Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Boobie Wednesday: Lexi Summers


Had a rough night, people. I bring this Boobie Wednesday update to you as I suffer from a pretty gnarly hangover. And I didn't drink all those glasses of wine to celebrate anything, this was the kind of drinking we do when this dimension, this reality, just doesn't cut it. I won't use this forum for a pity party, but shit is getting to me.

Below we have some shots from stunning newcomer Lexi Summers. She is featured in today's plumperpass update, and she sizzles in every single photo (literally). Lexi isn't just a porn chick, this woman is a model.

Lexi's awesomeness may not help me forget about my problems, but she may be an effective hangover remedy. We'll see.

As this is Boobie Wednesday, I urge you to look out for yourself and your loved ones and be aware of the dangers of Breast Cancer. Pay attention to your body, and take the necessary precautions. A member of my family is facing Chemo this week, and I can assure you that this disease is a motherfucker. Do everything you can to prevent it.

Sorry if this post was no fun. No hangover next time, I promise.

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