Friday, April 2, 2010

Kellie Kay vs. Jade Parker

At long last, we continue the BBW Sweet 16. A blessed encounter with a lovely friend and my late mother's birthday kind of interrupted this tournament, but today we pick up where we left off. In The final 2nd round matchup from the Left Breast bracket, my favorite SSBBW Kellie Kay takes on the ridiculously sexy Jade Parker:


This was not an easy matchup to call, as both ladies are popular among BBW porn enthusiasts. Making this matchup even tougher was the fact that both women appeal to somewhat different sectors of the FA community. Kellie, an SSBBW (Big Beautiful Woman of the larger variety), and feedie, appeals to those FAs who are turned on by eating and gaining. Her website is full of photo sets and videos that feature this type of material.

Jade, on the other hand, is just fucking sexy. I cannot believe a woman this beautiful actually exists, and that she actually allows us to see all of her beauty. Jade's site has some fantastic photo and video content, that appeals to those FAs who prefer to admire the sultry, sensual side of a Big Beautiful Woman. And though Jade is quite voluptuous, she is on the smaller end of the BBW spectrum, and I can imagine that no man, even non-FAs, could resist her charms.

So this battle becomes a fight between two very different styles, much like a Super Bowl matchup between a high powered offensive team and a smasmouth defensive minded squad:

Jade is perhaps the most beautiful woman in porn, and this is not an overstatement. She is a superstar in the making, and by this time next year, she may be the most well-known BBW around, but she loses this one in an upset. Kellie wins this one because of her sexiness, or a better yet, her inability to not be sexy. Even in some of her most self-deprecating clips, Kellie still makes me swoon. The fact is, I am not into the feeder phenomenon. I am not a guy who is turned on by watching a fat woman eat or watching her gain, but since I first discovered Kellie last fall, I have been totally captivated by her. There is just something special about this girl that I can't even articulate. Her face is at once angelic and innocent yet sexy and alluring, and she has a sense of humor that is unlike any other BBW I have encountered as a blogger or fan. I truly believe that a Camp Cupcake (the house Kellie lives in with two other cute SSBBW models) reality show would be a real hit, and Kellie would probably steal every episode. Kellie's personality also is a big reason that she is great camgirl. I have spent a little time at allbbwcams with her, and I literally laughed out loud. Go see her sometime.

And again, every matchup in this tournament hinges on the opinion of yours truly, and I love Kellie, as a model and as a person. So Kellie advances to the Final Four. Our winner:

And the Final Four is set. Kellie joins Synful Dame, Rikki Waters, and Sandra DoubleDDD in this most prestigious event. The tournament will continue soon. Not sure when, but soon.


  1. This dream tournament has made for compelling reading, sir. What an outstanding foursome!

  2. Thank you VERY very much for all the kind words, you are so good to me!

    Congrats to the Kellie for the win, she is a beautiful girl!

    Keep up the good work on your blog, it is a very enjoyable read!


  3. Thanks, Allan. Always appreciate the feedback.

    And Jade, you're so gracious, even in defeat. That's kinda sexy! Damn, woman! Is there anything about you that isn't sexy? Thanks for reading.

  4. Awww reading this has made my day, no wait, WEEK! Especially since i am a BIG fan of Jade! Thanks for being wonderful Chuck xox

  5. I want to fuck her

  6. I need to bbw girlfriend