Thursday, June 10, 2010

Camgirls Please Read...

For the last few weeks, I have been in a very unfamiliar position: I am completely relaxed and stress free, which means I can chill without worrying about the everyday bullshit that many people face. This also means that I am bored out of my fucking skull. Most people in my situation would find a nice book to read, or finish a creative project that they've been putting off, or at least work on some household duties.

Well, as you probably know, I'm a little different from the average bloke. I am out of school, jobless, and
for the time being, I am in a fairly comfortable financial situation. I am also a filthy-minded wanker with a penchant for the finest porn and BBW camgirls. So, during this down time, in addition to searching my soul and spending time in prayer and meditation (no, not really), I have been blogging here and elsewhere, tweeting, facebooking, watching new and intriguing porn, having skype sex with a wild Dutch woman, and for the first time in months, I have ventured back into the world of the webcam. For the last few months, I had to step away from my lovely camgirls because of the craziness of grad school, and aside from the occasional visit with the Muse (above), which was very rare, I really didn't spend time in sex chat rooms. When I found myself lonely, I would just go to twitter and chat with some of the cooler people that I follow, and honestly I didn't really miss camming that much. I missed Sandra, and some of my other true faves, but the experience itself was not really something I longed for.

But now that the storm of academics has finally passed, I have been passing through my favorite webcam site regularly... as in daily... and discovering some of the pretty new faces. I have rediscovered how gorgeous these women are, and unfortunately how excruciatingly boring the camgirl experience can be. This is not an insult to anyone or to the website, it's just a fact. At least for me. Remember, I'm only speaking for myself here; for you, the standard camming thing may be a big turn on, for me it can get really boring really quickly. This is why I miss women like my Sandra and others so much. A small percentage of women make the camming experience fun, not just because they are extraordinarily attractive, but because they are interesting people as well.

So today I thought I would give you a few stories of my recent encounters with camgirls at allbbwcams that... well... sucked ass. For probably the first time here at BBWF, I will talk about certain women in a negative light, and I will name names. Of course, I will make every effort to make my criticism constructive, and I will also offer suggestions that could make them more effective as models. I will also be very respectful as usual, but the three experiences sucked, and they will probably be the reason I step away from camming forever. I will use these experiences to provide illustrations for my advice to prospective camgirls. Of course, most camgirls will never read this, but fuck it... I have some time to kill. I have been visiting allbbwcams off and on for about nine months, and I have discovered three things that, in my opinion, make for an awesome chat room experience:

Have something to talk about - I spent time with new camgirl Fluffy BBW yesterday. She is an older woman, which I find incredibly sexy at times, so I was very intrigued. Upon entering her room, I was struck by how attractive she was. This woman is truly lovely, hot in that cougar/milf way, like your friend's mom. And her breasts are unbelievable. However, during my time in her room, all she would do was play with those awesome tits and try to talk dirty. And by "talk dirty," I mean tell everyone that we could see her tits in private. I tried to stick around, but after a few minutes of this, boredom just takes over. Fluffy is an example of what not to do as a camgirl in that you don't want to simply sit there and be sexy. It is a good idea to engage in conversation with the guys in the room. I repeatedly tried to ask Fluffy some questions, small talk like "where are you from?" or even "how are you tonight?" but she was focused on making everyone's dick hard and ignored me.

Now this may have been a profitable for Fluffy, I mean, it is a SEX chat, but I believe that camgirls should come to work with a sort of script; a list or outline of things to talk about for that day. Engage the customers in some kind of conversation. Talk about your day, or even current events. Ask open-ended survey-style questions that get the room talking. This will enliven the room, give the guys a sense of your personality, and drive away those who simply want to steal a free wank. Too many camgirls think that men on cam sites are soulless wankers who are ruled by their erections. Don't underestimate the value of your personality in this scenario. It can be the sexiest thing about a girl. If a guy just wants to see a girl be sexy, there are countless free porn sites they can visit.

Don't ignore guys with no money - Camgirl Kitten is one of the most beautiful camgirls that you will ever see. Seriously. I recommend that you visit her room. She has a sexy dirty punk look and an absolutely devastating lower body. But if you visit her, and you actually want her to acknowledge your presence, have money in your account. I first visited her room with no money, and I stuck around for a while. I repeatedly tried to engage her in conversation simply because I was so struck by her beauty, but I got no response. When other broke guys would ask "how are you?" or "what's going on?" she would reply "private shows" with a face so cold it was scary. I later returned to her room with credit in my account the same day, and she greeted me with a big smile and an enthusiastic "hi sweetie." I left her room immediately. Now, by "immediately" I mean eventually. I stared at her body for a few minutes, (she's so hot, I couldn't help it) but I ultimately left. And I will never go back.

Notice that I left the room broke, and returned with cash. Camgirls, just because you see zeros next to a screen name doesn't mean that the person is a freeloader, well... not necessarily. Of course, there are guys who are looking for free stuff with no intention of paying, but many guys, I will say even most guys, simply need time to interact with a girl before doing a private sex show. Because of this, you should treat everyone equally in the free portion of the chat room. You never know what seeds you're planting in the minds of the customers. He may be broke now, but pay day may be coming. Personally, I need the interaction with a person before I can do anything sexually, and I will never have a sex show with a woman that I haven't talked to somewhat extensively first. And I almost never go into a chat room without the ability to add money to my account. By openly judging a guy's worth solely on the credit in their account, you can alienate and embitter a prospective customer. And you should also remember, just because a guy has credit doesn't mean that he intends to spend it on YOU.

Be Yourself - A couple of nights ago I discovered Katrina Kay. This woman is one of the sexiest women I have ever seen. That is not hyperbole, and I don't even think it's a matter of opinion. Whether you like BBWs or not, Katrina will make your pants tighten, and I was impressed from the moment I entered her room. She is a busty blond with a very sweet and sexy disposition. Go see this woman if you get a chance... I am still in disbelief at how sexy she is. However, the only thing I came away with was memories of pretty face and curvy body. Don't get me wrong, this is no negative critique of Katrina; I am still reeling from the few minutes in her room. I just wish that she would have turned down the sexiness a little and showed her true personality a bit.

By "be yourself" I am not suggesting that camgirls divulge personal information, I simply mean that you should let your true personality shine through while you're camming and not just play the role of the internet stripper. Believe it or not, most of us in the chat room are not stroking our cocks and undressing you with our eyes. Yes, I said most. Personally when I visit allbbwcams, I am fully clothed, I have a snack or a cup of coffee close by, and I may even be watching TV or listening to the radio. I'm almost always more bored than horny, and I'd like the camgirl to stimulate my mind almost more than my cock. Every single woman on any cam site has so much more to offer than her body; they are special people on the inside. Try to show the customers what makes you a special person. This will separate you from the pack of "bimbos" and "playthings" and endear you to prospective customers. Again, if we just wanted the sex part, we'd go to a free porn site. I mean, we're already on the internet.

Okay, that's my unwanted and possibly offensive opinion about camgirls. I am not the "fuck your feelings" type, so I feel kinda dirty after openly criticizing these ladies. But I do believe that what I have said is the truth, and I stand by it. Of course I base my stories and opinions on primarily one site (allbbwcams). I have been to one other site, imlive, and I believe that it is also a great cam site based on sheer volume and variety, but I prefer allbbwcams. I believe it is the most customer friendly site... and, obviously, I like the fat girls.

I'll also point out that the real purpose of all cam sites is for dudes (and ladies) to pay to get their rocks off. It is basically an online strip club. You're not there to make friends and buddy up with the strippers, you're there to pay your money, jerk off, and go away, and this is what most of the models want you to do. But being a real person on cam, interacting with the customer, and genuinely having fun goes a long way in making the experience more enjoyable.

Below is a list of camgirls who I still think are the best at what they do. Of course, it is limited to allbbwcams. I hate to say it, but it is getting to the point where I will probably not visit the site if i can't cam with ladies such as these:

Sandra DoubleDDD - Still the best camming experience in the world, and forever my favorite. Her tits are unreal, and her personality is almost addictive. She embodies all of the qualities I've outlined above.

Charlotte - I never mention her here because she may not want me to, but fuck it... I love her. Charlotte is beautiful and brilliant, always completely herself, and always true to her personality and desires. And she has a dry sense of humor that has me literally laughing out loud every time I visit her. Though I smother her with an endless stream of compliments about her beauty, it is the regular natural conversation that keeps me coming back to her, and that's also what makes her so amazing. She is a strong, intelligent woman, and this is fucking sexy! She's also British, and hearing her talk brings me to my knees. Dammit, I miss her!

Gwen Dolan - Gwen (I call her Gwenie) is so sexy and so sweet that once you enter her room it is impossible to leave. I have this fantasy of resting my head on the shelf of her ass (yes, it's like a shelf!). And, as I have noted before, I could listen to this woman's voice all day long. I seriously think that she should put her voice to use in even more lucrative ways (voice over work, or audio books). It is so sexy in a soothing, comforting way. Her significant other is profoundly lucky in that he gets to lie next to her and hear that amazing voice. Pillow talk with Gwenie must me heavenly! This is another woman with an infectious personality and who genuinely enjoys what she does. I say all of these glowing things having never taken her private, and that speaks volumes.

Those are just a few of many women who make the camming experience worthwhile. Others would include Kellie Kay, Ivy, Synful Dame, Stacey, Penny Lane, Katie Jewel, Astral England, and Cherry Bomb.

Okay I'm done. This little piece has depressed me a little. I am really missing my faves, particularly the big redhead, and I am going to impose a ban on the site until one of them returns. I'm so bored!

Anyway, sorry about the verboseness of this post. I promise I'll give you more jerk off material next time. But I truly hope some cam girls have a chance to read this. I believe that my opinions are much more common than people may realize.


  1. WOW! You could not have said it better;) I agree with every single word you had to say about some girls online. I also work on AllBBWCams, I think you might just get the shock that you are looking for, if you come check me out sometime;) hehe I am not like alot of those girls online and actually really do enjoy chatting with people online, of course I am there to make a living, but I am a go with the flow kinda woman, I like you, need stimulation for the mind as well:) Stop by and see me sometime hun:) xx

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Mikayla. I visited you on there once, but very briefly. You were so popular that you kept getting taken private. Even though I only spent a few minutes in your room, I honestly thought you were amazing. And I'd love to visit you again.

  3. awww hehe thank you;) ya it does get a little crazy on there for me. Hope to see you again soon xoxo

  4. I'm sorry you were under the impression I ignore anyone without credit. I certainly do give the members with credit preferential treatment, however I never ignore those without it. Something to keep in mind is that I'm typically running multiple videochat rooms and actively uploading content to my other domains as well as hand editing my html for some 30 websites all at the same time. If I don't immediately respond, that's because I'm probably preoccupied. If I notice that I missed a message somewhere, then I'll usually start paying more attention to that room later on. Whether you came back with money or not had nothing to do with it, simply that you returned when I was less busy!

    Thanks for all the kind words either way dear.

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