Sunday, November 28, 2010

BBWs get some big love in the mainstream with 'Sister Wives'

Sam (and some dude)

I like to think that I'm an equal opportunity perv who can truly appreciate the beauty of women of all sizes, but this is probably not true. At least not entirely. I mean, who wants to watch Barbie dolls fuck? I'm kidding of course, but I don't always pay attention to mainstream (skinny loving) porn unless they give me a reason to. Our friends at Vivid, a company that I have virtually ignored until now, have given me a reason to give their site more than a passing glance.

I can't name the skinny women in this pic, but Lisa and Sam are 2nd and 4th from the left.

Their latest porn parody (I love those!), Sister Wives features two BBW porn legends: Samantha 38g and Lisa Sparxxx. This is intriguing for yours truly because of my obvious love for the two plus size hotties involved, but also because I am a fan of HBO's Big Love, which I assume is the subject of the parody. Looks like this smut version of the show will arrive just in time for the new season. We have a few more shots below:

I'm really excited for BBW fans and also for Sam and Lisa, as this will give these beautiful ladies a little more mainstream exposure. We'll pass along more info about this flick when it becomes available.

Later, kids.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

London Andrews!


Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday, primarily because it is a day where we celebrate family and embrace the ones we love most in this world. I also love this holiday because it is all about letting yourself go; on this day it is totally acceptable to eat as much as you want the way you want as often as you want. Most of us are gonna go for seconds, thirds, and even fourths before this day is over. In other words, Thanksgiving is all about excess. We thought we'd bring this excess to the blog to day with multiple updates.

The beautiful woman above is London Andrews. She is one of the most amazing models in the BBW world, so let's be thankful that she shares herself with us. Below we have some more pics and places where London can be found on the Web.

I love London, because of her obvious beauty, but also because she is a bright, intelligent woman. The smart ones always make me swoon. And she lives in Austin, one of my favorite cities on the planet. She also gets naked (very naked!) on the interwebs. I'll let you discover that on your own.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!

When this last Thursday in November rolls around every year, I am reminded of how thankful I am for the many blessings in my life. I have my health (which, at the moment, is something that I don't take for granted), a roof over my head, and many awesome people in my life. I am also thankful for a bunch of perverted shit, like lovely BBWs who film themselves taking two huge cocks. I will count that among my many blessings.

BBWF wishes all of you a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Enjoy the turkey, and don't be afraid to let your freak flag fly today. You may want to wait until after the family time though.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boobie Wednesday: For the Last Time...

The Muse

This will be BBWF's last Boobie Wednesday update, the first of many lasts on this blog. I'm still loving every minute of this bloggy stuff, but life is happening, and as I've been warning for months now, BBWF's days are numbered.

I thought I'd end this long running feature with some cleav shots from BBW Fascination's first lady, because she has the best tits ever... and I miss her... Goddammit, I miss her. My online life is just better when she's in it.

Of course, boobies will continue to be a part of the BBWF experience, but things are coming to an end for us. I am presently without a membership to any porn site, and all my online activity is in sharp decline. I will elaborate on some of these things as we get closer to the end.

However, I do have credit at a certain cam site if a certain camgirl makes her sexy self available... hint hint...

Later, people.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some Thoughts About Race and Porn...

The following quotes are from the comments sections of a couple of the porn sites that I frequent:

“Epic scene, too bad it has been done before. I would like to see her doing something other than interracial, otherwise whats the point in watching her anymore.”

“Now, this is perfection in a White Woman. He did right to pay her respect by eating her out until she came several times. You see this and you know why Black men need White women” (I don’t even know what the fuck they mean here)

“another girl of color? too much already. Let's get back to the tasty white girls”

“only a BBC can handle that gorgeous big white body.

“I don't particularly like the sight of a firepluggy broad suckin' a live turd ...” (by “live turd” this asshole means a black man’s dick)

“why is she fucking a monkey? oh, cuz she’s ugly. ok, nevermind.”

While I still think the addition of comments sections on many of the porn websites is a great idea, I am starting to avoid reading them when an interracial porn scene is involved. I’m actually starting to avoid them altogether, as nothing even remotely clever or intelligent is found there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the dumbass for thinking that I could get stimulating conversation from a porn site. I should have known that I would rarely get insightful nuggets about the way in which a scene was filmed, or how a particular porn scene represents real-life sexuality, or even useful information about the actors. What you get in the comments section is often the lowest common denominator; statements of the obvious: “Damn that bitch is hot!” or “That’s a big ass dick,” insults: “that ugly motherfucker wouldn’t be fucking her if she didn’t get paid,” and of course, the creepy, gross stuff: “I wish I was there so I could lick the cum out of her ass” or “would love to see her do a mother/grown son taboo scene, now that would be fucking hot!!!” That last one was an actual comment, and no, it would not be hot.

The other thing that can be found in abundance in these comments sections is racism. The one thing I’ve actually learned from reading these comments is that, while racism may not be the prominent issue that it once was, it is still something that affects people’s lives, and thought processes. As a Black man, I already knew this, but blogging about pornography is showing me how this racism or rather race-consciousness plays a very important role in how certain people view sexuality.

Since I first started watching porn back in the days of VHS tapes, race has always been an important aspect of how porn was packaged and marketed. There has always been smut for every cultural group: Black porn, Latino porn, Asian porn, Indian porn, I’ve even seen porn with Muslim women fucking in Burkas. And even though most porn features White people, and it may have been considered racist, there has been porn marketed as being exclusively White. Remember the NBA porn tapes? No, that’s not porn featuring pro basketball players, NBA stood for No Black Ass. Of course, NWA (No White Ass) porn also surfaced.

Where race has become a taboo subject in everyday life, something that everyone thinks about but doesn’t mention, it has always been front and center in porn. People are very race-conscious about the porn that they watch, and they are not at all shy about this. The skin color of the people doing the fucking and sucking is important to many of you, to the point that you will turn away from the wrong color, and porn companies know this. However, I was naïve (stupid) enough to not realize this, even after years of watching porn, and the emergence of comments sections have been a revelation for me. For me, if the scene is hot, I’m not worried about ethnicity, but for some people the wrong cultural background is a real wood-killer.

Now, I’ll get real. Possibly real offensive for some people. The truth is that the most intense racial animus in this country has always been between Blacks and Whites. Combine this deep-rooted conflict (on both sides) with the fact that in porn, a primarily visual medium, the radical differences in physical features are always on display, and you have the most polarizing issue in porn. Interracial porn has become one the biggest niches in the medium, but when an Asian chick takes a White dick up the ass, or when a White stud has a threesome with a couple of sexy Latinas, the racial differences almost go unnoticed. But fucking a Black person is still a big deal, in real life and in porn, so much so that the term “interracial” as a category or fetish has come to almost exclusively denote fucking Black people, and the act of a White woman fucking a Black man has been fetishized to death.

Entire websites are dedicated to Black dudes tasting the forbidden fruit that is White pussy, partly because this act of fucking a Black man is a still viewed as a radically freaky sexual act. Plumperpass, my favorite porn site even dedicates a weekly update to this little porn preoccupation, with their BBWs Gone Black site. This site has spawned some of their most amazing scenes, but I always have a conflict within myself when dealing with that material because they fetishize interracial sex to the point where it’s not just two people fucking anymore. It’s almost as if your favorite BBWs are fucking animals every Wednesday, as if the site is saying “OMG! Brace yourself, fellas. Your favorite sexy plus-sizer is gonna go crazy today and give her precious White (or non-black) pussy to some Black dude!” The scenes are sexy, but while the perv in me is extremely turned on, the human being in me is always troubled by the fact that Plumperpass is telling me that a Black man is not just a man, he’s a Black man, and somehow different in ways that transcend the physical. The subtext of the very existence of BBWs Gone Black is that fucking a Black man is still something that a White woman has no business doing. It’s not just PP, the phenomenon of the hot white woman getting a big Black cock (I can’t see anything with the letters BBC and not think of interracial hardcore… thanks, porn) is prevalent in every part of the porn world, and they make it because apparently YOU want to see it.

The reason I decided to write this post was because of the polarizing reaction to interracial scenes featuring Black guys and White women. The White guys (or non-Black guys) consistently complain about the fact that they can’t properly masturbate to a White chick if she degrades herself by fucking the beast that is a Black man, and Black dudes almost invariably talk about this White pussy as the ultimate prize for the Black man, reinforcing one of the most embarrassing stereotypes of the Black male. I have always been an equal opportunity perv, so I don’t care what the skin colors are if the scene is hot, and I am still naïve (stupid) enough that I can’t understand that people aren’t simply viewed as people and not labeled according to their racial identity, so I find myself offended or at least troubled by both sides of this. I want to strangle every single person who acts as if a White women is demeaning herself by going Black, and I wish Black guys wouldn’t worship at the altar of vanilla snatch as well.

Full disclosure here: I am an African American man, and in my real life, the sight of a White woman holding my dick (my BBC, if you will) in her hands and sucking it was a beautiful one. Some of my most enjoyable sexual experiences were with a woman of another race, and if I’m being honest, her physical differences, her hair, her eyes, her Whiteness, were particularly appealing. Also, one of my favorite camgirls, Charlotte always teases me by describing what it would be like for us to be naked together, and how beautiful the contrast of our skin tones would be (she’s White), and she’s right. So I truly understand the appeal of interracial sex and interracial porn, and the fact that race is an important part of people’s sexuality. I’m just marveling at the fact that racism and race-consciousness is so prevalent in porn.

Notice there are no solutions here. There may not even be a problem. I only wanted to make an observation about something that has been gnawing at me for a while. I am not condemning anyone (well, I am condemning you truly racist motherfuckers), just taking note of something that I see in porn. In my time as a blogger, I have encountered countless comments like the ones seen above, websites that cater almost exclusively to one racial group, and porn stars who will never fuck an African American on camera. And my efforts to blog about BBW escorts have been hindered by the difficulty of finding escorts who don’t use racial profiling as a part of their screening process (read: they don’t serve Black men). Race and sex are almost inextricably tied, and it is amazing that, in porn, race is openly discussed in ways that you almost never see in everyday life. With this issue more than any other, pornography says significant things about sexuality, as well as our society in general.

I'd love to hear some responses to this in the comments, but because of the types of remarks that appear at the top of this post, I won't be hurt if you just read.

Later, people.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Boobie Wednesday: Jane Kush


Readers, followers, friends, the beautiful woman you see above is Jane Kush. She is featured in today's plumperpass update. I have no clue if the material in what I believe is Ms. Kush's debut is hot or not, I don't know if she is going to be doing the hardcore porn thing for very long. But I do know that this woman is gorgeous, and that she has the best porn name ever. EVER!

We have a few more pics below. Please enjoy.

Happy Boobie Wednesday, people.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Skyy Black gets some Brain


I'm always in search of new and inventive ways to please the ladies. In this clip, beautiful Skyy Black is brought to climax by some nice... um, headwork. Hope you enjoy.

I'm gonna go shave my head before Ms. Chuck gets back. Later, kids.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Boobie Wednesday: I love you, Charlie Cooper


Because I'm a bit (read: extremely) disappointed at the results of many of yesterday's election results (Prop 19 failed, my state continues to be ruled by conservatives, and the GOP regained control of congress), I wasn't going to post today. But I love boobies, and the latest PlumperPass update, which features the incomparable Charlie Cooper, just begs to be blogged.

I also love good segues, and this one was too convenient to pass up. Yesterday's post brought you some great work from a BBW goddess from years past, and today we give you the hottest BBW of the moment. In my opinion, Charlie is the most awesome plus size pornstar in the business today, which of course, for me, means that she's the best pornstar of any size.

Every time I see this woman, I fall deeper in love/lust, as she gets more beautiful with each new clip. She has incredible breasts, as highlighted in our pic selections today, but Charlie is physical perfection, from her long brown hair down to her adorable toes. I literally cannot get enough of this woman. We have a few more pics from the update below, just a few of the many awesome shots available. Every single pic made my jaw drop.

I'm becoming so enamored with Charlie that I may have to dedicate a day of the week just for posting one of her pics.

I haven't seen the video portion, and I'm not sure when I will, but I'm going to go ahead and just assume that Chuck blew this man's mind and that he, as well as anyone else who views the clip, will become just as addicted to this lovely woman as I am.

Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Remebering Shay Thomas


Oops! I hope that headline doesn't make it sound like Shay is dead or anything, but every once in a while, as you know if you stop here regularly, I like to remember the BBWs who impacted me in the past. Today we remember the beautiful Shay Thomas. She was one of the first BBWs that I... well, that I masturbated to as a teen. Her work still holds up, and a few vestiges of her sexiness still survive and are available to all of us through the miracle of flash video.

We have three clips (admittedly, not her best, but they are all that I could find in the ten minutes it took to post this) that show this awesome woman in action.

The first features Shay and Clem. I watched this on VHS when I was very young, and I remembered the name Clem long after seeing it because I was so painfully jealous.

The second clip has a horrible set (public bathrooms are NOT the ideal place to fuck!), but Shay still fucks and sucks this Black cock as well as anyone, and makes it hot nonetheless.

The last clip is probably the best of this lot. Shay gets DPed, and there's no annoying music.

I love Shay, mostly because she is breathtaking in all of her videos, but she was a sexy fat girl that was simply sexy, even when porn was almost exclusively for the skinny lovers.

These clips are just a small sample of this gorgeous lady's work. If you have access to some of her other clips and/or knowledge about what Shay is up to these days, feel free to pass that info along to us in the comments.

Hope you enjoy!