Friday, April 16, 2010

Sapphire is Back!

Saph (love this pic!)

I love PlumperPass. This is obvious, as they are the most promoted website on this blog. I've said it many times before: PP is the best BBW porn site in the business, bar none, and today's update is one of the reasons why. Sapphire returns, and brings us more beautiful pics and hardcore sex. And she doesn't disappoint in either area. She's also rocking a new hairstyle and a nice little tongue ring.

This woman is sublimely beautiful, and Sapphire's fun to watch even during the portion of the clip where she isn't having sex. In the right setting, her personality, which is quite engaging and funny, comes through. Her work at PP seems to bring this out, and this is why I believe that Saph's best stuff is on that site. But of course, her greatest physical attributes are on full display in the update, and she fucks her partner's brains out. Click on the cute pic at the top for a look at the trailer, and below, we have a few pics.

Hope you enjoy! Support PlumperPass!

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