Friday, December 4, 2009

Troubled Tiger

Today we have a must see video. It features the astoundingly reckless voicemail message Tiger Woods left one of his mistresses.

For those who may have missed it, God's gift to golf has been mired in an epic scandal that threatens to ruin his image forever. Despite being married to the beautiful Elin Nordgren, Tiger has been getting his freak on with multiple skanks.

In the message, Tiger is desperately requesting that the woman, Jamie Grubbs, remove her name from her phone so that his wife doesn't see it. It is priceless, and, despite the efforts of the Woods camp to cover it up, it is no doubt the voice of Tiger himself (allegedly). The message is remixed in this video and set to a very funny original slow song.

For the record, BBWF hopes that things work out between Tiger and his wife. They have two beautiful children who deserve to grow up in a loving home. Just because we laugh at the video doesn't mean we're laughing at this obviously sad situation.

We go from the shameful, to the shameless. Below are some shots of the lovely Shameless Angel. She's not nude, but does she really have to be? Enjoy!!

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