Friday, July 2, 2010

Some Luna Love


Before I am dragged to the movies to watch sparkly brooding vampires and shirtless Native American werewolves, I will pass the word about one of the loveliest women I have ever seen. Luna, beautiful and supremely talented SSBBW model, has had me smitten for as long as I can remember, but to my shame, I have never talked about her extensively on the blog. Today we make things right.

I have never seen a photo of Luna that didn't make my jaw drop. She is more than just a beautiful woman who takes sexy photos and sells them on the Web (not that there's anything wrong with that), Luna possesses an obvious striking natural beauty and combines it with the qualities that only the models have. Something magical comes through on every one of Luna pics, even the candid ones, and this is not a quality that all people, and certainly not all adult models, can boast about.

Through my years of being forced to watch America's Next Top Model with Ms. Chuck, I have learned that not every pretty girl has what it takes to be a model. Countless wannabe supermodels would show that they were certainly attractive enough to turn heads when walking down the street, but they would always come away from a photo shoot with pictures that lacked something, and sometimes that something would be hard to quantify. When I look at Luna's work I get lost in her eyes (I literally keep scrolling up to see the above photo just to see those eyes again and again), and it is clear that Luna has that something, that special magical ingredient that sets her apart from the other pretty girls.

Luna is as beautiful (and I would even contend more beautiful) as any high fashion supermodel, in my opinion, and in all of her photos, she exudes a confidence and a sexiness that is rare in the BBW world. It is clear that not only is Luna beautiful, but she knows that she is beautiful, and this confidence comes through in all of her work, and it is unbelievably sexy. She also has the perfect SSBBW body, and I could spend a whole week of posts on Luna's tummy alone. Perhaps most interesting is that there is clearly a creative quality in Luna that is not shared by most models, and this is also sexy to me, and one of the reasons that I am promoting her here.

I don't just blindly pick women, and write about them on this blog; usually a post gets written about a woman because I have personally been impacted by their work (unless they ask me to post something, of course). I am not saying that my opinion is worth anything, but I truly believe that Luna's work is special, and that her beauty and creativity will take her very far.

So join her site... cam with her (I was reminded of Luna because I strolled through allbbwcams this morning)... and follow her on twitter. She is truly one of the best things the world of modeling, Plus Size or otherwise, has to offer.

Okay, I'm off to watch some glittery bloodsuckers look sad and fight each other. I much prefer the scary southern kind who fuck the living shit out of fangbangers, but My Lady loves Twilight, so I'll just deal with it.

Later, people.