Friday, September 17, 2010

Random Friday Hotness

Emma Bailey (one of BBW porn's rising stars)

I posted the pic above of Emma Bailey on our Tumblr blog, and the response was so positive that I thought I'd share it here. Below we have some other beautiful images that have captured my attention from around the Web this week. Hope you enjoy.

Roxxie (your runaway wet T-shirt contest winner, and stunning in every way)

Luna (one of my true faves)

Jellibean (one of the cutest smiles I've ever seen)

Shameless Angel (she even shines in candid dressing room shots)

Dani (getting even freakier than usual)

Jae (so big, so sexy)

Kandi (totally destroys in today's Plumperpass update)

Taffy (I hope she pleases herself as much as she is pleasing me)

Don't know her name, but I would marry her on the spot... and I'll take the Bud Light.

Cherries (every good list needs a redhead, and Cherries is more than worthy. She's one of Big Cuties' best and brightest)

Well, there you go. I'm Heading out to LA with the Lady this weekend to check out the UCLA-Houston game at the Rose Bowl, so this will be a post-free weekend. This oughta hold ya until I get back. Later.


  1. Kellllllliiiieeeee!!! Yes, they really are.

  2. Jae saw her picture in your blog interesting, so interested I googled her, and masterbated she is so hot. The sites I visited had more revealing photos and more of them. Please keep up the good work, now ive finished im going back to masterbating over her pictures. Karen L. Swanson Buffalo N.Y.

  3. Ok Karen so you got the hots for Jae, your not alone what a woman. Her size her smile lovely im in love, and yes im beating off as Im writing this. Joe from New Mexico

  4. Jellibean wow I googled her, found a movie short of her masterbating and I would love to trade places with her toy. What a hottie where did she come from?