Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Remebering Shay Thomas


Oops! I hope that headline doesn't make it sound like Shay is dead or anything, but every once in a while, as you know if you stop here regularly, I like to remember the BBWs who impacted me in the past. Today we remember the beautiful Shay Thomas. She was one of the first BBWs that I... well, that I masturbated to as a teen. Her work still holds up, and a few vestiges of her sexiness still survive and are available to all of us through the miracle of flash video.

We have three clips (admittedly, not her best, but they are all that I could find in the ten minutes it took to post this) that show this awesome woman in action.

The first features Shay and Clem. I watched this on VHS when I was very young, and I remembered the name Clem long after seeing it because I was so painfully jealous.

The second clip has a horrible set (public bathrooms are NOT the ideal place to fuck!), but Shay still fucks and sucks this Black cock as well as anyone, and makes it hot nonetheless.

The last clip is probably the best of this lot. Shay gets DPed, and there's no annoying music.

I love Shay, mostly because she is breathtaking in all of her videos, but she was a sexy fat girl that was simply sexy, even when porn was almost exclusively for the skinny lovers.

These clips are just a small sample of this gorgeous lady's work. If you have access to some of her other clips and/or knowledge about what Shay is up to these days, feel free to pass that info along to us in the comments.

Hope you enjoy!

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