lacked something, and sometimes that something would be hard to quantify. When I look at Luna's work I get lost in her eyes (I literally keep scrolling up to see the above photo just to see those eyes again and again), and it is clear that Luna has that something, that special magical ingredient that sets her apart from the other pretty girls.

Luna is as beautiful (and I would even contend more beautiful) as any high fashion supermodel, in my opinion, and in all of her photos, she exudes a confidence and a sexiness that is rare in the BBW world. It is clear that not only is Luna beautiful, but she knows that she is beautiful, and this confidence comes through in all of her work, and it is unbelievably sexy. She also has the perfect SSBBW body, and I could spend a whole week of posts on Luna's tummy alone. Perhaps most interesting is that there is clearly a creative quality in Luna that is not shared by most models, and this is also sexy to me, and one of the reasons that I am promoting her here.

I don't just blindly pick women, and write about them on this blog; usually a post gets written about a woman because I have personally been impacted by their work (unless they ask me to post something, of course). I am not saying that my opinion is worth anything, but I truly believe that Luna's work is special, and that her beauty and creativity will take her very far.

So join her site... cam with her (I was reminded of Luna because I strolled through allbbwcams this morning)... and follow her on twitter. She is truly one of the best things the world of modeling, Plus Size or otherwise, has to offer.

Okay, I'm off to watch some glittery bloodsuckers look sad and fight each other. I much prefer the scary southern kind who fuck the living shit out of fangbangers, but My Lady loves Twilight, so I'll just deal with it.

Later, people.