Monday, January 31, 2011

Before and After: Megan Fox


Been a while since we did one of these, but I think we have a good one here. Every so often, BBWF examines what a skinny celeb might look like if they were a bit fluffier. Curvy porn models serve as our after shots. It's kind of a fantasy reverse Biggest Loser. This particular entry is unique in that the model in question has undergone a transformation of her own. Carmella Bing has put on a few pounds, and every single one of them looks amazing.

If you look below, you'll see that Carmella's new fleshier self looks like a slightly more voluptified version of Megan Fox.



Some bonus shots:



Not sure if it's because I like big girls or not, but I never understood the fascination with Megan. Whatever.

Check out Carmella's update from Plumperpass. It's fantastic, and one of the most popular ever on that site.


Just when I think I'm out...


... they pull me back in. Recent developments at my fave porn site, have moved me to once again become a paying customer. My love of porn is waning significantly, and this is the reason the blog is in it's last phase of life, but some of the latest updates from PP are so interesting that I just couldn't completely stay away. Just minutes before making this post, I renewed my membership.

Today's update, which features a bigger and deffer Carmella Bing, is the one that made me finally break my fat girl porn hunger strike. Apparently, Carmella has recently had a baby and has been transformed from voluptuous porn starlet into full-fledged BBW vixen. I'm no feeder, but I'd be lying if I said that seeing the extra curvage doesn't put a huge smile on my face. Carmella's update is fantastic. She is a true porn star, and it's great to see someone her size with her skill level. Check out some before and after pics below.

I'm thinking Carmella will get back down to her fighting weight as soon as possible, so this PP material could be a rare classic. We'll see.


Getting beautiful British model Dors Feline was a real coup for PP, and I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw this update. The photos in the shoot are unbelievable, but in true Dors fashion, she does little in the video other than looking pretty and playing with those epic boobs. No strange porno cocks are gonna touch that bod. When you're as gorgeous as Dors, you can do whatever the fuck you want. Here are a few more shots:

Dors looks amazing as always, but I'm hoping she goes back to the shorter hair.


Sapphire made another appearance recently on BBWsGoneBlack (you know, Black day). This is my fave of the new crop of scenes because it brought back a funny memory. A few years ago, Ms. Chuck's brother, a homosexual, sold me a PC for $300. Pretty good deal for an underpowered Windows machine, and even though I wanted a Mac, I was happy to get it. When I looked through some of the computer's folders, I came across some, um... interesting video clips. It was enlightening on multiple fronts: for the first time, I saw what it looked like for well hung black dudes to fuck each other in the mouth and ass, and any denial that Ms. Chuck's family had about this guy's sexual preferences could be finally put to rest. I never mentioned those clips to anyone, and I never gave Ms Chuck's brother any shit about it... I mean, he goes about 6'4", 230. I love the gays anyway, so it was no biggie.

One of the guys in those gay clips was Biggz (above), who gets the privilege of fucking Saph in the new update, and his membership on the other team may explain his apparent disinterest in the PP vid. Most of the comments on the video talk about how awful he is in the scene. Now we know why (maybe). Biggz does have a huge cock, there's no denying that, regardless of the holes he uses it on. I'm getting a little off the beaten path here, but Saph looks her usual beautiful, pale, freckled self, and we have a few more shots below:

With all this new porn in my life, I'm probably going to masturbate soon. Life has been so busy for me lately that I haven't even had much time for that. Truly a shame.

I hope you enjoy the pics, and join Plumperpass today, it's worth it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Chuck is back...

No, not me. I'm always here, and I ain't goin nowhere... well, not yet anyway. I'm talking about Charlie Cooper. She gets two cocks (still probably not enough to handle this woman) in a recent Plumperpass update, and looks incredible doing it.

I also thought we'd include a mysterious clip that surfaced recently. Panhype brought us some intel on this late last year. The clip features Chuck fucking some lucky young man. It's the usual fuck and suck with some kink thrown in. There is some cute little bondage play at the beginning and Charlie smokes throughout the romp (apparently smoking is a thing). The clip shows Charlie in her natural state with no makeup or fancy lingerie, and I think she looks better in this amateurish grainy clip than in any of her glam'd up shoots for the major BBW porn outfits. It's illegally uploaded, I'm sure, so I feel the requisite amount of guilt for posting it here, but fuck it. I hope you enjoy.

Later, kids.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You may be wondering what Chuck is doing right now...

Honey Blu Eyes

... and I appreciate the fact that you are concerned. You pervs can be pretty sweet when you want to be, and I love you for it. Since you asked, I'm currently buried under an avalanche of work, and all alone at home on a beautiful Tuesday. And for some reason, I am reminiscing of a woman I used to... know. Knowing that the possibility of reliving lost love (and lust) is only a phone conversation away is tough, and it is why, even for a dork like me, monagamy is excruciating sometimes. I'll deal with it... with some help from Honey Blu Eyes.

Honey is an up and coming model, who was gracious enough to send us some beautiful photos. As Senator Palpatine said regarding a young Anakin Skywalker, "I'll be watching this young one's career with great interest." And we are hoping for a further descent into the dark side (in a good way) as well.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Remembering Dr. King...

BBWF takes this day to recognize the contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This man changed our world forever, and though I take for granted the freedom that helped make possible for me far too often, I am grateful.

Later, kids.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Is "BBW" a four letter word?

Kandi (she has a new update on Plumperpass today, and she provides gratutious hotness for those who don't want to read my blatherings.)

"am i the only one? i dont want to be thought of as "big", i dont care that you call me beautiful right afterwards. maybe its just with what im used to. i live in NYC and im used to being called thick if anything at all. my weight is never usually an issue. i had a guy call me a BBW once and i cursed him out, to me it seems offensive. anyone else feel this way?"

I came across the post above on a kinky website that I follow. It was from a post entitled "Hate the term 'BBW'," and it sparked a pretty heated discussion with many intelligent people giving their thoughts. It also kind of hit close to home for yours truly. Now I think that this person was completely out of line for berating another human being for essentially paying her a compliment, but her words do bring up some interesting questions about my affinity for larger ladies, and my abundant use of the term “BBW.”

Until very recently, I only saw the positive side of the term BBW. I have done absolutely no research prior to writing this drivel, but I am almost categorically certain that this term was originally meant to signify high praise for plus size women. It is an acronym for Big Beautiful Woman, after all. However, I have discovered that “BBW” has also come to connote everything that women hate about being overweight and has garnered a stigma, partly because of its connection with the porn industry, partly because it has become another term that fat haters use to insult big women. The other reason that “BBW” will get you just as many frowns as smiles is the first B. Most women don’t want to be referred to as “big,” even if their obvious beauty is recognized as well. Consequently, as a BBW lover, I am always toeing the line; I am simultaneously perceived as a good guy who loves all women (and many BBWs appreciate this), but also as person who perpetuates society’s tendency to categorize women based on size.

If you pay attention to the stuff I post here, you know that I am not just a blogger on the subject of BBW love, I am also an active participant. I share my bed, and my life, with a very curvy woman. I call her “Ms. Chuck” on the interwebs. While I wouldn’t call her fat, and I would say that she falls in the lighter side of the BBW scale, she is clearly not a skinny woman. I’d give her height and weight, but she would literally kill me. But for reference, think of some of the smaller BBW porn chicks (Jane Kush and Crystal Clouds come to mind). Without using all the terminology, I would just say that she’s smoking hot, and I thought this about her many years before I ever even heard the term BBW. But in my mind, and I suspect in the minds of the dudes who leer at my Lady when I take her out in public as well, Ms. Chuck’s thickness is part of her beauty. It is difficult to tell her how hot she is without noting her thick thighs or her ample breasts or her round butt.

Ms. Chuck’s size, and my love for it, was a major point of contention in the early years of our relationship. We never argued about IF I found her attractive, we argued about WHY. She was angry with me, to the point of tears, because I was enamored with the very things that she hated about herself. Ms. Chuck is a corporate type who wears suits to work, and she is always upset that her curves make her stand out among the barbies around her everyday. She doesn’t fit society’s mold, and every one of my compliments were perceived as insults to her. I made the mistake of calling her “thick” in public (smiling proudly as I did this), and I was in the doghouse for weeks. During this period in our relationship, she did that annoying thing that women do when they expect you to figure out what they’re feeling without just coming out and telling you. Guys, this is frustrating, but if you can succeed at reading her mind, and catering to her needs, the benefits will blow you away.

Initially, I was frustrated because I thought she didn’t understand or appreciate that I loved (and lusted after) her for who she was. That wasn’t the problem. She recognized that I liked her curves. Her problem was not that I couldn’t call her beautiful; it was that I couldn’t call her “thin.” The fact that she didn’t fit into the image that society says is beautiful bothered her tremendously, and my compliments only reminded her of this. I believe this is an unintended problem with the term “BBW,” in that every time that we call someone a Big Beautiful Woman we are also calling her “Big,” and thus highlighting and even emphasizing the fact that she is in some way different. Her beauty is noted, and most women will appreciate that sentiment, but it is never lost on her that she isn’t beautiful in the same way Heidi Klum or Mila Kunis is beautiful. This is why not only BBW, but terms like plus size, thick, plump, fluffy, curvy, etc., can always do just as much harm as good.

I handled my situation with Ms. Chuck honestly. I told her that I think she is beautiful as she is, but I can’t call her thin. I took my lumps, but eventually convinced my Love that women can be truly beautiful at any size, and that she is not inferior to her skinny counterparts. She’s even seen a few of my porn pics (though she’s not a porn fan, by any means), and she understands my appreciation for women of size. She is still fighting the good fight, and trying to lose a few pounds, but she knows she will always be hot even if her body never changes. That said, I will never call her thick again, just for safety’s sake.

I suspect that most women’s opinions on the term “BBW” would bare more resemblance to the quote above than the messages given through blogs such as this and big girl porn. Even the most confident and sexy BBWs you know carry within them resentment towards society’s view of them and even a desperate desire to be thin. I’ve touched on this briefly in the past, but this fact adds a bit of guilt to being a BBW lover. My attempts to make a beautiful woman feel even more beautiful have the side effect of reminding her of what may be the bane of her existence. Terms meant to flatter can also offend.

Ultimately, “BBW” and terms like it were coined for the purpose of adulation. It is important for women to recognize that a man who likes big women is usually not some pervy fetishist who gets off on obesity. Most BBW lovers appreciate the female form in all of its sizes, and recognize big girls simply as the beautiful creatures they are. From my perspective, Melissa McCarthy and Halle Berry are in the same league. Though they may have radically different body types, both women are incredibly beautiful. I would love to eliminate all of the labels from our lexicon, but that is all they are. No woman is defined by these labels, and no woman’s beauty is dictated by her size. The guy calling you a BBW fully understands this.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011



You may not know this, but if you don't have a tumblr account you may be missing out on some of the loveliest shit on the internet (not to mention some of the freakiest). I took a stroll through my little corner of the Tumblrverse, and this is some of the beautiful things I found:


Bethany Jo



Luna and her VERY lucky dude



I totally have a dredlock fetish (like, for real)

Hope you enjoy it, people.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


From left: Shameless Angel, Desiree, and Dawn P.

I came across the pic above, and I was instantly reminded of my intense desire to fuck Desiree Devine senseless. Of course I am madly in lust with all three ladies, but we won't worry about that now. She's one of the more unique BBWs in the biz because she is so damn tall, and her length makes her curves even more captivating (if that makes any sense). She also has gorgeous tits and the most delectable double belly you'll ever see. We're blessed to have her, and you should join her website while the year is still young.

Below are a few more of her updates:

Happy New Year, by the way. It's not too late to say that, trust me. These are the last days of BBWF, so I'll try to make them enjoyable for you.