Sunday, November 28, 2010

BBWs get some big love in the mainstream with 'Sister Wives'

Sam (and some dude)

I like to think that I'm an equal opportunity perv who can truly appreciate the beauty of women of all sizes, but this is probably not true. At least not entirely. I mean, who wants to watch Barbie dolls fuck? I'm kidding of course, but I don't always pay attention to mainstream (skinny loving) porn unless they give me a reason to. Our friends at Vivid, a company that I have virtually ignored until now, have given me a reason to give their site more than a passing glance.

I can't name the skinny women in this pic, but Lisa and Sam are 2nd and 4th from the left.

Their latest porn parody (I love those!), Sister Wives features two BBW porn legends: Samantha 38g and Lisa Sparxxx. This is intriguing for yours truly because of my obvious love for the two plus size hotties involved, but also because I am a fan of HBO's Big Love, which I assume is the subject of the parody. Looks like this smut version of the show will arrive just in time for the new season. We have a few more shots below:

I'm really excited for BBW fans and also for Sam and Lisa, as this will give these beautiful ladies a little more mainstream exposure. We'll pass along more info about this flick when it becomes available.

Later, kids.


  1. "Some dude" is Evan Stone, the go-to guy in the blizzard of porn parodies that have flown by in the past few years. He's got charisma and convincing acting chops, so this could be cool!

  2. The parody is for the reality show "Sister Wives"