Sunday, September 27, 2009

Roman Polanski finally arrested

Interesting to open up the paper and see this story. Roman Polanski has finally been arrested in connection with his sexual relationship with a minor in 1977. It has been ages since Polanski fled the country, but I believe that there should not be a statute of limitations on a crime of that magnitude. He should spend a significant portion of his life in jail for that despicable crime.

We here at BBWF are all for exploring the wonders of human sexuality, but sex with minors is completely off limits. It is not a fun and unique sexual adventure. It is not walking on the wild side. It is a crime. A person in their early teen years is in no way able to make the decision to have sex with anyone, and those who take advantage-- male and female-- should be severely punished.

So there you go: a big "fuck you" to Mr. Polanski. I hope he gets what's coming to him. Sorry to be so preachy today, but even perves have morals.

The gratuitous (and of age) Sunday nude is the beautiful Lady Snow, courtesy of XLgirls. Enjoy!!

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