Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Boobie Wednesday: Sapphire has a website!


Why the fuck didn't I know about this sooner? One of the most awesome women in porn, and a BBW goddess who is on my short list of all time faves, Sapphire is now providing exclusive content on her very own website.

Any discussion about this pale, redheaded siren always begins with her pillowy breasts, and we'll provide a few shots of them here (this is Boobie Wednesday, after all), but Saph is the total package: she is physical perfection, she has a great personality that comes through on screen, and her soft delicate moanings during her hardcore scenes are legendary.

Saph and Kore Goddess

As you can see, Saph's site brings you all kinds of erotic goodness. Sapphire is not one of those plus size starlets who only pose for sexy pics, she's pretty adventurous, never shy about sharing her wild side with the world. There is plenty of solo Saph, as well as hardcore action, and some very inspiring scenes with other BBW hotties.

Sapphire has a preponderance of material all over the web, and has been making us cum repeatedly for years, but it's awesome that she has a new home on the Web. Join her site today.

1 comment:

  1. Simply ,THE QUEEN of BBWs'.Her site,sadly has been dormant,while it never fully realised her incredable beauty and incomparable assets,it still provided a "home" for we who worship the "GINGER GODDESS".Her work for Sensational video remains UNEQUALED, SAPPHIRE, ..IS "SENSATIONAL VIDEO"their BEST FAR! Hope she gives her OWN site another shot