Monday, November 16, 2009

No More BBWF?

SSBBW KellieKay (this is a pretty lengthy post, so if you don't feel like reading, enjoy this life-altering photo from Kellie's newest set)

A quick story from my weekend:

I woke up Saturday morning next to one of the most gorgeous women that I have ever seen. Picture a slightly more voluptuous Ms. Panther. As we lay side by side, I watched her sleep, gently brushing back her hair with my right hand. When her eyes finally opened, and I became the first visual image of her day, she smiled radiantly. “Good morning,” she said, in a groggy, scratchy, sultry voice. I could only smile back at her, amazed that a woman could have such resplendent beauty so early in the morning. This woman has such beautiful skin that even at the break of day she glows brightly, and makeup is virtually of no use to her.

I continued to stare, and I began to caress her thighs. Then her butt, then her breasts. We began to kiss passionately, pressing ourselves so close to each other that we felt as one. We made love, and it was as if we had never made love before. It was sublime, transcendent.

When it was over, and we'd cuddled a bit, I went to the bathroom. On my way back to the bed, I caught a vision of her lying there, asleep again, on her side, her face resting on her forearm, her eyes closed. Her hair, perfectly chaotic, veiled part of her face. Her thick, milk chocolate thighs peeked through the sheets, partially covered. It was a picture so sexy that, for an instant, I thought I would grab my cell phone and capture it for the blog. Surely I had to share this vision with the world.

I quickly drove that thought from my mind, knowing that having her image posted on BBWF was the last thing that this young lady would want. At that moment I realized something about my life, as well as my career as a porn blogger.

This woman is not just some BBW that I picked up in a bar somewhere; she is a woman with whom I have been involved for a number of years. I have known her for most of my adult life, and we have a friendship that will last forever. We had a very passionate relationship that ended about a year ago, due to the profound stupidity of yours truly. I have to admit it: I totally screwed up a pretty awesome relationship. Though we have some real compatibility issues—I mean, she wants to drag me to church on Sundays, and she opposes legalizing weed, for God's sake!—I realize that she is utterly fucking perfect for me, and I better make this relationship work this time around.

As this woman would be absolutely mortified to discover my pervy internet persona, I now realize that the days of BBWF may be numbered. I am a connoisseur of BBW porn, and a stone cold superfreak in many ways, but above all I want to be in love. I watch people fuck all the time, and I have spent many hours enjoying the charms of webcam girls, but the fact remains: I like love a lot more than I like sex, as any woman who has ever known me in this capacity will attest. And at the moment, I am a man in love. Again.

So, what to do? For the time being, I will continue my blogging activities clandestinely. At this point, I am enjoying it too much to just let it go. But as this recently rekindled relationship (alliteration totally unintentional) intensifies, it will be increasingly difficult to hide it from her. So, these next few days, weeks, and/or months are possibly the last of BBWF.

Sorry about the wordiness of this post, and I realize that most of you probably don’t give a fuck, but this is weighing heavily on my mind, and I needed to vent. This is really the only place I can speak freely about these matters. I can’t exactly have a heart to heart about this with my grandmother, now can I?

I’d appreciate any advice you may have in the comments.

Have a great Monday, everyone!


  1. Just be sure she shares your interests in sex. It may seem the wise choice to overlook sexual needs for other needs now however over the years, differences in sexual needs can naw away at you. If she wants to drag you to church and is opposed to weed, she may end up being a prude in bed down the road. When you're forty and she doesn't look so glowingly beautiful in the morning, the need for variety in bed to overcome the boredom of missionary redundancy will be huge.

  2. Oh yeah, church isn't so bad and the desire to get high will fade over time so don't worry about that. However, the desire to keep it funky in the bedroom will only grow and ger desire for the same may not.

  3. You make an excellent point, Dick. I have taken this into consideration, but the fact is that this young lady, though outwardly conservative in many respects, is very open-minded in the bedroom. I don't think that we'll be the freakiest couple in the world, but "missionary redundancy" is definitely not something that I expect from this relationship. Love your blog, btw.