Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Synful Dame vs. Kellie Kay

It has been an awesome tournament, and I have been having a blast. Having the opportunity to watch as the most beautiful women in the world compete for the ultimate prize is really special to me, and I appreciate the feedback it has garnered.

The Final Four starts now, and in our first matchup Kellie Kay battles Synful Dame:


At this point in the competition, every matchup features true BBWF favorites, and both Kellie and SD fit that description. Kellie is the ultimate SSBBW as far as I'm concerned. I always gush about how she combines cuteness and sexiness, but another interesting feature about Kellie is that even though she is around 500 lbs, she is still a very curvy girl, possessing perhaps the most shapely figure of any SSBBW. And the attribute that Kellie may have over all of the other Final Four participants is her personality. She can turn you on and make you laugh, and this is something that is not just valuable in a web model, but in a girlfriend as well. I have said it here before: If I could, I would date Kellie in a heartbeat, and this means a lot.

SD finds herself in the Final Four because she is unbelievably creative. Every time I visit her site or her blog, I am struck by how fresh the new photo shoots look. She thinks outside of the box, and she brings this element to plus size modeling. I think she will be a star in this industry for as long as she wants to be. SD is also an outstanding camgirl. Visit her room at allbbwcams and you'll see that she is just a cool ass chick. She is very engaging and funny, and though I have never had a private show with her, I haven't seen very many camgirls who can match SD's seductive power when on cam.

So, who takes this one? Our extra large cutie, or the wild underdog? Because of her larger body of work (no pun intended) and the aforementioned blend of cute and sexy, not to mention her sense of humor, Kellie will survive and advance. SD is a worthy opponent, and she made this one very close, but ultimately Kellie was just too strong. Our winner:

SD may have lost this one, but her future is really bright, and she will always be a good friend of BBWF. There is a reason you see certain ladies pictured on the right side of the page. These are ladies who have had a real impact on me and this blog, and SD has done just that. I love you, SD... and I wish you the very best!

Look for the next matchup on tomorrow, as The Muse takes on My Darling Rikki. This may be the most anticlimactic matchup of the event, but we will go through the motions anyway. I promise not to get too mushy... if I can help it.

This post was written as I was about to go to bed, so I apologize for its wretchedness. This is crap even by my standards, but I wanted to get at least one matchup in before sunrise.

Later, kids.


  1. A fine battle, and two worthy combatants.
    I hear you on Kellie Kay's shapeliness. She reminds me of AnnMarie of BigCuties, a lady I've been a fan of for more than a decade. They both have everything I like.