Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Hotness of: Peaches Larue

This is the first post from my new Macbook, so I thought it would be a great idea to break this bad boy in by posting pics of a woman who is all my little sick fetishes wrapped in one incredibly gorgeous package.

Peaches is one of my all time faves because she is voluptuous, she has enormous tits, she looks awesome as a redhead, she is the ultimate MILF, and she has a sweet engaging disposition that makes her not only fun to watch in a sex scene, but makes her one of the performers that I would love to meet. And that soft sexy hoarse voice of hers is just unfair.

Below we have a selection of pics from Peaches' latest update on Plumperpass. The pics and the video are amazing, perhaps the best that Peaches has ever done.

The quality of the photography at PP is improving more and more with each update. Hope you enjoy.

Later, kids.


  1. I think I'm going to dye my hair red just to get featured in your blog!

  2. LOL! There seems to be a bit of a bias huh? Go for it!