Saturday, June 12, 2010

Before and After: Deborah Ann Woll


We welcome you to another episode of BBWF's Before and After. It's been a while, huh? For those of you who are unamiliar with this, Before and After is a kind of reverse Biggest Loser, where we take a bony celebrity type and imagine what she would look like if she were a bit more cushiony. We're not feeders, and we think these women are beautiful the way they are, but it's fun to let your imagination do strange and creative things sometimes. We use BBW porn models as our points of comparison.

Today, we fatten up Deborah Ann Woll, one of the stars of the HBO series Trueblood. It is currently my favorite show (I am practically counting the seconds until the season starts), and in honor of the new season, which begins Sunday, I thought we'd feature my favorite redheaded vamper. If Deborah were transformed into a big beautiful plus size woman, there's a chance that people might confuse her with one of my favorite hardcore BBW performers, Julie Ann Moore:



Pretty interesting, right? Deborah's character, new vampire Jessica is quickly becoming one of the most intriguing characters on the sci-fi fantasy soap opera, and I am becoming increasingly smitten by her. Remember, redheads are possibly my biggest weakness. This explains many of my little Web crushes. The world could really use a redheaded BBW vampire.

We've also included a trailer for the third season to get you wet and ready for the premiere. I am absolutely dying to see some new episodes. Waiting sucks!

The new season looks like it will be unbelievable. Much more interesting than that sappy ass Twilight bullshit.


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  1. i like her face be for and her body after. too bad we cant put them together :(