Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Love Letter to a Goddess

Thank you for keeping me company at a time in my life when I needed a pick-me-up, for making me smile every single day, for accepting me and encouraging me at a time when I am being constantly rejected.

I was blindsided by you. I never expected my wanderings around the internet to yield something so wonderful, I never expected to encounter someone so cool.

You have gone from an intriguing anonymous person on a social networking site who entertained me with her comments, to a naughty flirting partner who amazed me with her sexiness, to a friend. And without you, my days are never complete. You are one of those unexpected blessings in life that overtake us just when we need them, and I am glad you have become a part of my life.

And you are so fucking sexy. As my friend, I wish you here, so that we could share a cup of coffee or a glass of wine together. As my little internet fuck buddy, I wish you were here so I could rip off those clothes, throw you onto my bed, and fuck you until the only thing you can do is call my name. As my soulmate, and mijn liefde, I just wanna love you.

Ik hou van je,


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