Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Hot Wife You Wish You Had

Doing this blog has opened me up to forms of porn and sexual behavior that I never even knew existed. Consequently it has caused me to learn things about my sexual self that I hadn't previously known. Obviously, I was already well aware of my penchant for plus size beauties, but outside of that, there was a whole world of erotica that I had yet to explore. In this year online I've learned that I have serious love for MILF/ Hot Wife porn, and I've discovered that there are sites that feature wives who have an especially freaky side and love sharing it with all of us (for a small fee, of course).

Dee, or Mrs. Siren (if you're nasty), is becoming perhaps the brightest star in this little niche of the pornographic arts, and my recent time spent on her site was unforgettable. I have seen so much pornographic material in the past year that it takes a lot to make me blush, but Dee's work on her site has proven to me that I can still be shocked by XXX stuff.

This woman is just a beautiful tramp, and I use that word in the most pleasant way possible. Dee does it all: straight sex, masturbating with huge (scary huge) toys, anal, gangbangs, etc., all under the watchful and eye of her loving husband, Mr. Siren. Though Dee is incredibly gorgeous, and the pics and video clips are comparable to any professional smut outfit, all of the material feels raw and real. It's just organic natural sex depicted on screen, and it is fun to watch. Dee obviously loves to get fucked, and this enthusiasm comes across very clearly on screen.

Dee has an ass that can make even the most ardent BBW lovers take notice.

Dee is not rail thin by any means, but she's far from BBW status, so it may be odd to see her here. I give you this post, partly because you're here for porn, and I truly believe Dee's site is something that needs to be seen, and also because Dee is a product of my hometown of Houston, TX, and it feels good to promote some local talent for a change. I still can't believe someone this freaky lives in these conservative parts.

Join her site. There are all sorts of extras other than Dee's material that come with the membership. You won't regret it.

Later, kids.

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