Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Nexus One gets a Comprehensive Review... and some Devious Masturbation

If you're an Android user like me, then the new year will bring a nice new toy for you to play with. This toy, the Nexus One, which is manufactured by HTC, will quickly establish itself as the premiere Android device. Even from the pictures and videos circulating the web, I can tell that it will far exceed Verizon's Droid as the best Android phone on the market.

The Nexus One blog (yep, the as yet unreleased handset already has a blog) has the first real review of the phone, and it is a good one. I was already salivating over this thing ( I know, I'm a geek), but after the review, I am... well... my dick is hard. Go over there and check out the article. I think we finally have a phone that doesn't instantly provoke laughter when called an iphone challenger.

UPDATE: Engadget now has their review up. Go check it out.

Above we also have an outstanding masturbation vid courtesy of tnaflix. Obviously, I am just as much a geek for sexy fat girls as I am for tech stuff, and this video of Devious pleasuring her luscious body will not disappoint. Enjoy!

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