Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The other computer is in the shop...

Cherry Moonz (She's such a geek... and I love that!)

... so I can only blog at odd times, either obscenely late at night, or during the day when I should be trying to be a productive member of society. I'm getting too old to stay up past 1am, so fuck society, I'm gonna blog this afternoon. Oh, the computer thing is an issue because, with only one computer in the house, I have to wait until I'm alone to do my dirty internet stuff. I did mention that this is a secret blog, and that my good girl wifey-to-be would sear off my balls with a hot curling iron if she found out right? I forget. Anyway, her computer (a shitty virus-riddled PC) is sick as a dog, and she has to use my Mac more often. It's so funny how I'm the one who surfs all the porn, but her computer is the one that gets e-AIDS. Go figure. But I have found that Ms. Chuck is just as addicted to the internet as yours truly, and her hogging of my Macbook cost me a chance to chat with my Muse last night, and I'm still pissed about that. Wonder if she has a secret blog...

... Summer of Death 2 is in full motherfucking effect right now as we lost Gary Coleman (you people should be ashamed for all your jokes), Dennis Hopper, and Jeriome Robertson (you probably don't know him, but Houstonians remember him as a pitcher for the Astros) this past week. Everything that needs to be said about this has already been uttered, so I'll just add, very eloquently: death sucks.

Rather than dwell on death, I will direct your attention to two of my favorite individuals in entertainment, who are still with us, and celebrated birthdays in the past week: Movie icons Clint Eastwood, who turned 80 this past Monday, and Morgan Freeman, who turned 73 yesterday. These two men have touched my life so profoundly through their work, that I feel like I know them personally. Freeman eerily reminds me of my own father.

The clip above is from Unforgiven, my favorite Eastwood/Freeman collaboration, and a classic American western. Go see it today, and celebrate the lives of these two great men.

... Glory Foxxx is back on PlumperPass, after a long hiatus, and she is featured in a pretty hot new update. She looks as fleshy and as fine as she ever has, and I'm very pleased to see her partner in the scene. No, I don't think he's sexy. But it seems apparent to me that Glory and this dude have something deeper between them than meaningless on-camera sex, and the romantic in me thinks this is cool. Regardless, I'm a big fan of this dirty talking BBW goddess, and it's good to see her. BBWF wishes her the very best. Check out the update when you get a chance.

... I'm digging the new Kanye West joint that leaked this weekend, "Power." What say you?

... No BBWF post is complete without porn, so either step over it like so much dog shit, or happily click play. It's good stuff... I have exquisite taste:
I don't usually go for the Double Penetration stuff (too many dicks, you know), but this is hot, torrid even. Thank you, pornhub.

... ahem... *nudges you*... You do realize that we're two games into the Stanley Cup Finals right? Didn't think so. Well, you're missing some damn good Hockey, on the part of both the Chicago Blackhawks and the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers lost both the first two games in Chicago, and, even though they have proven that they are the comeback kids of these playoffs, I don't think they have enough to fend off the Hawks. I won't believe Chi-Town will lose a series this year until I actually see it, and I think the Hawks take tonight's game to go up 3-0, but Philly will salvage a victory in Game 5.

The Blackhawks

Oh, and the game is tonight at 7pm Central on Ver... fuck it, never mind...

Ms. Sugar

...Lastly I will pass along a blog recommendation for you. One of my favorite twitter peeps, Ms. Sugar (@scarredxsugar) has started a new blog, and it is revolting. You should read her first entry in order to understand exactly what I mean by that. Sugar is not a porn chick, but she is straight out of one of my little sordid fantasies: she's a sexy BBW, she's 420 friendly, she's a Cali girl, she's brilliant, and she is a truly gifted writer. She has some great things to say on a variety of topics, and her blog will entertain and inform, as well as titillate (damn, did I just use the word titillate??). Click on that photo you've been gawking at to visit Sugar's blog... and follow her on Twitter.

Okay that's it... gotta clear off all of the filth from this Macbook so Ms. Chuck can surf her girlie sites, and find out what Team Edward is squeeing over this week. Or maybe so she can blog about big black cocks? Who knows? Either way, I won't be blogging again until she's done... and asleep or at work.

Look for my NBA Finals preview on tomorrow... with a little Sexy fat girl porn mixed in.

Later, kids...

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