Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Sandra!

The Birthday Girl

I will spend my blogging day celebrating the birthday of the First Lady of BBWF. Of all of my little crushes that I have developed during my time as an internet perv, Sandra DoubleDDD still means the most to me... and I truly love her, not as a fan, but as a guy.

Sandra, I hope you have the best birthday of your life. Have fun, baby. And if you get laid, pretend it's me ;)

I love you, sweetheart.... and I miss you so much.

There may be more mushy Sandra stuff as the day goes on... if I can bring myself to write it. I hate being on the verge of crying when I blog, so I may shy away from it, but stay tuned.

Also, I am posting mushy Sandra stuff on my tumblr blog today. More on the new BBWF Tumblr in an upcoming post. Nothing to get excited about really, so far that blog sucks even worse than this one.

Later, people.

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