Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Love, My Angel, My Muse!

On this site you will hear me blather on incessantly about how this woman or that woman is awesome, gorgeous, beautiful, talented, etc. This blog has become an ongoing exercise in effusive praise. Surely one guy can’t have unbridled lust in his heart for every BBW skank on the interwebs. Either my libido is herculean in its proportions or I’m lying through my fucking teeth.

Today is the day when BBWF finally comes clean. No woman whose face (or ass, or pussy, or tits) graces the pages of this blog has ever been special to me. I have been lying, people. I won’t apologize because I don’t care, and you probably don’t either. But for the record, every BBW posted on this blog from day one is on the same plane. I would love to fuck them all, but I could just as easily live without them. None of them—not even Dawn P. (sorry, Buck)-- will ever elicit any genuine affection from me. BBWs come and BBWs go, and when they post images of their naked flesh on the web they may find themselves posted on this here blog.

TODAY IS THE ONE AND ONLY DAY THAT THIS RULE WILL BE BROKEN. I have met the woman who will now and forever be the mistress of BBWF. She is the embodiment of perfection. I am totally smitten, and (no bullshit here) because of this unbelievable person, this blog will never be the same again.

Her name is Sandra DoubleDDD. She is hotter, funnier, smarter, and just plain better than any BBW that has ever been posted here or anywhere. In a “purely imaginary and quasi-creepy internet porn blogger” way, I am madly in love with her. In a “regular guy who just likes to hang out with cool chicks” way I totally (and seriously) would love to be her friend forever.

I found her on allbbwcams, my favorite webcam site, and after overcoming my shyness, I was able to hang out in her chat room. From that point on I have been unable to tear myself away, and I spend hours simply hanging out with her. To my shame, I have seen her naked, and I have seen her engage in some really freaky shit. She looks hot doing it, and I recommend her chat room if you’re into that sort of thing. But a funny thing happened while we were chatting.

In a webcam setting, if you hang around too long, you’ll stop staring at the woman’s tits and start to look into her eyes. And if you’re not a completely soulless perv, you’ll notice the soul beneath those eyes. In the case of Sandra, that soul is her most beautiful feature. As her name (and the pic) would suggest, she has possibly the most gorgeous set of knockers ever, but they pale in comparison to her childlike love of life, her nurturing heart, and her intoxicating smile.

All bullshit aside. I truly like this woman. I make that last statement, not as the pervy internet persona that I’ve created for myself, but as the real human being that resides within. I am secretly (not so secretly anymore, I guess) harboring a desire that she finds her way out of this industry and ends up in a fulfilling and lucrative career, and that she finds a man who will treat her like the goddess that she is. I truly wish her the best from my heart, and strangely, I am almost in tears as I write this.

So, if you are ever at allbbwcams and you go into Sandra’s room, and you see “Chuck” on the screen, shut the fuck up and let me whisper sweet nothings in my baby’s ear. She doesn’t give a fuck if you’re horny or how hard your cock is. And, for goodness sakes, please understand that you can only see her big tits or her immaculate ass in private or VIP. And even if you do get her in private, know that her guardian angel is watching.

I love you Sandra! (really, I do)

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