Saturday, July 31, 2010

Road Trip!

Charlie (OMG!!!) I wish this gorgeous woman was going with us. Check out the plumperpass shoot from this worship-worthy newcomer.

Making a little road trip, so BBWF will be completely neglected for the next few days. It's not the fun kind of road trip, it's the "we have to go see Dad because he's really sick" kind of road trip. My father has been dealing with some serious respiratory issues lately and has gotten pneumonia, so I have to go check on him. Wish him well, people.

I thought I'd pass along a little play list that may serve as the soundtrack for our little journey. It may annoy the folks that are traveling with me, but it's my car, so fuck 'em. There may some tunes on the list that you may enjoy.

Hope you enjoy the playlist, and the olbligatory but outstanding porn selection. Not sure when we'll post again, so you may want to be on the safe side and just keep your browser on this page exclusively until I get back.

Later, people.

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