Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The hotness of: Emma Bailey


We usually try to provide something that stimulates thought here at BBWF, but I am so blown away by the beauty of Emma Bailey that it has forced me to give in to my most basest impulses. Join me today in allowing lust to rule my world. Below we have some of the pics from Emma's most recent PlumperPass update.

I have, um, sampled the work, and both the photo and video portions are very impressive. Emma is breathtaking and she brings energy as well as her surreal beauty to the shoot. Be sure to join PP and check it out.

Emma has also begun camming at allbbwcams. You should see her there as well.

Later, people.

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  1. Ow what a gal reminds me off last summer, what fun. I was staying on the west coast with my college roommate,working for the summer to make tuition. Dons family is well off and to help me out charged me no room and board. However to show my appreciation for this I helped out with the housework in my spare time. Thats when I met Mellony who is about the size of Emma only older about 34 or 35. Being 19 and had never been attracted to big women, this soon changed. As it happened Don and his family had to go out of town for about two weeks, this left me alone in the house with mellony the housekeeper. Now ive never been attracted to big girls but on thursday evening when Mellony went for a swim in the family pool ooo what a site. The bathing suite was at least four sizes to small, her huge tits and ooo beautifull big ass just hung out. Yes I will admit my arousel, I had the biggest hardest erection of my life, and it felt good. I watched her swim for about one hour fighting off the urge to just go and beat off, this was not an easy thing to do. She finally finished her swim and walked towards the pool house, by now my balls were aching and ooo I needed to masterbate. At the pool house I watched as she removed her suite and begin to towell herself off, it was too much I opened my shorts and began to beat off furiously. Having fun she asked what I replied and at about the same time let go. I proceeded to shoot the biggest load of cum I had ever in my life produced. I what oh I was stammering with embaresment and she was laughing, I saw you in the mirror she said with a smirk want to be dominated? Before i could reply I was pushed backward to a couch nearby and she straddled my face with her pussy. At first I struggled but she was to strong and proceeded to wash my face with her quim, mmm it tasted and felt so good, after about 20 minutes she let me up. Your fun she said and used her finger to scoop up some of my ejackulate and taste it, mmm she cooed I like the way you taste. I was not into talking at this time and started to kiss her, no no no I want my other lips kissed. She placed her hands on the back of my head and directed my mouth onto her pussy, kiss it she urged and I began a feast of pussy. This lasted for at least an hour ive never eaten a pussy so sweet, I stopped licking her and asked if I could fuck her. Yes was the reply as she took me by the balls and led me into the house and into the bedroom, she then squeezed my balls which hurt a little. Its better when you dominated she laughed, we fucked all night I was never so sexually sadisfied in my life.