Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sandra DoubleDDD vs. Rikki Waters

We continue the Final Four today with a matchup of two of the sexiest women on the planet. Both Sandra DoubleDDD and Rikki Waters are on BBWF's short list of BBWs to die for. I love/lust after many plus size goddesses, but these two have the ability to make me swoon. I could jerk off to their pics and videos, chat flirtatiously online with them, and I could absolutely fall head over heels in love with them. Just imagine coming home everyday and having one of these women waiting for you. Getting off track here, so back to the business at hand...

I love both ladies, but someone has to win:


Rikki (a truly beautiful woman... but don't let that smile fool you)

Okay, Rikki has the greater body of work, and the higher seed in this tourney, so she may be seen by many as the favorite in this matchup, but if you know BBWF at all, and I'm sure the Vegas oddsmakers have taken note of this, Sandra is The Muse, and her inspirational powers are the very soul of BBWF. Therefore Sandra, even if she is a relative unknown in comparison to Rikki, is the real favorite in any matchup.

Rikki's beauty and versatility have gotten her this far, and I still want to marry her or at least be her slave, but Sandra takes this matchup handily. Rikki is on her way to becoming one of the best in BBW porn, and her following will continue to grow, but Sandra's powers transcend the industry. It wasn't even a fair fight, people. Hopefully, Rikki can recover from the physical and emotional toll that this matchup has taken on her.

I kid, of course, and I am positive that I am Rikki's biggest fan, so BBWF wishes her the very best. Her future is exceedingly bright, and as long as Rikki is around, you'll see her here.

And Sandra is also a BBW to watch, not only because she is BBWF's First Lady, but because she has stated that she will be doing more sexy stuff online. Look for more clips from her soon, and we will update you here on what these clips entail, and how you can purchase them. I have often said that if Sandra had any real intention of doing so, she could really be one of the most popular women in adult entertainment, because of her obvious physical attributes, but also because of her brilliant mind and creativity. Not sure if she really wants that, though... and honestly, that's fine by me. So here is our winner, in a massacre:

This pic gives you a glimpse of The Muse's lips, very underrated among her many lovely features. I would give anything to kiss her just once.

So our final game is set, as The Muse will battle Kellie Kay later today, and we will crown our champion. Stay tuned.

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