Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More from Tiger's Sordid Saga... and Panterra in Red

Check out this story from our friends at deadspin that delves deeper into the fine mess that Eldrick Woods has gotten himself into. It names a few more names of the skanks that the golfer has been fucking on the side, including one porn chick, and it provides some interesting information about the way rich athletes find women to hook up with. You won't look at your favorite iconic athletes in the same way again after reading the article.

Also, Gatorade is now out of the Tiger business. The company has decided to drop the drink that bears the golfer's name.

We also have some great shots of Panterra. I think red is definitely her color, don't you? Check out her site, (it's hot!!!!!) and follow her on twitter. Enjoy!!

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