Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Boobie Wednesday: Rikki Waters


This Wednesday belongs to my darling Rikki. She stars in an unforgettable Plumperpass update today, and as I have noted here many times before, she has two of the loveliest breasts that you'll ever see. I have to admit, I only post pics of Rikki's bare chest because it's Wednesday, not that I don't drool anytime I see those things. But the pics in this shoot where Rikki is fully clothed are fantastic and by far my favorites. I can't get over the way her black blouse and tight gray skirt perfectly envelope her curves. Rikki is truly beautiful.

Enjoy the pics, and don't let yourself go another minute without seeing Rikki's new update... and visit the boobie wednesday blog.

Later, kids.

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