Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some New Year's Fun with Aleera

I thought we'd end the year with a bang. Literally. Corny, I know, but I wanted our last post of the year to be something to remember. So sit back and enjoy some proper BBW hardcore with the lovely Aleera Flair as she enjoys the large cock of Byron Long.

This is a high quality hardcore scene, in my opinion, because it just feels like both parties are thoroughly enjoying the sex. It's just two hot people getting naked and fucking the living shit out of each other. Hope you enjoy it as much as they do.

Special thanks to Redtube.

And I want to thank everyone who has followed, commented, or just casually observed this little blog in 2009. Your participation is very much appreciated. I wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2010.

Happy New Year!!!

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